Dolly badnaam hui Shweta tere liye

November 20th, 2010

Loved Salman today, I was waiting for this kind of grilling for the nasty contestants. He made “The great Dolly Bindra” to apologize Samir for her behaviour, mujhe maaf kar do Sam. OMG!! I just couldn’t believe my ears. Remember she said I am the way I am, I will never change myself for anything or anybody in this world and I am always right. What happened to all that Chak de phate and band baja dungi? Bigg Boss has shown her what she was showing to everybody – AUKAT! She was brought to senses by her very own Salman bhai. Dolly will never forget that everyone is capable of band bajao, but civilized and sensible people don’t behave the way she behaves. Welcome to earth Dear Dolly!

Dolly’s crying was total fake, father of the family don’t go around and bash or abuse people. Please cut the crap, you can’t fool people with your crocodile tears. Yeh public hai yeh sab janti hai…! Even Salman was laughing at her for trying hard to get some tears roll down those huge cheeks.

She looked (only looked) very shameful when showed her loud mouthed videos. I am sure the sorry stuff was forced on her by channel to save her and their asses, as there was an outcry on Samir’s untimely exit and blaming him for the fight. A person like Dolly can never change. She shock India by calling herself ek Aurat.

Khali once again proved he is a man with no brain by not raising his hand when Salman asked about Samir’s re-entry in Bigg Boss house. He looked bit angry that time. Khali is in big trouble, India se panga! Actually I think there is a reason of him supporting Dolly. He thinks Dolly can arrange shows for him. He knows he doesn’t stand any chance in Bollywood, so hell with industry wallas and long-live Dolly. He has lost his respect and love from desh.

Samir is and will be a complete gentleman. He is going back in the house as a winner and I wish he wins the show.

Best of luck for second innings in the Bigg Boss house…Samir!

Video of Dolly fake crying

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