Shweta Tiwari goes to Police Station

June 18th, 2007

We “bechari” audience are always left in dilemma with these so called very much in love couples. I have always admired Shweta Tiwari, she is so gorgeous, so elegant and so down to earth, well this is what I saw when the couple had participated in “Nach Baliye 2”. She cried through her solo performance (Raja was hospitalized) missing Raja very much. I cried too for her. My instinct says that Raja is not for her, he is very jealous, very suspicious and not so good looking kind of man.


shewtatiwariNow that the Shweta filed a non-cognisable offence of assault and forcefully taking away their daughter Palak against Raja at the Malad police station. It seems that couple is on the verge of splitting up. Incidentally this is not the first time, a police complaint has been filed against Raja for bad behaviour. Two years ago, actress Dolly Bindra had alleged that Raja “outraged her modesty” at a party. In an FIR filed with the Juhu police station, the actress accused Chaudhary of violent conduct in an inebriated state. The incident occurred at a party thrown by actor Anuj Saxena to launch his production house, Maverick.

Rumours are that this whole drama can be a publicity stunt by couple to promote their Bhojpuri film. Raja Chaudhary makes his debut as a producer with the Bhojpuri film “Hamar Saiyyan Hindustani”. He is also producing a Hinglish film titled “My Second Honour”.
Raja’s Bhojpuri film is due for release soon. It could very well have been ploted by Raja to attract attention as the film’s story is similar to what is happening right now.”

Well if they are doing this to promote their film than I would say it’s a very cheap stunt and they both are cheating their fans. I hope this police complaint thing is true and Shweta don’t degrade herself among her audience.

What do you thing is it a Reality or just a cheap Publicity stunt?

My reply to Dolly Bindra’s Comment

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  1. pls dont drag me into this raja choudery thing pls remove my name from this write up i had forgiven him cauz the was drunk
    dolly bindra

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  3. shweta tiwari is damn gorgeous. and i think she had taken a right decision in filing a complaint against raja.he is a crab.she should leave him and take divorce.
    she should be with her daughter palak and find another match suited to her.

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  5. Raja is a cheap perso, see his conduct in Bigg boss , It is quite evident she has no class and no regards for anyone except his own selfish inetrests ,he lies even on national tv Sick man !!!!!!!

  6. Raja is a good person.i think he is good

  7. i would like to appeal to raja n shweta to bind up together bcoz dey r da only most good loking couple on dis earth

  8. okies

  9. Clearly u only write about one side of the story totally ignoring the other side…no use now for the way Dolly is behaving on telly, the abusive language she is using…..and the way she told Sameer you want to touch me, you want to touch a girl……I can imagine how true she could be…her character has been fully revealed and seen by more comments..thanks


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