Google Sky – Invasion of Google in Outer Space

August 23rd, 2007

Forget about going to a planetarium. Google has announced a nifty extension to its Google Earth expanded its view which allows users to scan different areas in the universe, from distant galaxies light years away, to constellations, planets and other extraterrestrial wonders. It will also help you in learning the lifecycle of a star and different kinds of galaxies.

You must download the new version of Google Earth to get the features, then you’re on your way to checking out planets in motions and supernova explosions.The add-on is available on the latest version of Google Earth, and hitting the “Switch between Sky and Earth” button on the top toolbar immediately offers an upward view with seven optional layers:

  1. Constellations
  2. Backyard astronomy (info on objects visible to the eye and via small telescopes)
  3. Hubble Showcase (129 high-res Hubble snaps)
  4. The Moon (two months of lunar positions and phases)
  5. User’s Guide to Galaxies (virtual galaxy tours)
  6. Life of a star (a star’s life cycle explained)
  7. Planets (positions of seven planets two months ahead).

Check this demonstration video from Google

This data was partly built with Google’s NASA partnership and through the Hubble Space Telescope Observations.

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