Blogosphere threatened by Google downtime

May 16th, 2007

Google’s has been offline this year more than any of the other top 10 most popular websites. As of May 15, the Google’s was down for around 21 hours and 11 mins, nearly a day.

The detailed report of uptime and downtime is accessible through pingdom website. In the given below table you can see how much the websites’ downtime has increased since April 2. The downtime is measured through GIGRIB(Green is good, Red is Bad).  Pingdom GIGRIB is a unique, distributed website monitoring service. GIGRIB users can add websites they want monitored, and in return their computers become a part of the GIGRIB monitoring network.

Alexa Rank Site Downtime Increase
1 0m no change
2 17m 10m
3 1h 37m 37m
4 2h 49m 4m
5 8h 44m 4h 0m
6 7m 1m
7 35m 10m
8 2h 35m 12m
9 1h 27m 18m
10 1h 50m 2m
11 27m 6m
12 3m no change
13 21h 11m 16h 24m
14 8m no change
15 23m 1m
16 13m no change
17 7m 4m
18 3h 4m new
19 30m 1m
20 3h 51m 2h 28m

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  2. Thanks Satya, for your comment and appreciation. No I am not a full time blogger, but I do make sure to update the blog everyday.


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