Sara – Ali already married in 2009

November 10th, 2010

Sara and Ali Merchant are already married, confirmed by Sara’s father. The reason why they hid it from press was to protect their careers. Sara’s father also reiterated that since Sara’s grandmother had just passed away, it was wrong on the young couple’s part to celebrate as they were still in mourning.

Star News is showing all the proofs, photos and nikah-nama that was signed by both. Nikah was done in a low family affair on 10th November 2009 in Mumbai at Ali’s place. So that’s why Sara and Ali wanted to get married on 10th….huh! Sara was living with Ali’s family in Kandivali after nikah. Recently both Ali and Sara have been living in a rented apartment in Lokhandwala.

Whatever happening in Bigg Boss house in the name of marriage is all illegal according to Islam law, they cannot get married again. Everything is falling in place now – why Ali was worried about Sara’s closeness with Ashmit. And why he begged channel to let him enter the house and save his marriage. I think channel knew everything about this and Sara going to a secret room, Ali entering the house, wishing to get marry everything is scripted. Bigg Boss is totally scripted, Rahul was right.

Buzz has it that Ali and Sara have been paid a whopping amount of Rs 50 lakh to get hitched on ‘Bigg Boss’. Moreover, one cannot exactly say whether Ashmit is an innocent victim or not, because the trio Ashmit-Ali-Sara knew each other well and also had a dinner meeting before the show.

How low a channel and its participants can go for TRP’s and attention? Now the question is on other contestants participation and reality, are they all been instructed by BB – what to do and what not to? Is Veena’s love triangle and massages also a set up by BB? Whatever it is, why it’s that always audience is taken for a ride?

Now the question is, what will happen on Friday? Will Salman reveal the secret of Sara and Ali’s secret nikah in front of all other housemates. And if yes, than what will be the reaction of the housemates who wholeheartedly and lovingly took part in this sham marriage. Dolly will have a another big and genuine reason to insult Sara and Ali! Looks like that Dolly’s every day fight and drama is also scripted.

Would love to see the colour changing faces of housemates when they will learn about Sara and Ali’s already husband and wife.

Video of Ali and Sarah’s Marriage

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  1. […] Ali Merchant and Sara Khan already married in 2009 says Sara’s father. […]

  2. sharam aani chahiye duno ko, Haj ke paak mahine mein koi bhi shaadi nahi karta. whatever sara doing in BB house is not acceptable she is not a good muslim.

  3. Ms. Tabu, there is no restrictions on marrying in the month of Hajj. A wedding is itself a very honorable relationship among a male and a female and it is decided on skies that who’ll be your mate/life partner. Actually there is not a single day or month in Islam prohibited to get marry. Please correct your information.

    On the other hand, I agree with you that if both of them (Ali & Sara) were married earlier then this drama should not happen in BB’s house. There is a respect of the relationship and they may have told on channel that they are revealing the truth and it is an announement of the Nikkah which was happened back in 2009.


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