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May 15th, 2007

I have love and hate kind of relationship with Google. Few days back I email Google to know that if I can use my domain “” just for fun stuff and purely to write positive things about Google, but they refused and I was denied to use that domain. I mean they didn’t say that I can’t use it, but they said that I cannot put Google adsense on it. I know if I use that domain and put some other adsense on it, still one day I will receive notice from Google to bring down my website, b’coz I’ll be using their brand. So I have dropped the idea of using domain my “”

I like the way Google keeps changing its “Logo for every occasion and festival. And I can’t even think of using internet without “Google Search”, its not that I have not tried other search engine like Yahoo, MSN & others, but Google is Google. It gives you very prominent search results. I am very frequent user of “Google Map and I love Google Earth. It’s just amazing, try looking for “Delhi India Gate”, “Vatican City” & London’s Trafalgar Square in Google map. You will get addicted to the map and will look for all your favourite places in the world (that’s what I do).

If you feel like Google can’t quite figure out what you are looking for, here’s a way to customise your search. Go to Google Co-op, put in your choice of websites, and save on Internet-search time, this is Google’s Custom Search Engine.

igoogleNow I am addicted to “igoogle” its gives you the feeling of your very own page. You can select a theme (not too many choices but its good) to your Google search page, and can add gadgets like daily love quotes, horoscope, quotes of the day, daily weather and much more. You can make your search page very attractive and useful, but there is a catch, once you start your search, the result page goes back to the Classic theme, which is very sad. I hope Google works on it and get it fixed. I would like to be on my iGoogle page till I logout.

I am waiting for some new features from Google.

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