Ali – Sara marriage in Bigg Boss house – Why?

November 4th, 2010

Exactly, why in BB house? We don’t want Veena’s flirt cum Love to be overshadowed by this stupid marriage. For marriages we have Swayamvar and Perfect Bride shows. Bigg Boss should only concentrate on fights and masala. Everything was going perfect till this idiot Ali entered the house and wished to get married on show. He expressed his desire to get married on November 10, as that’s the date on which they started dating each other three years ago. To shock wish was granted by BB, how stupid!

I think Sara is too young to get married, she has live example in front of her – Shweta. She should learn from Shweta’s mistakes and say no for marriage and save us from watching all this sham marriage drama in BB house. Just because your BF feels insecure is not the reason to get married, Sara think about it.

Getting married on show, I guess they are running out of money. Sara, is she over Ashmit? What about all that “I love u Ashmit”, I have stopped smoking for you and other rubbish stuff for him. Sara is such a manipulative and cheap that when she was confronted by her BF Ali yesterday for her I love U statement, she conveniently denied and said my statement was “I love u as brother”, how cheap! Kabhi bhaiya to kabhi saiyan to kabhi pops, hey bhagwan! When we all saw the way she said it to Ashmit and how she was 24/7 trying her best to get him. Even other housemates where annoyed with her extra caring treatment towards Ashmit. She did not stopped playing games even when she returned from secret room, she lied about her getting the highest ever votes. She’s very good at pointing others for her own mistakes.

When Ali confronted her, she very innocently blamed Sakshi and Shweta for all her misdeeds. I think Ali also somewhere knows that Sara was wrong but poor guy can’t do anything, because Sara is famous and he can not let Sara slip from his chungal.  Ali think he is a big shot, calling rest of the housemates Flop ki toli.

Let Sara and Ali leave the house if they want to bore us with their marriage drama. We are not interested in marriages. We want Dolly – “The love guru” and Veena “The Playgirl”. We only want to see Veena’s love birds Ashmit and Hrishant. She is such a smarty, playing with two boys at same time and place. Only Veena Malik can do this! She had fun with Ashmit under the quilt that night, hugging-kissing everything and than yesterday she said to Dolly that Ashmit is just a friend and that ‘he’ is trying to play with her emotions. What a two-timer!

Poor Ashmit is unaware of the mess he has landed himself in. I wish Salman give him some hints on Friday and save his ass!

Video of Veena and Dolly’s best conversation ever:

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  1. bb4 is scripted.they all bunch of looser.for money they will do anything.veena is a disgrace the way she was giving the massage it was like baby please do it do me.i despretaley need it.sara and ali are beggars.muft mein shaadi kar rahin hai.dolly is unculurted women.she look like she is from the chawl rather than pointing fingers to other people.sameer put her straight that day.continue saying watch your manners!!!!!!!!.honestly they r all idiots.

  2. @ Bulbul – 100% with u. they all r idiots and flop in thier fields. Veena acts like mujare-wali and she proved that by trying to get 2 men at a time in the hosue. she is such a whore! Hrishant shld stay away from her. She can take Ashmit, infact take him to pakistan. poor guy may get some work there atleast. Dolly is such a type that she will drag u to her level and than beat u with her expereince. Sameer really frustrated her that day and she had no words to answer him. Good one Sameer!

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