Actress Dolly Bindra

June 19th, 2007

This is a special post today. I am writing this as a reply to one of my yesterday’s post and a comment left on it.

Dear Dolly Bindra,

I truly and definitely respect your dignity and privacy. I have always liked your work, you always play very funny and Jinda dil characters in all your movies. Dolly I know its very hard time for you that media has once again brought up the incident that happened in 2005 between you and Raja Chaudhary, but I think you should be not hiding or feeling guilty about it. Raja was the main culprit and he should be exposed for his deeds. Nobody has the right to behave with women like he did. So please be proud that Raja is once again going to be behind the bars.

I wish you the very best of luck in your future. dollybindra

Here’s what happened in 2005….
The actress says, “I was at the party with my husband, it was Anuj’s party and we are good friend. I was on the dance floor with friends when I felt someone come close and brush past me.
As the place was dimly lit, I did not recognise who it was, I thought it was only someone passing by. Then the man came again and fell over me. I pushed him away, but, to my horror, he slapped me.
I fell on the floor in pain. I was totally shaken. Then I was told that the man was Raja Chaudhary. I was helped out of the place into the hotel lobby and realised that Raja had physically hurt me. I had bruises on my hands. I wept openly in the lobby.
Anuj, who is also a doctor, rushed to my aid and administered first aid right there. Meanwhile, Raja disappeared with Himanshu,” she adds.
Bindra filed an FIR against Chaudhary at the Juhu Scheme police station. “When the cops summoned him, Raja arrived at the police station and pleaded innocence.
He told me to withdraw the case and even offered money,” says Bindra. “Raja had to spend the night in jail and was produced before the court on Monday,” she claims.

And I say you did the right thing Dolly.

Who is Dolly Bindra?

Dolly’s husband is Kaizad Kermani, who owns Starzshows, an event management company, that organises shows with film stars abroad, particularly Malaysia. They live in Bhoomi Classic at Versova. Dolly comes from army background. She did her schooling from St Anne’s in Malad.

Her sister Nonie says“Dolly was always a tomboy, since the time she was in school at St Anne’s in Malad. She cycled around the neighbourhood with the boys and played cricket with them,”.

Her father died of heart attack. Dolly’s mother, Jaswant Kaur, notes that she became brassy after the death of her father. She used to be his favourite, of the three siblings.

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  1. Dolly dear,
    sheetal is right, you should not be afraid of anyone. Raja is bad and so is her wife Shweta. u should be happy to expose him.

  2. Thank you for your interest,ok so what do want me to now pls tell me ,and also its not that i am afraid of anybody but if i give a comment or support this issue the press will hound me and its very disturbing mentally ,i have a life too so let bygones be bygones ,every one pays there dues here before they leave this planet and as you can see raja is paying for his misdeeds now.
    Ps -pls remove my husbands name from the last entry request .

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  4. Dolly I am happy to see that you are ok with my article. Actually I was going to link your husbands name to his blog, but if you don’t want that then i am fine with it. I will remove his name.

  5. pls post this story very imp koena mitra arrest here is the link -

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  7. Raja Chaudhary rocks, he just has some attitude.
    He is a gr8 guy otherwise and Dolly, you should have enjoyed the special attention he gave you.

  8. i can’t blv this, i thought raja is a good man. he z a jerk…………….!!!!

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  10. In bigg boss 4, as per dolly bindra’s comments, all other girls are “chandals” and everyone is fake, we do agree with her that all are fake and she seems to be the only “genuine” whore….

  11. Dolly is the chandal *c1?1*@ …bicth

  12. It seems that Dolly Bindra is working as broker [Dalal] in getting jobs/roles for upcoming TV stars

  13. I am a foreigner i am watchinf Big Boss since few fews, Dolly is the highest stupid and rubbish person i never seen in my life, anti social, no respect , a bad smell … better to stay correct
    And others participants don t interfer the fight , i can t understand that???

  14. raja is basterd & so his wife thts why they both saperated you are doing good with them.

  15. FACTS –
    She’s mentally sick and quite agressive woman. She dont have any manners to talk to people thats why she received that slap from Raja. Everyone knows what sort of woman she is. Her bitchy nature & attitude is quite clear from Big Boss these days.

  16. She is the biggest bitch on this earth.

  17. she is shamless woman.

  18. I think Dolly is the worst woman I have seen in my life…and please dont talk about dignity and dolly in one sentence…..she does not have any manners or grace, integral to womankind and thinks that anybody who is soft spoken and well behaved is a fake….i was astonished to see her hurling abuses at her inmates…..she can possibly be the most ill behaved woman in indian history…..

  19. SARA bohut chalak ladki hay abhi tak ashmit bhai nahi tha ab hay jese hi ali gher may aaya ashmit bhai ho gaya ye ese ladki hay ki ese risto ki koi pervha nahi hay or veena k saath ashmit ko dekh ker jalan hote the or us se bhi bada bewquf ali merchant hay jo dekh ker zeher pe raha hay sala kese aadmi hay payjama hay vo dek ker bhi na samajhne ka nataq ker raha hay sara ko lanat hay ese ladkiyo per udher use ashmit ko i love u bolte hay chipakti hay or natak dikhate hay sali DOOLY JI U R GREAT AAP JO BHI BOLTE HAY BILKUL SAHI BOLTE HAY VEENA SARA K BARE MAY vo aap k samne kuch or bolte hay or bad may palat jate hay aap ko big boss may rehne ka haq hay aap sachi hay ji .

  20. Dolly doesnt know when to stop i agree, but most of the time she’s right!!
    Veena is jus a slut and omg sara khan i feel really ashamed watching her! u ave a husband stop smelling another dudes hair!!
    I dont think she is a bad person she cooks for everyone all day long when she funny she’s hilarious, just a shame about her anger problems if she could control herself she wouldve bin fav in the house.

  21. pahile sai yasi ho …….tum aapnai paribar mai kasi rahtai hongai………hahaha…

  22. kutti dolly

  23. Dolly bindra is a psycho case . We cant imagine that how she will get turned herself in any condition by searching a safe side for herself. Her medical treatment in necessary.

  24. Dolly ji ur a nice sweet lady but what i love about u is ur open sense of speech. Women wil get courage 2 speak up if in 10 people there wud b 1 doly bindra evrywhere. U r a role model 4 me in a courageous way. U rock.


  26. dolli ji bohat achi women hain mai unko bohat psand krti hon unki bay yehi achi hai k wo jo bolti hain such bolyi hain wohi gr mai rhne wale logon ko psand nhi or aik bat jo thik nhi wo boht zor sai bolti hain. veena boht begairat ldki hai kutttttti hai. wo big boss mai bs ishq lrane aai hoi hai or kush nhi usko to big boss sai jhoote mar mar kr nikal dena chahye…….

  27. dolly buht buht achi lady hai i think big boss ke sabhi members mein wo no 1 hai i love her very much

  28. dolly i hate u
    u r so………………………
    i cant tell
    i hate u u should loose big boss 4 ha ha lol 😛

  29. Dolly bindra is fake woman.veena was right,i feel she is not woman,she must be man or even gay(50/50).she is ugly and stupid.

  30. Dolly u r most hatest woman tu toh aurat ke naam per ek cartoon hi hai tune meri sara khan ki dhajjiyan udhani thi bigboss mein tune kabhi apni shakal dekhi hai kya tera naam tuh dolly bindra ke place per dolly bandria hona chahiye tha

  31. sara khan to ek loose character girl hai jo uper se kuch or aur ander se kuch or sali ne pta ni kiti shadiya ki hai kabhi kis se to kabhi kis se pehle boyfrend banati hai bad mein osi ko bhai bolti hai very bad girl she is a cheap girl paiso ke liye ali ko bhi chor diya, oski asliyat to dolly ji samne lekar ayi hai es ke liye dolly ji very very thanks to u app buht achi ho koi kuch bhi bole app jo boltey ho muh par boltey ho i like that


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