Sherlyn Chopra Vs Pankaj Gupta : Website Domain Fight

August 10th, 2007

Sherlyn Chopra, aka Meghna, aka Mona Chopra, desperate to get rid of the “sleazy actress” tag, is disturbed with the images of porn stars/escort girls on the website of her name.

In a bid to sort out the issue, Sheryln Chopra successfully traced the owner of the website, who is Pankaj Gupta, and tried in vain to dissuade him from maintaining the website. “I called and requested him to amicably hand over the unlawfully acquired domain name to me. He refused and threatened he would not budge even if I approached the police,” says Sherlyn.

Sherlyn Chopra says Pankaj is a resident of Anand Vihar (Delhi) and runs an escort site under the name of ‘Westhaven’ and ‘West Haven Services’ on the internet forum, Digital Point. The actress wants justice, so on the insistence of a friend and her legal advisor, she plans to sue Gupta for defamation rather than lodge a police complaint. “I want to solve this issue publicly, because it is about my image. I am sure I will get justice, “ says Chopra.

Sherlyn says,

Somebody called Pankaj Gupta has illegally registered a domain in my name,, and is running a website dealing with porn stars and escort girls. This motherf****r is screwing my efforts to get rid of the sleazy actress tag by doing this!

I was surprised to see the coverage of this news on the IBNLive Channel today. IBNLive is flashing this news again and again. They had also arranged a conference between Sheryln Chopra and Pankaj Gupta.

I would definitely like to tell Sheryln that the “allegation of unlawfully acquired domain name” is not correct. “.com” is a commercial domain and anyone can buy any domain. But whatever Pankaj Gupta has done on the website with Sherlyn Chopra’s name is not morally correct and unethical.

The website is down right now after the release of this news of IBNLive. Is Pankaj Gupta scared of any legal action? or He really care about the feelings of Sherlyn Chopra and doesn’t want to hurt her.

Whatever is the situtation, but you can see the archived copy of the website through website.

Update :
The website is up now with the sponsored links from GoDaddy. As the website name has been mentioned on the IBNLive channel, so I think he must be making lot of money.

Screenshots of the website

[Source: mid-day, IBNLive]

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  1. I spoke to Pankaj Gupta few minutes back,

    He told me that she never called him up.

    Something Fishy

  2. I dont think that the website has anything which disturbs her image

  3. I don’t think the “domain is unlawfully acquired” as Sheryln says. Obviously Sherlyn is not a techie and doesn’t have any knowledge of Domain and Website business.

    On the Moral Note, Pankaj Gupta is definitely wrong to play with the emotions and “image” of Sherlyn by putting Adult ads and Adult Links on the website. She may be sleazy actress but that doesn’t give him the right to do anything on her name.

    He is running a chain of Fake celebrity websites and most of the websites have got stolen images. He may not be “Domain Chor” as Sherlyn said but he is “Chor” to steal the images and bandwidth of other websites.

  4. I don think pankaj is stealing images and using bandwidth of other sites. i have heard he owns over 1000+ websites (he must have good power in his hand) and there are millions of sites over bollywood and everyone is using images from different sources……no one has filed any case against those sites.
    The way sherlyn was telling to media that she was polite to pankaj but it was direct a threat call to him as per i understand. If sherlyn file a case against him then i am sure he might also backfire (one should not under estimate anyone) as when he tells the story publically through media then all sites who are posting against pankaj then those sites owner and sherlyn will be in big trouble.

  5. Krishna – I think it is already clear now she never rang Pankaj, infact it was her lawyer.

    Aditya Kumar Singh – I disagree with you, as I have already mentioned in my post,it is not morally correct to put “Adult Ads and Adult Links” on the name of the website of public figure. Whatever he has done is “Not Illegal and not Ethical”.

    Rajesh Chopra– I don’t want to go into your allegation of stealing images and bandwidth on Pankaj, It is a gray area.

    Arun – I don’t know how many websites he owns, he has mentioned 200+ on his website. But what does it means? Does it justify his action? No Way!! Wait and watch to see if Sheryln files a cases and manage to get this domain or not? and How Pankaj backfires?

    Arun says – “all sites who are posting against pankaj then those sites owner and sherlyn will be in big trouble”
    Well I think it is very silly and childish comment – I don’t want to say anything.

  6. Pradeep: ““all sites who are posting against pankaj then those sites owner and sherlyn will be in big trouble”
    Well I think it is very silly and childish comment – I don’t want to say anything.”

    ARUN: Do u have any right or u have taken any permission to publish this article from sherlyn and pankaj or ,midday,( giving a backlink to other sources, hardly solve the problem) using adsense you are also just monetizing this site lol and it would bring a only a couple of 100s.
    Do u have disclaimer on your site if not then living in abroad (london) and using images is always a big trouble, u must know this.
    U are using images and trailers bollywood celebs on homepage of your site, and then again monetizing this site, do u have license to use all this stuff. Now u also come in pankaj’s category LMAO.
    Whole world is culprit now 😀
    Btw you are safe living in LONDON hahahahahahahahahaaha

  7. I couldnt understand why this ho ha is being made by the people . whatever the pictures i saw in that websites are of sherlyn only and if he uploaded those pictures whats wrong ? i want to tell sherlyn that she is famous due to only her pictures and now she claiming that she wanna get rid of sleazy pictures . anyways if she does it in real i will nt watch either her or her pictures . By doing this she is hurting her fans like me coz i want to see her sexy and nude images


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