Bollywood into Websites and Blogs
October 9th, 2007
 Read an article in today, about Aamir Khan launching his website tomorrow. But same time he has stopped writing for his blog and had said “Alvida” to all his readers, fans and friends that he made during his bloging period. It was nice to see busy actor sharing his daily experience with all his fans, felt like he is one of us and not a big super star. Though his blog was just about his films but still….   Updates: As I was so interested in what Aamir Khan had done with his website or how will it look like and bla-bla. So just woke-up and straight went on his website, wow was my first word because the website-cum blog is very ...


Windows Live Suite Announced
September 6th, 2007
Microsoft has rolled out a new offering which bundles its Windows Live web services together. Chris Jones,Vice President of Windows Live Team, has announced the release of new Windows Live Suite on Windows Live Wire Blog.Windows Live Suite is a set of Windows Live online services bundled into a single download, its latest effort to compete with Google Inc's growing array of applications delivered over the Web. Included in the suite, which will allow for a single installation of any or all of these Windows Live services, are: Windows Live Mail (the desktop client) Windows Live Messenger Windows Live Photo Gallery Windows Live Writer Windows Live Toolbar Windows Live OneCare Family Safety The suite of ...


TouchGraph – Visualization Technology
September 4th, 2007
TouchGraph provides a hands-on way to visualize networks of interrelated information. The technology is based on the believe that "Existing data sets can reveal new insights when visualized effectively". It facilitates information discovery by integrating graphic visualization with traditional table and tree components. The technology can be connected to any on-line or off-line data source to generate reports in formats ranging from Excel spreadsheets to images to PDF files. TouchGraph was founded in 2001 with the idea to create visual browser for Google. Some of the implementation of TouchGraph technology are : TouchGraph Facebook It lets you see how your friends are connected, and who has the most photos together. TouchGraph Google ...


Windows Live Installer Coming this Week
September 3rd, 2007
In the press release of 26th June, Microsoft promised to release a single installer which will give customers the option of an all-in-one download for the full Windows Live suite of services, and added Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta and Windows Live Folders Beta ( later on renamed to skydrive) to the managed beta testing of Windows Live Suite. According to reports of NYTimes, Microsoft will release the Windows Live Software suite sometime this week NYTimes Reports,This week, it plans to turn that strategy upside down, making available free software that connects its Windows operating system to software services delivered on the Internet, a practice increasingly referred to as “cloud” computing. The initiative is part of an effort to connect Windows more seamlessly to a growing ...


Police Remanded Orkut User for Posting Obscene Profile of Shivaji
September 2nd, 2007
A Bangalore-based IT professional, Laxman Kailas K has landed in the police net after he allegedly uploaded a blasphemous matter about Maratha warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji on the social networking site Orkut. Kailas has been working in a giant information technology (IT) firm in Bangalore since 2001 and hails from Tamil Nadu. The cyber cell of city police (Pune) was investigating the crime for the last ten months on a complaint registered by Dhiraj Ghate (32) of Ambilodha colony with the Vishrambaug police, Pune on November 11, 2006. On that day, infuriated members of various political parties (mainly BJP)and organisations forcibly closed down city’s cyber cafes. How Cyber crime squad of the police traced Laxman ? Contacted Google Office in Banglore for the IP Address. ...


Big Flicks – Online Movie Downloading Service from Reliance
August 31st, 2007
  Reliance Entertainment Pvt Ltd, a company of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, has launched its Video on Demand online services, It mainly targets NRIs residing in United States, Canada, UK, Australia, West Asia and Europe. BigFlicks currently have around 200 movie titles in Hindi, English and various Indian languages. It will offer 1,000 movies for downloading within 2-3 months and 2,000 titles within 1 year. Cost for downloading a movie varies from $4.49 to $19.99. The revenue model is based on downloading on rent or owning a title without advertisement, while the other model offer free online streaming with advertisements. These advertisements could be in the beginning of the movie or in the middle of the film. The ...


Google Sky – Invasion of Google in Outer Space
August 23rd, 2007
Forget about going to a planetarium. Google has announced a nifty extension to its Google Earth expanded its view which allows users to scan different areas in the universe, from distant galaxies light years away, to constellations, planets and other extraterrestrial wonders. It will also help you in learning the lifecycle of a star and different kinds of galaxies. You must download the new version of Google Earth to get the features, then you're on your way to checking out planets in motions and supernova explosions.The add-on is available on the latest version of Google Earth, and hitting the "Switch between Sky and Earth" button on the top toolbar immediately offers an upward view with seven optional layers: Constellations Backyard astronomy (info ...


Tafiti – Live Search With Microsoft Silverlight
August 21st, 2007
  Microsoft has launched an experimental demonstration site Tafiti that combines Live Search with Microsoft Silverlight. The demonstration is to show the strength of Windows Live Suite (especially Live Search) and Microsoft Silverlight (latest release to counter Adobe Flash) Tafiti uses MS Silverlight 1.0 RC and AJAX to provide rich, cross-platform user experiences and leverages the following Microsoft services on the backend: Live Search for Web, Books, Blogs, News, and Images Live ID Live Spaces What Microsoft means by Tafiti? Tafiti, which means "do research" in Swahili, is an experimental search front-end from Microsoft, designed to help people use the Web for research projects that span multiple search queries and sessions by helping visualize, store, and share ...


CyberProtester Hacked United Nation Website
August 12th, 2007
Hackers have attacked the United Nations official website, forcing some sections to be taken offline. The UN was forced to take down the affected pages for repair. The slogans accusing the US and Israel of killing children appeared on the pages reserved for statements from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Several web pages of the subsite for comments were also affected and those sections of the UN website were taken offline temporarily.  A message appearing on the site early on Sunday said: "Hacked By kerem125 M0sted and Gsy That is CyberProtest Hey Ysrail and USA dont kill children and other people Peace for ever No war." The group of hackers, who have previously referred to themselves as "Turkish defacers", ...


Sherlyn Chopra Vs Pankaj Gupta : Website Domain Fight
August 10th, 2007
Sherlyn Chopra, aka Meghna, aka Mona Chopra, desperate to get rid of the "sleazy actress" tag, is disturbed with the images of porn stars/escort girls on the website of her name. In a bid to sort out the issue, Sheryln Chopra successfully traced the owner of the website, who is Pankaj Gupta, and tried in vain to dissuade him from maintaining the website. “I called and requested him to amicably hand over the unlawfully acquired domain name to me. He refused and threatened he would not budge even if I approached the police,” says Sherlyn. Sherlyn Chopra says Pankaj is a resident of Anand Vihar (Delhi) and runs an escort site under the name of ‘Westhaven’ and ‘West Haven Services’ on the internet forum, Digital ...


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