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October 9th, 2007


Read an article in today, about Aamir Khan launching his website tomorrow. But same time he has stopped writing for his blog and had said “Alvida” to all his readers, fans and friends that he made during his bloging period. It was nice to see busy actor sharing his daily experience with all his fans, felt like he is one of us and not a big super star. Though his blog was just about his films but still….


As I was so interested in what Aamir Khan had done with his website or how will it look like and bla-bla. So just woke-up and straight went on his website, wow was my first word because the website-cum blog is very simple and nice. Website is still under construction.
Now I know why he said bye to his lagaan blog, he has started his own blog as Aamir Khan’s Blog. It’s nice to have him back in blog world.

Recently it seems like a trend or a kind of status symbol to be called as an internet savvy. So all our Bollywood stars are grabbing on their original name domains and making their way into internet world. To be very honest I went on all (I think so) the websites that our B Town people own. And only few could impress me – reason, all of them have very heavily flash loaded websites which takes minutes to load completely, some have stupid music starting with their websites, some have just left the half baked website in middle and vanished, some don’t even bother to check what’s happening with their websites and some have horrible web-designs with metal looks.

But there’s a website which has completely touched my heart and I love to surf it again & again. It’s very simple and touching, revealing every little detail about the whole family of the website owner i.e. Shammi Kapoor. And you would be surprised to know that unlike all our B Town people he has not paid a huge fee for making of his website. He has created all his pages himself and is very proud of it. So many people have asked him to redo his website for him, but Shammi wants to keep his website as it is. It’s true that things created by your own are close to your heart, no matter how they look to others. I truly loved spending my time on his website. I think Kapoor’s are one big happy family.

Second website actually it’s a blog, which I came to know today through rediff is Shekhar Kapur. I nearly spent my half day going through his blog and reading all his articles. I must say, he really has very interesting posts and his life experiences on his blog. Can’t believe that he poured his heart out on his blog for his readers and be so true. My favourite article on his blog is “The Fruit Seller“, actually everything that he has written has a kind of depth and originality to it, so his total blog is my favourite.

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