Microsoft Silverlight – The Flash killer
May 1st, 2007
What is Microsoft Silverlight?Microsoft Silverlight is a media player that can run web applications on Windows and MAC in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.  It is designed to work in concert with XAML and will be scriptable with Javascript. In the Silverlight 1.1 Alpha, the support of .NET languages has been introudunced. There is no support for Linux and Opera in the current beta, but additional platforms are still in consideration. In the word of Microsoft - Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform implementation of the .NET Framework for building and delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web and devices. Components Browser Plugin (Activex control in case of Internet ...


Britain’s Best Blogs Honoured
April 27th, 2007
Yesterday I read about these winner blogs of 2007 in Metro newspaper. They are called “Britain’s best blogs.” Going through the winner blogs list and after having a look at them, I thought why not me? What’s wrong with my blog, its neat and clean, everything on it is user friendly and I write very good (of course I will praise myself), come on “Yaar”, I am not that bad. Anyway may be next year I will hold the trophy for my blog. Ok let me take you to the “Best Blogs of the Britain.” and Metro readers short-listed the top writing talent and the judges, including music star “Alan McGee” and England cricketer “Alastair Cook” selected the winners across 8 ...


Google-Google Everywhere!
April 26th, 2007
The Simpsons Marge on Google, yeah! One day “Google” will really have this kind of impact on us, that you and me will be running to hide ourselves and we will find no place to hide, because google will be all over us.


AOL India Portal has just gone live
April 26th, 2007
Much awaited portal AOL India has just gone live. Powered by Google Search, is mainly focused on News, Entertainment(Bollywood), Sports(Cricket) and Videos. It also has City Guides for the big metro cities of India, very similar to Yahoo City and TimesofIndia Cities.  AOL India is also offering an email addresses ends with domain, which can be accessed through the AOL Mail interface. Since it is just now launched, chances are very high that you can get an email address with your name and of your choice.     Continue Conversation , , , ,


OpenDNS Shortcuts – Powering Browser Addressbar
April 24th, 2007
OpenDNS, a free DNS resolution services, that claims to offer faster internet speeds to users who redirect traffic through its nameservers has now started offering free customizable browser address keywords with a branding of OpenDNS shortcuts. The idea, however, is not new and nor his effort. It is already available on almost all the leading browsers. Opera - Assign the nickname to the bookmarks. Firefox - Shortcut feature is available by adding an entry to the keyword field in properties window of every bookmark. Internet Explorer - Assign Ctrl-Alt shortcuts in property window of bookmark. IE lacks a text keyword capability, though it offers Ctrl-Alt combination shortcuts. The advantage of OpenDNS shortcut is that it can be applied across ...


OpenID – Decentralized single sign on system
April 23rd, 2007
More and more websites are now asking the audience to register to access the content of their website. In some of the websites registration process is very simple, just email address is required whereas in some of the cases you have to go through a big list and enter hell lot of unnecessary required informations. OpenID is an excellent initiative to avoid repetitive registration on different websites. Once you create your OpenID, you will never need to go through the registration process again with the sites that support OpenID. What is OpenID?OpenID is an open, decentralized single sign on system with free framework for user-centric digital identity. It starts with a concept that anybody should be able to logon to website using ...


Sanjaya War Dialer
April 15th, 2007
Are people really voting for Sanjaya Malakar or is  it just a magic of "Sanjaya War Dialer" ?    What is Sanjaya War Dialer?Sanjaya War Dialer is a latest development of  available on and uses your computers modem to automatically dial the American Idol voting number over and over and over again until you tell it to stop. Automatically cast hundreds or even thousands of votes for Sanjaya with the click of a button. Who should be American Idol?The question arise is who should be American Idol, just a good singer for e.g, Lakisha or a good entertainer. Sanjaya may not be a good singer but he is good entertainer and my vote goes to him.


"A big blow to Microsoft" – Google buys DoubleClick
April 13th, 2007
Google has agreed to pay $3.1 bn cash for the computer-tracking cookie provider Double Click, the biggest buyout in Google's history.  The purchase is a big blow to Microsoft which began bidding for the company in March for around $2 bn.  Microsoft has struggled to catch up to Google in the advertising market and chances are , will continue to do so after this buyout. Yahoo and Time Warner were also in race of this bidding. What is DoubleClick?New York based DoubleClick has been majority owned by a private equity firm Hellman & Friedman since 2005, when they paid around $1.1 bn for its stake.  DoubleClick helps link up advertising agencies, marketers and web publishers to put ads online, very similar to Google ...


Joost – The new TV thing
April 8th, 2007
What is Joost?Joost is an interactive, IP based TV software system for distributing TV shows and other forms of videos through P2PTV (Peer to Peer TV) technology and is expected to deliver near TV resolution images. It is created by founders of Kaaza and Skype, Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis.  It is currently running a beta version and is very limited to those who have received the invitation. The Joost team is currently in negotitations with lot of TV networks to provide media.  Joost in timeWhat is it? How Joost turns your PC into an instant - on demand TV and not setup box is required. There are three part to this technology Server Farm to cache the ...


Windows Live Ideas – "Beta Services"
April 7th, 2007
It is just me or you guys are also seeing the same differenes. I have got two Windows Live account and I use one of them mainly for checking and testing the beta version of Windows Live Services, But the Live Ideas website display different list of Beta Services. Snapshot of the Beta services available on my normal Windows Live account Snapshot of the Beta services available on my Windows Live account which I use to check and test beta services   Technorati tags: , , , , ...


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