Aamir Khan’s jeans and a patch

June 22nd, 2007

Actually I would have said “why Aamir Khan is wearing this or what is wrong with him, where is his dressing sense gone and bla-bla”.

But I will not say all this b’cox:
1. He is looking so cute and chweet (that smile).
2. He is my favourite, so for him “sab kuch maaf hai”.

If you look at the picture, you will notice that after sometime of being bold with the patch in front of the media and cameras, he must have got embarrassed and tried to hide the patch with his hands. Such a chweet gesture….

I remember this fashion back in 80’s. My younger brother had jeans with bottom of the jeans supporting a patch. Which I never liked, I like simple and sober dresses.

Anyway, but it was on the bottom, Mr. Aamir!

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  1. yeah, he is so cute. Patch or no patch, clothes or no clothes he always look good. I love him.


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