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April 8th, 2007

What is Joost?
Joost is an interactive, IP based TV software system for distributing TV shows and other forms of videos through P2PTV (Peer to Peer TV) technology and joostis expected to deliver near TV resolution images. It is created by founders of Kaaza and Skype, Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis.  It is currently running a beta version and is very limited to those who have received the invitation. The Joost team is currently in negotitations with lot of TV networks to provide media. 

Joost in time
What is it? How Joost turns your PC into an instant – on demand TV and not setup box is required. There are three part to this technology

  1. Server Farm to cache the video
  2. Manage seeding
  3. Maintain QoS(Quality of Service)

The idea is that much of the content resides on people’s own PCs and shared by other users using P2P technology.

Click this link to check the channels available on beta version

What is Internet TV?
Internet Television is a fledgling industry. It is transmitted over internet  using an “Internet Protocol” (IP). In the past the Television shows were only distributed through Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial systems. Now a days

Other names for Internet Television

  1. IPTV – Internet Protocol Television
  2. Television on the desktop (TOD)
  3. TV over IP – Television over Internet Protocol
  4. Vlog For video web logging.
  5. Vodcast For video on demand.

Methods used for Internet Television

Broadcatching is the downloading of digital content on the internet through RSS Syndication or Bittorrent technology 

Streaming  where media is continuously received by, and normally displayed to, the end user whilst it is being delivered by the provider.

Internet TV can come in many forms

  • be watched on a regular TV (via Set up Box), or on a computer, or on a portable device (such as a mobile phone)
  • show a channel ‘live’ (like regular TV), or allow the viewer to select a show to watch on demand (“Video-on-Demand”)
  • involve any budget – from home camcorder productions to expensive professional productions
  • be protected from copying, or easily duplicated as a perfect copy
  • be free or paid for – and may be supported by advertisements
  • be an interactive or passive medium

Who is in the race of Internet TV?

Wi-FiTV – World TV Online.
China Broadcast Live (CBL), People of Chinese Origin (PCO TV) – developed by Archer Entertainment Media Communications.
Vision TV – developed by British Telecommunications.
Webrom TV – provide services allowing organisations to create their own online TV channels. – developed by UK MercuryMedia, it will stream especially documentaries that don’t fit the needs of the traditional factual channels.
JumpTV – a public Canadian company, focusing on ethnic TV. – social internet tv aggregator (launched Feb 2007)
Jaboozle – an on-demand tv and movie service, specializing on their own content. – launched Feb 2007 offers free online TV.
Zattoo – P2P video streaming service with licensed European and international channels

The big giants Microsoft and Yahoo are also in this race. Check the lab site of Microsoft and Yahoo for more information. The lab site of Microsoft may not show the link of Windows Live TV.  There are lot of rumours about Google but nothing has been confirmed until now.  The Beta version of Microsoft and Yahoo is limited to US right now whereas Joost is available worldwide.


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  1. I’ve been studying internet tv and recently reviewed many of these sites, my overall conclusion was that is in a very good position to become the YouTube of live TV.


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