SearchBoth marries Yahoo and Google

June 13th, 2007

Have you ever thought of searching Yahoo and Google on the same window at the same time.A new site from IdeaLabz and the Toll Free Yellow Pages lets you do just that, delivering search results from Google and Yahoo! in split-screen format.

When you type a query into the site’s search box, it displays results from Yahoo! on the left side of your browser and results from Google on the right. You can then enlarge either browser pane simply by just taking the mouse on the pane.

Despite the companies’ claims, isn’t the first site to marry the web’s two most popular search engines in one browser window.A similar service, called Yahoogle, is already available but it’s extremely unreliable and riddled with ads.

The company has also launched the same service for Canada with, the U.S. with, and Australia with All of the SearchBothTM family of websites search both Google and Yahoo in their respective countries.

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  1. Hello, is running for several years! It is faster and more reliable, Have you ever seen it?


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