Bollywood IIFA Awards 2007 – Yorkshire

June 19th, 2007

Last night I happened to see Idea IIFA Awards 2007. I had actually dropped the idea of writing about IIFA, but trust me when I saw the performance of some of the stars I couldn’t resist myself from writing.

Yorkshire and IIFA 2007:
Some 12,000 fans were at the Hallam FM Arena, with more at BBC big screens in Leeds, Bradford and Rotherham. The event is held in a different location around the world each year to increase the profile of Bollywood film. Some 10% of income for Bollywood films comes from outside India and Pakistan, while the UK is the second-biggest market for Indian films. In the days leading up to the awards, Yorkshire hosted a string of events – including a world film premiere in Castleford. The events are expected to generate £10m for the Yorkshire economy and attract some 30,000 visitors. Sheffield has the third-largest population of British Asians in the UK, and tourist officials say the awards will bring £10m of income to the area. A green carpet was used at the arena instead of a red carpet to highlight environmental issues.

Performances and Emotions:dharm
Let me start with emotions first. A very touchy and emotional moment was when Dharmendra was presented Life time Achievement award by his friend Amitabh. He got very emotional and shy, I couldn’t believe that Dharmji is still so shy. He was really a Greek God as mentioned by Jaya Bachchan in KWK. When they showed his black & white movies I got very emotional, there was one my favourite movies “Chupke Chupke” scene in which he played Prof. Pyarelal which I always love to watch again and again. I had tears in my eyes when Bobby and Sunny started their speech for their dad. Infact everybody in the audience had wet eyes, I saw Shilpa, Akshay Kumar and Anil Kapoor for sure. It was really a very beautiful moment. What a bonding they have. My only “tamanna” is to see Dharmendra and Hema together in a function…any. Its time they should be seen together (getting old now).

Well let me start with the first best. According to me ex couple Shilpa and Akshay were mind blowing. I really now don’t have words for Shilpa, she was just bang on…..perfect body, style and elegance. Putting all those so called big super star actresses to shame. Her dance on song “crazy kiya re” was far-far better shilpathan Aishwarya’s. I loved the Jugalbandi of Shiamak Davar and Shilpa, it was Wow! Last but not least was her one side kamar jhatkas. Audience just went mad for her, the loudest whistle, clapping and applaud were heard.

Our star tapori gang for whistling was Ritesh Deshmukh and Arshad Warsi.

What should I write about Akshay sirf naam hi kafi hai. As usual he was the best, he is unofficial brand ambassador for Punjabi songs and dance. He is very good at balle balle stuff, and if balle balle is with one of the hottest band in UK…”RDB” than there’s no looking back. Getting older and bolder is what you can say about him. Still he’s got that charm to conquer women. Aise hi nahi Casanova ka khitab mila tha…!

After Akshay and Shilpa, it is Salman & Govinda who did wonder on the stage. They are really good buddies. I am very happy to see Govinda back in his original form. Thank god he threw away his politics chola.salman

Aftab was afreen, little fat but was looking hot after long time.

Abhishek was ok in his desi style, dancing only on the songs of film “Joom Barabar Joom” promoting his film, looking shit in that overgrown beard……looks like some kind of Maanat! On other hand Ash was fresh and chirpy, supporting hubby from her seat. She also won most glamorous female star award.

Bips was looking like a B grade actress with those stupid songs and dress.

Raima Sen is pregnant I guess. That big bulge hanging out was so no no.

Anchors were great….Boman Irani and Lara Dutta did a great job. Very Istylish.

People I missed on the show was Rekha and Hema Malini. Where were they? Rekha never missed a show like this. I hope she is fine (my fav).

kanganaYeah before I forget, Kangana Ranaut needs some clothes to cover her front. She don’t have money to spend on her dress designer, so please donate some money to her….kuch bhi chale ga 1 rupaya ya 2 rupaya….anything.
Get some life Kangana and give us a break by wearing something decent for once.

Award winners:
Best picture: Rang De Basanti
Best actor: Hrithik Roshan (Krrish)
Best actress: Rani Mukheriji (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)
Best director: Rajkumar Hirani (Lage Raho Munnabhai)

Winners at the ceremony included Hrithik Roshan, who won most glamorous male star and the best actor award for his portrayal of a superhero in Krrish. Collecting the award, he said: “May our children never be afraid to dream the impossible because if someone like me can get this far, nothing is impossible.”

Shilpa Shetty received a special award for the way she conducted herself after the Celebrity Big Brother racism row.

Photos of IIFA Awards 2007

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  1. Kangana Ranaut giving competition to Mallika Sherawat and Rakshi Sawant.

    Mallika and Rakhi – Be careful of Kangana !!

  2. akshay was the best he was wicked sunny peace to him

  3. Can anybody tell me the name of the first track that was played during the first performance (the acrobatic one) of IIFA 2007??

  4. hey i was wondering if you know the song which the two new makeover ppl danced on…. the song goes sth like
    i am 16 you are 17 ..iss umar ka tha kabse waiting……
    oh my friend lets go dating….

  5. hey guys,

    I also really enjoyed the show, akshay & shilpa were simply best. This year’s iifa awards was one of the best award ceramony of this year. Its a shame that my fav srk was not there!!!!!!:(

  6. I really enjoyed the show very much. The show was amazing.The performance of Salman Khan was fantastic and owesome as comparison to other.Katrina and Priety looked gorgeus.Hrithik was best.

  7. Hey i was wondering u know that song that abhishek danced to RIGHT before his jhoom barabar songs…what is that song calleD??? or is just a remix he made….cause it was hott

  8. greatttt ..

  9. does anyone know that answer to the above question? which song did abhishek perform to at the IIFA? It was something like ‘dekh chori ko dekh’ where is it from?? wud really appreciate an answer! thanx guys

  10. Vin: I am also looking for that song, it was just one line but was very good, “dekh chori ko dekh paisa phank”, I guess it was just a made-up, bcox after that all the songs were from JBJ film.
    But if you can find it, please let me know.

  11. hi ppl.. n hi tina.. the song tht goes like this ‘ am 16 you are 17 ..iss umar ka tha kabse waiting..
    oh my friend lets go dating..’ was performed by Rustan Mumtaz and Sheena but can ani one plz try n find out what movie that song is from n who its sang by. thanks!..


  12. you all were the best and congratulations to the winners and i think they should wear the sexy clothes

  13. What a great show it was. Shilpa was sooo good, her performance was best. Too bad she has not been given too much credit in Indial films considering she is a great, classy and most beautiful and talented both as an actress and as a person.

  14. Does anybody know the name of the guy in black who did a little dance with shelpa to the song “IT’s ROCKING”. He is so cute!!!

  15. hey….also with tina question,does anyone know anything about that song performed rustaan mumtaz and sheena please let me know

  16. Even I am looking for this song if anyone gets it then do intimate on my mail id. SOng performed by abhi was toooooo good “dekh chori ko dekh paisa phank”

  17. Hey Guys…..after a long search for that “dekh chori ko dekh paisa phank” song… i found it finally….. its a song from “apna sapna money money” and the title name is”aey ganpat baja na”….it rocks….

  18. Thanks Rajiv!
    I really did zameen-asmaan ek to find this song. Thanks again

  19. hahaha…thats k….ur welcome….even i did the same to find it….

  20. it’s a good idea…
    but don’t forget…..Arjun Rampal ok

  21. this it to Anjali…
    de guy who danced wid shilpa sheety in Iffa was shiamak davar who created the entire dance event at iifa…and
    yee i agreee..he is cute!!!…>=]

  22. the show was gud

  23. Hi

    What is the name of the song that Shilpa & Shiamak performed to at the IIFA 2007?

    I have been looking for it but have had no luck… Above Anajali mentions “its rocking” but i this is not it (as just checked on youtube).

    Reply will be appreciated.

  24. Jayshree: Shilpa did a medley with songs “Krazy kiya re, Don and Its rocking”. she was wonderful!
    watch this video –

  25. Hey Jayshree…
    I’ve been trying to find that “it’s rocking” song for soo long. It is called “It’s Rocking” by Alisha Chinai in the movie Kya Love Story Hai.

  26. hii there , i looking for that song that says ‘ you are 15 and i am 17’ i really liked that song so can anyonme tell me what film or song that is exactly called thnxx .;)

  27. man !!! very useful thread… thankgod I found this thread through google…

  28. […] Bollywood IIFA Awards 2007 – YorkshireJun 19, 2007 … was performed by Rustan Mumtaz and Sheena but can ani one plz try n find out what movie that song is from n who its sang by. thanks!.. angel. […]


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