Britain’s Best Blogs Honoured

April 27th, 2007

Yesterday I read about these winner blogs of 2007 in Metro newspaper. They are called “Britain’s best blogs.” Going through the winner blogs list and after having a look at them, I thought why not me? What’s wrong with my blog, its neat and clean, everything on it is user friendly and I write very good (of course I will praise myself), come on “Yaar”, I am not that bad. Anyway may be next year I will hold the trophy for my blog.
Ok let me take you to the “Best Blogs of the Britain.” and Metro readers short-listed the top writing talent and the judges, including music star “Alan McGee” and England cricketer “Alastair Cook” selected the winners across 8 categories.

Category Wining Blog
Arts & Entertainment
Weird & Wonderful

The only blog which caught my eye is According to me rest of them are just nothing but, messy and I don’t know what. I don’t want to sound harsh. But please do go to these blogs and let me know which one did u like?

I reckon my Blog is better then all (apne muh miya mithu).

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  1. yeah sheetal you are right, your are the best…nice blog you have. keep up the good work

  2. oh yeah, it’s so much better than *all* of them, I mean that 1984 design is sooooo in right now.

    seriously though, if yours is so good, how come you didn’t win?

  3. “Thanks” Tim for your little appreciation, I know my blog is good and simple. If you go through the article again, you will notice that I have mentioned I will get an award next year (2008). So do vote for me.


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