Yahoo launches Web based Yahoo Instant Messenger

May 3rd, 2007

Yahoo! is now offering its instant messaging service through Web without the need to download and install a separate application on your machine. Just type or on your browser and bang you go and connect to sexy looking new Yahoo messenger. MSN/Live Messenger and Google talk had their web based version from quite some version so it was difficult for Yahoo to resist.

The Yahoo web messenger is completely Flash based which is nice because of the cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility that it offers. It will work in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and even Opera.

The messenger window allows you to tab, so you can run several conversations from just one window/browser tab. IM conversations with your friends can now be saved in your Yahoo! account on Yahoo! servers. This means you can access and search your message archives from any computer


The features available on Yahoo web messenger is very limited if you compare it to Yahoo’s windows based client. It doesn’t provide webcam and audio feature. Check the Yahoo’s promotion video to see how it looks.

I am impressed with look of Yahoo messenger, It is far better than MSN messenger and Google Talk.

If you guys are wondering how this services will affect the, I don’t think they should worry about it. Although Yahoo web messenger is great but I love Meebo for its clean interface. In Meebo you can talk to almost all the popular chat network (AOL, Yahoo, Google and Windows Live).  Yahoo messenger works with Live messenger but not with AOL IM and Google Talk.  

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  1. great discovery yaarr


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