Hackers Dissect Apple TV to Create the Cheapest Mac Ever
April 6th, 2007
Just two weeks after Apple released its streaming media box to the public, hackers successfully installed OS X, Apple's desktop operating system, on the $300 device, making it the cheapest PC Cupertino has ever sold. "The breakthrough is done, OS X runs on Apple TV!" wrote "Semthex," the anonymous hacker responsible for the mod, at his website. "Now we got (the) low-budget Mac we ever wanted." The add-on may be of limited appeal to everyday users. It involves a laborious 13-step procedure, and the resulting installation is unable to take advantage of all the Apple TV's hardware. Without video acceleration, games can't floor the graphic chip's throttle. There's no audio or ethernet support either, making the box useless ...


Google announces Toilet ISP – Free wireless broadband
April 1st, 2007
Google Toilet ISP, the next in queue of Google's April Fool joke. Have you visited Google today. If you haven't then you are missing a hilarious April Fool’s Day prank. In a slick presentation Google announced the launch of Google TiSP (BETA)™, a free in-home wireless broadband service that delivers online connectivity via your toilet. What Google says Sick of paying for broadband that you have to, well, pay for? Introducing Google TiSP (BETA), our new FREE in-home wireless broadband service. Sign up today and we'll send you your TiSP self-installation kit, which includes setup guide, fiber-optic cable, spindle, wireless router and installation CD. TiSP in-home wireless broadband is: Free, fast and highly reliable Easy ...


“Yahoo Go! for TV”, “Windows Live for TV” and {Google TV}
March 31st, 2007
Now a days these big giants are focussing on TV market as well. Yahoo and Microsoft have already relased the beta version of "Yahoo! Go for TV" and "Windows Live for TV". Microsoft's beta version is on invitation basis. Rumours are milling around on the internet that Google is also working on it. Few of them are saying that it is already there in the market and Google is sending invitation to the GMail users on random basis, but Google hasn't confirmed anything yet. A heavily produced YouTube video from Mark Erickson at “Infinite Solutions” shows users how to get in on the super-secret (and non existent) Google TV beta. It involves sending yourself an email and then logging in and out of Gmail multiple times ...


Microsoft unveiled Mobile Browser Deepfish
March 30th, 2007
Microsoft Research has released "Deepfish" a prototype browser for Windows Mobile 5+ phones that users can sign up for and try out. What is Deepfish? Deepfish is a lightweight client application that leverages a powerful server side technology for delivery of content such as web pages to a Windows Mobile device. Content is displayed in a familiar desktop format that requires no additional work by the content or site author. Deepfish provides: * A familiar look and feel of web pages on mobile as seen on desktop. * Bandwidth optimized rendering for faster content delivery. * Address bar web navigation. * Intuitive zooming, panning and cue map for quick navigation and browsing. ...


New Look Of Yahoo
May 23rd, 2006


.mobi domain opens for business
May 22nd, 2006
The race for securing a slice of the "mobile internet" kicked off today with companies given their first opportunity to register for a new ".mobi" internet domain. From today, trademark holders from within the mobile industry have the chance to register their trademarks as .mobi domains. From 12 June to 22 August, all trademark holders will be given the opportunity to get their hands on a .mobi domain before the whole thing is thrown open to the world and its dog on 28 August. The idea behind .mobi is that it will funnel users to sites and services specially designed for mobile devices. According to the experts, it should appeal to phone operators, content providers, service providers, and handset manufacturers. ...


Microsoft Introduces Pay-as-You-Go Computing
May 22nd, 2006
Microsoft Corporation today announced the industry's first pay-as-you-go personal computing offerings powered by Microsoft® FlexGo(TM) technology, enabling more-flexible Microsoft Windows®-based PC purchasing options for customers in emerging markets. Customers can get a full featured Windows-enabled PC with low entry costs that they can access using prepaid cards or through a monthly subscription. How the platform worksMicrosoft FlexGo has two key components. First, there are specially-built PCs powered by Microsoft FlexGo technology that enable pay-as-you-go computing. Second, Microsoft FlexGo includes a provisioning server system that enables payment systems to add usage time to each PC with unique provisioning data.1. Metering-capable PCs ...


Microsoft Lays Out System Requirements to Run Vista
May 19th, 2006
Microsoft, for the first time, is telling PC owners exactly what it'll take for them to run its forthcoming Windows Vista OS. As expected, the software giant on May 18 unveiled its Windows Vista Get Ready Web site, along with a set of minimum PC hardware guidelines for Vista Capable PCs — which call for at least an 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM and a DirectX 9-capable graphics processor, but ask ...


About Google Trends
May 14th, 2006
About Google Trends With Google Trends, you can compare the world's interest in your favorite topics. Enter up to five topics and see how often they've been searched for on Google over time. Google Trends also displays how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and which geographic regions have searched for them most often. How does Google Trends work? Google Trends analyzes a portion of Google web searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you enter relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. We then ...


New Look of Sheetudeep
December 30th, 2005
Sheetudeep.com unveiled a new look for its website, which offers cleaner design and sharper focus on the topic. The newly designed layout is featuring new brighter and inviting color, user friendly webpages, pageheader to focus the content of the webpage. The content has largely remained unchanged in our new website, but few other additions are in the website; Advertisements have been added to all our webpages to generate the revenue for the maintenance of the website.The news section has been added to provide the news from leading news website.We have also added website tools like Recommend Page, Send Feedback, Submit Articles(Quotes,Poems,Jokes etc) to every webpage of the website. These tools will help the viewers to share ...


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