Sara Khan with zero credibility and no character

October 28th, 2010

Dolly ka jhatka, hai joro se laga, Sara ko! I was desperately waiting for the episode, where Sara is stripped-off her all so innocent baby image.

She deserve everything that happened to her today. She deserves to be pushed into a corner and left alone. Hrishant was right to call her with zero credibility. Her career bombed before taking off, she is left with nothing. No pops (Ashmit), No credibility, No friends in the house and No Career outside the house. Whatever image she made with her famous bahu character in serial Bidaai, is all she will have to live with for the rest of her life. She looks horrible without makeup.

Sara thought tearing photos of her BF Ali will get Ashmit on her side, well to some extent she did manage to make fool of him. She started loving him in just 10 days, stopped smoking for him and also said “I Love You” to Ashmit. She smoke, drink scotch and love any Tom-Dick and Harry for her convenience, wah re characterless bahu!  Ali is really lucky to have her.

People standing against Sara are Veena, Shweta, Ashmit, Hrishant, Seema, Samir all most all of them. This was second time that Sara had to prove herself innocent and she failed. Nobody in the house trust her anymore. First time she was saved by Veena as she played the peace maker between her and Shweta. But this time even Veena gave up.

Right now Sara is the most hated person in the house. People in the BB house has started showing their faith in Dolly. Dolly will soon rule the house! Ashmit is appointed as captain of the house from this Thursday.

What will happen tomorrow when Salman enter the house, who will he support?

Ali Merchant and Sara Khan already married in 2009 says Sara’s father.

Ali Merchant and Sara Khan getting married in BB house – why?

Sara Khan and Dolly fight Video – 28th October

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  1. […] Sara Khan with zero credibility and no character […]

  2. I cant belive that Sara can go to such cheap stunts. she really has done shame to her reel and real life character. Loved Hrishant and Ashmit when they left her on her own. Waiting for todays episode to see what will happen to Sara now?

  3. She is really not left with anything. Ali will also dump her and Ashmit has already done that. She is such a bitch, we all know she drink and smoke, but she is also a big manipulative.

  4. Sara Khan is eliminated from the house. She is taken to a secret room for three days, from there she can notice all the happenings in the house. Salman has entered the house.

  5. Yes, guys she smokes and drinks. But who are YOU to judge? Shweta, Aanchal, Veena allll drank wine/scoth/whatever samir offered them…as well…ONSCREEN. Plus veena jo itna kuch keh rahi hai, khud to shweta ki buraiyan kar rahi thi…? Come on guys! She’s 21! She’s still growing and learning…You can see the poor girl is insecure..Theyre all like what 30 and stuff? and instead of being mature they’re all being petty anyway…so if they’re behaving like this, why does everybody expect her to behave mature? NOBODY is innocent in this house. Just give her a chance! Dont just apply your prejudice about her drinking and smoking! I agree that’s not our culture, but why is everybody particularly picking on her?

    No offence to anyone, just my opinion..

  6. you seem delighted by the happenings in the house today. Hrishant and other housemates do not believe her because they did not see Dolly saying all the things she said. But audience did. So I am curious how you are doubting Sara’s credibility. Never saw her smoking in the house. This is the first I am hearining about it. How do you know more than the big boss episodes? If there are other links to watch unedited version please share.

  7. sara khan
    what can i say about this whore.she drinks,smokes,wear skimpy clothes has her parent not taught hw to dress.shorts,skimpy clothes.she is only influece by her dickhead boyfriend ali.chee she is disgrace to muslim.bitch.


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