Dolly–Shweta fight in Bigg Boss 4

October 27th, 2010

Yesterday’s episode was full of fireworks, thanks to Dolly! Dolly’s entry has really spiced up the Bigg Boss which was getting all bore like a daily soap.

Dolly also helped us to see the real colours of the people. For first time I saw Rahul in a gossipy mood. The way he supported Dolly to humiliate Shweta was just something unexpected. He said to Dolly “band bajake rakho, mein aapke saath hu”, which means he hates Shweta but was waiting for the right person or right time to attack her. Even Veena was with Dolly against Shweta. Dolly’s entry is paisa vasool for the Bigg Boss, TRP must have gone rocket high.

Shweta and Dolly‘s fight proved that Shweta is not so sharif. The language she used was just very cheap, all that swearing and beep-beep was too much. Despite all the beep-beep from the channel, behen-C was still very clear to hear. Shweta lost her cool and that’s what the Dolly was send in for. Dolly and Channel win!

Actually its all Shweta’s mistake, she should have maintained her distance from Dolly. But no, she served herself in a platter to Dolly, aa bail mujhe maar! Getting bossy and showing her that we are in the house from day one, all back fired. When you know why Dolly is in, than stay away from her….simple as that! But Shweta just did not stop and kept instigated the fight, which resulted in her own loss. Dolly exposed all her secrets!

Manoj Tiwari’s macho personality was all gone fatu during the Dolly-Shweta fight. He looked so worried and lost for words. He too looked scared of Dolly. The way he went to dairy room to consult the Bigg Boss was too childish. It proved that he can only boss people who don’t like to get into an argument with him, like Sameer Soni. But than it was Sameer and Hrishant who helped him out.

People standing against Shweta are Sara, Veena, Dolly and Rahul. She is in deep trouble! Buzz is that Raja Chaudhary the ex hubby of Shweta will enter the house for few weeks. Channel is trying their best to malign her. But why? It is said that Bigg Boss can make and destroy people. Shweta is in bad books of Bigg Boss, again…but why? If anyone can save Shweta is she herself, just keep her mouth shut in front of Dolly is the advice. What will happen when deadly trio of Shweta-Dolly-Raja come face to face….more masala and fights I guess!

At the end of the big fight day, all the boys decided to boycott Dolly. I guess its  not a easy task to boycott such a big mouth and big tummy personality. They all will have to surrender in front of her.

Surrender or Boycott Only time will tell…

Video of Dolly and Shweta big fight

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  1. i loved dolly, she really put soul in BB. till now she has done nothing wrong. sabki band baja di hai usne. dolly u rock. keep going i am with u. all others are having mask on their faces. only Sameer, Seema and dolly are the real ones.

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  3. Dolly bindra is a crazy women, she is just coming to fight in big boss not to play a game..
    i think her husband beat her every day ,, so she is taking out this to other members in big boss,,
    specialy shweta tiwari
    according to me i watch all the big boss season , i live in china
    she can not go to anyone personal life ,, she dont have rights to do ,,before i think dolly was nice lady and good actress ,, now i know she is crazy i hope it will effect my words to her and she became nice to every one.. regards Andy

  4. Very sad to see the episode…Dolly vs Sweta…Dolly vs. Samir fight…Khali touched Samir’s body…Dolly touched Sweta’s body….Very nasty to see the episode…Just opposite INDIAN culture…Don’t show these to outside world….
    Hey BOSS….bring SAMIR back…bring the INDIAN culture back to scene…martyr….sacrifice…true gentleman….

    BRING the culture back………..HEY MAN……

  5. Pls bring Dolly Bindra, with out here – it is waste to watch BIG BOSS NOW…
    some people say – she is shouting ,phyco and everytime she fights …. but is a good human being and kind hearted.. she does her work in a better way(ex: kitchen).
    she speaks truth and say what is happening .

    I accecpt the comments posted by susanne November 23rd, 2010 2:10 pm :

    some has posted these sentense ” Dolly Bindra should be boycott for next 6 month in every public event, and during the same period, as a kind gesture, the house mates of should contribute funds for the mental treatment of Dolly Bindra”
    My Question to all is – why only this to her… as each member in the BIG BOSS has to be boycott , mostly all are linked to earch other…… i hope u r blind to see the seens how they behave( ashmit,veena nd sara). she is the right woman and best.. if she has big mouth, what is the matter – she uses only to fight for right and for herself.

    some has posted these sentense ” She was not using god lang inside Big Boss house and it was really creating problem ” –
    My Question is – u never told u r friends nor used bad words since u r younger age… u r making the people fool. she uses the language when the others are not in sink, she never pings to others matters….

    Reasons to bring her in is –

    1) No charm in the show without her… in BIGBOSS
    2) She was clear , transparent and many more…

    she is the best.

  6. Wow how double standard you are first you insulted Vena and ashmit for calling her a big tummy.Now un this post you are showing you true colours which is actually from past how did u changed your statement thier??


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