Social networking websites
June 26th, 2007
Myspace, Bebo, Facebook and LinkedIn. Where do you stand? According to the research, the decision to join any social networking websites is based on the education and upbringing. Danah Boyd, a researcher at the University of California and internet sociologist spent nine months interviewing the US teenagers who uses these social networking websites and her data shows a clear gap between the populations of each sites. The data suggests Facebook members are more likely to be white, univeristy graduates and from the families who emphasize education and going to college, whereas Myspace  is the domain of non-white working class folk,Latino, Hispanic and immigrants teens. Myspace is a cool thing for High school teens. Boyd said,    The divide is very much clear in US Army, ...


Top ten most annoying web words released by "Yougov"
June 22nd, 2007
Just two days after posting the "top ten most annoying habits of bloggers", I am seeing that 'Blog' is listed as one of top ten most hated word spawned by internet. In the results of a poll published by yougov.  "Blog", "netiquette", "cookie" and "wiki", some commonly used web words have been voted among the most irritating words spawned by the Internet. Topping the list of words most hated by web users was folksonomy, a term for a web classification system. Blogosphere, the collective name for blogs or online journals, was second. Blog,netiquette and blook(a book based on a blog) were third,fourth and fifth. British pollsters YouGov conducted the poll on behalf of web publisher The poll was conducted for Lulu Blooker Prize, a ...


Top 10 annoying habits of the bloggers
June 20th, 2007
This is my attempt to collect the top ten annoying habits of the bloggers. Buy me a Beer/Coffee/Drinks or Paypal Donation request Annoying Widgets like Snapshots on each and every link of the page Irrelevant/Unnecessary comments just to promote blog Cross Posting (same post on personal and group blog) Too much statistical information on the page Don't provide "About Me/Us" section Don't enable comments section on their blog Spend more time blogging about blogging tips Rarely produce original content and simply aggregates the links to other blogs Post excuses for not posting Feel free to add what you don't like in other bloggers.


SearchBoth marries Yahoo and Google
June 13th, 2007
Have you ever thought of searching Yahoo and Google on the same window at the same time.A new site from IdeaLabz and the Toll Free Yellow Pages lets you do just that, delivering search results from Google and Yahoo! in split-screen format. When you type a query into the site’s search box, it displays results from Yahoo! on the left side of your browser and results from Google on the right. You can then enlarge either browser pane simply by just taking the mouse on the pane. Despite the companies’ claims, isn’t the first site to marry the web’s two most popular search engines in one browser window.A similar service, called Yahoogle, is already available but it’s extremely ...


Google in data protection problem
June 13th, 2007
In May, working group Article 29, made up from data protection commissioners from around the EU, wrote to Google expressing particular concern over the length of time personally identifiable data was being retained on the company's servers. It said the search engine's policy did not appear "to meet the requirements of the European legal data protection framework". In a response to this, Google's global privacy counsel Peter Fleischer responded: "We are committed to data protection principles that meet the expectations of our users in Europe and across the globe." He said that Google believed their current policy complied with data protection law, but admitted a shorter period of data retention than existed at present was possible. Mr Fleischer wrote: "After considering the working ...


For frequent travellers–Blackberry Pearl 8100
May 20th, 2007
BlackBerry Pearl is small enough to take anywhere. It’s the ultimate combination of brains and beauty. The Blackberry Pearl 8100 smart phone is one of the world’s smallest smart phones. It comes complete with digital camera, multimedia capabilities and expandable memory, Sure type keyboard technology in a QWERTY-style layout, light sensing screen that adjusts lighting levels automatically for ideal indoor and outdoor viewing, and a pearl-like trackball navigation system, plus user definable convenience keys. This device comes in three different colours Blackberry Pearl, White Blackberry Pearl & Red Blackberry Pearl. Features Available BlackBerry Maps Camera Media Player Corporate Data Access Wireless Email Organizer Wireless Calendar Phone SMS MMS Wireless Internet BlackBerry Maps, the best way to find your ...


Blogosphere threatened by Google downtime
May 16th, 2007
Google's has been offline this year more than any of the other top 10 most popular websites. As of May 15, the Google's was down for around 21 hours and 11 mins, nearly a day. The detailed report of uptime and downtime is accessible through pingdom website. In the given below table you can see how much the websites’ downtime has increased since April 2. The downtime is measured through GIGRIB(Green is good, Red is Bad).  Pingdom GIGRIB is a unique, distributed website monitoring service. GIGRIB users can add websites they want monitored, and in return their computers become a part of the GIGRIB monitoring network. Alexa Rank Site Downtime Increase ...


Google again…
May 15th, 2007
I have love and hate kind of relationship with Google. Few days back I email Google to know that if I can use my domain “” just for fun stuff and purely to write positive things about Google, but they refused and I was denied to use that domain. I mean they didn’t say that I can’t use it, but they said that I cannot put Google adsense on it. I know if I use that domain and put some other adsense on it, still one day I will receive notice from Google to bring down my website, b’coz I’ll be using their brand. So I have dropped the idea of using domain my “” I like the way Google keeps changing its ...


Codename "Tahiti" Screen Sharing Tool – Rebranded as Microsoft SharedView Beta
May 10th, 2007
The collaboration service codename "Tahiti", a screen sharing beta software rebranded as Microsoft SharedView from Microsoft is now available for public download . This tool can be considered as a hybrid collaborative experience that Microsoft is putting out which is a cross between Windows Meeting spaces and the web hosted MS Office Livemeeting service. This tool is targeted at the small meeting space ( maximum of 15 users) to share screen and collaborate real time. It requires you to sign in with a  Windows Live ID account to initiate MS SharedView meeting. You will still have to wait for the future releases of Microsoft SharedView to get chat/audio support. How to use MS SharedView? To start a session using this program, you ...


Yahoo launches Web based Yahoo Instant Messenger
May 3rd, 2007
Yahoo! is now offering its instant messaging service through Web without the need to download and install a separate application on your machine. Just type or on your browser and bang you go and connect to sexy looking new Yahoo messenger. MSN/Live Messenger and Google talk had their web based version from quite some version so it was difficult for Yahoo to resist. The Yahoo web messenger is completely Flash based which is nice because of the cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility that it offers. It will work in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and even Opera. The messenger window allows you to tab, so you can run several conversations from just one window/browser tab. IM conversations with your ...


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