Google announces Toilet ISP – Free wireless broadband

April 1st, 2007

Google Toilet ISP, the next in queue of Google’s April Fool joke.

Have you visited Google today. If you haven’t then you are missing a hilarious April Fool’s Day prank. In a slick presentation Google announced the launch of Google TiSP (BETA)â„¢, a free in-home wireless broadband service that delivers online connectivity via your toilet.

What Google says

Sick of paying for broadband that you have to, well, pay for?
Introducing Google TiSP (BETA), our new FREE in-home wireless broadband service. Sign up today and we’ll send you your TiSP self-installation kit, which includes setup guide, fiber-optic cable, spindle, wireless router and installation CD.

TiSP in-home wireless broadband is:

  • Free, fast and highly reliable
  • Easy to install — takes just minutes
  • Vacuum-sealed to prevent water damage

Google’s Toilet ISP FAQ

I’m having trouble installing or using TiSP.
Your internet connection should be working within one hour of GFlushing the sinker. If you still aren’t online after that period of time, your toilet may be clogged. Please flush three more times, then check your online connection again. If you’re still experiencing problems, drop eight mints into the bowl and add a two-liter bottle of diet soda. For further assistance, please visit the TiSP Help Group.

Check FAQ for more interesting answers.

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