Punjabi love songs are the Best!
June 22nd, 2007
  I am in this mood today……lovely heart touching song. And now whole day I will listen to similar kind of songs.


Aamir Khan’s jeans and a patch
June 22nd, 2007
Actually I would have said “why Aamir Khan is wearing this or what is wrong with him, where is his dressing sense gone and bla-bla”. But I will not say all this b’cox: 1. He is looking so cute and chweet (that smile).2. He is my favourite, so for him “sab kuch maaf hai”. If you look at the picture, you will notice that after sometime of being bold with the patch in front of the media and cameras, he must have got embarrassed and tried to hide the patch with his hands. Such a chweet gesture…. I remember this fashion back in 80’s. My younger brother had jeans with bottom of the jeans supporting a patch. Which I never ...


Liam the winner – Big Brother
June 20th, 2007
Kahani mein twist! As we all know big brother is good at playing games with its contestants in the house and know exactly how to spice things up. Tonight Big Brother made an announcement, that in the diary room there’s a box containing 100 thousand pounds and box full of pounds was shown to the housemates on the TV in the house. After few minutes Big Brother made another announcement and asked Carol, Jonathan and Seany to come to the diary room. All three of them were told that they are up for eviction which was very shocking for them. Big brother also revealed that £100,00 is the prize money which will be given to the person who they (three of them) ...


Big Brother Chanelle’s raunchy night
June 20th, 2007
Girls in the big brother house UK are getting mad and hot. Last night Posh wannabe Chanelle lure Ziggy to be on his good side when the two lovebirds were canoodling in bed. The 19 year-old Chanelle used her womanly charms to get the couple back on track after Ziggy’s attention seemed to be wavering. She whipped off her top when the two were in bed and got closer. On other hand Charlie 'accidentally' showed her boob while in the bathtub on Monday night. And last week she went all the way by going topless in the pool. So I guess the heat is on and everybody is trying their best to be in the game by hook or ...


Bollywood IIFA Awards 2007 – Yorkshire
June 19th, 2007
Last night I happened to see Idea IIFA Awards 2007. I had actually dropped the idea of writing about IIFA, but trust me when I saw the performance of some of the stars I couldn’t resist myself from writing. Yorkshire and IIFA 2007:Some 12,000 fans were at the Hallam FM Arena, with more at BBC big screens in Leeds, Bradford and Rotherham. The event is held in a different location around the world each year to increase the profile of Bollywood film. Some 10% of income for Bollywood films comes from outside India and Pakistan, while the UK is the second-biggest market for Indian films. In the days leading up to the awards, Yorkshire hosted a string of events - including a ...


Actress Dolly Bindra
June 19th, 2007
This is a special post today. I am writing this as a reply to one of my yesterday’s post and a comment left on it. Dear Dolly Bindra, I truly and definitely respect your dignity and privacy. I have always liked your work, you always play very funny and Jinda dil characters in all your movies. Dolly I know its very hard time for you that media has once again brought up the incident that happened in 2005 between you and Raja Chaudhary, but I think you should be not hiding or feeling guilty about it. Raja was the main culprit and he should be exposed for his deeds. Nobody has the right to behave with women like he did. So please be proud ...


Madhuri Dixit on Koffee with Karan – this sunday
June 19th, 2007
Gosh! Yesterday I had lot of traffic on my article “Koffee with Karan Finale” and “Koffee with Karan Madhuri” keyphrase was on top of the list of searched keywords. I also had some not so very good emails in my inbox and comments on article. My readers thought that I had given them the false information about Madhuri Dixit episode, which is not true, the episode was going to air on Sunday but b’cox of the telecast of IIFA awards on Star Plus, Star One dropped the idea of telecasting Madhuri’s episode (No one would like to drop the TRP of their channel). This coming Sunday we all will see our lovely, gorgeous and elegant Madhuri Dixit lighting ...


Shweta Tiwari goes to Police Station
June 18th, 2007
We “bechari” audience are always left in dilemma with these so called very much in love couples. I have always admired Shweta Tiwari, she is so gorgeous, so elegant and so down to earth, well this is what I saw when the couple had participated in “Nach Baliye 2”. She cried through her solo performance (Raja was hospitalized) missing Raja very much. I cried too for her. My instinct says that Raja is not for her, he is very jealous, very suspicious and not so good looking kind of man.   Now that the Shweta filed a non-cognisable offence of assault and forcefully taking away their daughter Palak against Raja at the Malad police station. It seems that couple is on the ...


Friday night Shilpa Shetty with Jonathan Ross
June 15th, 2007
I know we all are fed up of talking about Shilpa Shetty this and Shilpa that, whereas she is making money and we like stupid people are backing her without charging her a penny. I promise to myself that this is last article that I am gonna write on Shilpa. This is last b’cox I was so excited about this show which is called “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross”. Jonathan is famous for making fun, making his guest nervous to shit and talking dirty. Before I start about the show let me tell you that no matter how much UK denies being not racists, but they are. I was going through TV guide after the show ended and I was stunned ...


Utterly Butterly Delicious
June 14th, 2007
Cheeni kum, Butter zyada - what a combination? AamulLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!


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