Ashmit and Veena gang up against Dolly Bindra

December 22nd, 2010

How dare they? Let’s first start with that “always on sale” Veena, How dare that cheap pole dancer aka bar dancer calls Dolly “gandi aurat and aurat ka cartoon”. Please someone show her the mirror, she herself looks “char jawaan bacho ki maa”. Remember the dance she did on her entry day in the BB house, her wobbly tummy and her cheap facial expressions were so Yuk. Just walking in high heels and dancing like a desperate pole dancer doesn’t give you that slim actress look.

Even our Bollywood item girls are far-far better than her in everything (slim-trim and cultured). So as soon as she is out of BB this Friday, she should pack her bags and leave for her hometown – “Veena bar”. Is her mother a slim lady in her sweet sixteen? We would like to see her pictures and yes, her father’s also as she said her dad has got less big stomach than Dolly. Almost 90% of women in India and Pakistan have big tummies, so what? How dare she call all those mothers “cartoon”? My mom and Salman’s mom have big tummy.

Salman should give her give her right-left and up-down on Friday, all the sides. Make her bruise and then kick her on a plane to Pakistan. Or Shiv Sena should do this. I am sure they will love it! “Jis thali mein 12 hafte khaya usi mein thuk diya”, shame on her! She has to go this Friday, time to show her Aukat and baher ka rasta. Enough of pampering, Salman has to show her what we Indians are. If we love you, we can equally hate you for disrespecting our big tummy lovely ladies. Over to you Salman…

Ok now let’s talk about apna home grown, good for nothing Assmit. His claim to fame – MMS of Riya Sen. He should get a trophy for the most annoying, irritating, arrogant and womaniser contestant of the Bigg Boss till date. Just looking at him shouting and doing those stupid arguments like aurat makes me feel pity at him. He is really a psycho, oh according to him the word is “psychic”. He was no-one before he entered the house and for sure he is in bin after this BB. He needs help, A Rehab may be! He sounds and acts like a loser. Why doesn’t he look around at other men of the house? Today I felt Khali should punch him down 100 times and count only 1. God only knows what is he so proud of? What great things has he done that we are not aware of? Please let us know Assmit…!

Is Ashmit a “Celebrity”??? But one thing is sure, he’s worse than Raja Chaudhary.

PS: Veena offended women’s twice. First when she said “Aurat sirf pyaar karne ki cheez hai, samajne ke nahi” and today when she called big tummy ladies “cartoon”. She has to pay for this!

By the way today’s precap was fantastic, where BB punish Veena for dancing on the dining table.

This time I am on Dolly’s side.

Video of Veena calling Dolly “gandi aurat

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  2. lol, so funny ashmit psycho…. veena slut and dolly rocks


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