CyberProtester Hacked United Nation Website

August 12th, 2007

Hackers have attacked the United Nations official website, forcing some sections to be taken offline.

The UN was forced to take down the affected pages for repair. The slogans accusing the US and Israel of killing children appeared on the pages reserved for statements from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Several web pages of the subsite for comments were also affected and those sections of the UN website were taken offline temporarily. 

A message appearing on the site early on Sunday said:

“Hacked By kerem125 M0sted and Gsy That is CyberProtest Hey Ysrail and USA dont kill children and other people Peace for ever No war.”

The group of hackers, who have previously referred to themselves as “Turkish defacers”, have been involved in lots of website attacks, including a number of high-profile cases.

The US Air Force Reserve website was hit by what appears to be the same group about six months ago, displaying the message: “Hacked By_kerem125 Turkish Defacer and Muslım Solidear”.

In July, the website for AAMI, one of Australia’s largest insurance companies, was taken down after the messages “We are Turkish defacers” and “Hey Israel don’t kill children” appeared instead of AAMI’s website, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

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