Windows Live Installer Coming this Week

September 3rd, 2007

In the press release of 26th June, Microsoft promised to release a single installer which will give customers the option of an all-in-one download for the full Windows Live suite of services, and added Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta and Windows Live Folders Beta ( later on renamed to skydrive) to the managed beta testing of Windows Live Suite.

According to reports of NYTimes, Microsoft will release the Windows Live Software suite sometime this week

NYTimes Reports,
This week, it plans to turn that strategy upside down, making available free software that connects its Windows operating system to software services delivered on the Internet, a practice increasingly referred to as “cloud” computing. The initiative is part of an effort to connect Windows more seamlessly to a growing array of Internet services.
The software release will offer PC users the option of downloading a set of the services with a single Unified Installer program, or as separate components. The individual services are Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger 8.5 and Windows Live OneCare Family Safety, a computer security program.

The applications or services that will be included in the installer includes,

  1. Windows Live Photo Gallery
  2. Windows Live Mail
  3. Windows Live Messenger 8.5
  4. Windows Live OneCare Family Safety
  5. Windows Live Writer, blogging application

A full list of all Windows live services, many of which are browser based and not part of the installer, is on Windows Live Beta page.

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