Police Remanded Orkut User for Posting Obscene Profile of Shivaji

September 2nd, 2007

A Bangalore-based IT professional, Laxman Kailas K has landed in the police net after he allegedly uploaded a blasphemous matter about Maratha warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji on the social networking site Orkut. Kailas has been working in a giant information technology (IT) firm in Bangalore since 2001 and hails from Tamil Nadu.

The cyber cell of city police (Pune) was investigating the crime for the last ten months on a complaint registered by Dhiraj Ghate (32) of Ambilodha colony with the Vishrambaug police, Pune on November 11, 2006. On that day, infuriated members of various political parties (mainly BJP)and organisations forcibly closed down city’s cyber cafes.

How Cyber crime squad of the police traced Laxman ?

  1. Contacted Google Office in Banglore for the IP Address.
  2. Found out the Internet Service Provider from IP Address, which was Airtel broadband connection
  3. Contacted Airtel to get the Telephone Number connecting through that IP Address. 

The accused who was brought to Pune subsequently has been remanded to police custody by a court here. The police claims it was Kailas’s computer that was used to upload the statements, whereas Kailas says he shared his place with his friends and it might have been done by his friends. He refused to admit that he uploaded the defamatory statements.

All the derogatory remarks and the obscene profile have been removed from the Orkut.

With the number of Internet subscribers shooting up, and along with it incidents of cyber crime, the police are feeling the heat. The incidents of cyber crime range from hacking to data tampering. Recently, Delhi Police has set up two dedicated cyber forensic labs as well as training policemen on the intricacies of the Internet.

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