FIFA World Cup 2014 calendar with Brazilian female models

January 16th, 2014

Brazil is hosting the FIFA World Cup. 

Calendar is not official, but it’s likely to sell well.

American Tim Tadder is a well-known sports art photojournalist having worked with a variety of newspapers in Baltimore, Colorado, and San Diego, before turning his sights on commercial and editorial photography in 2005.

Having worked with the likes of Michael Phelps and Tom Brady, Taddler’s latest project has been to create a 2014 World Cup calendar with female models.

The concept of his calendar is very simple – take pictures of beautiful women superimposed over backdrops taken from all around Brazil.

Tim shares that "The challenge was to create dynamic images of the women in action but still have a high level of female sexuality. There was a balance between being true to the "move" but at the same time showing the best assets of the models"

Well to be honest, girls on the calendar look very fake and plastic. It gives the feel of everything just airbrushed and computerised.

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