Ashmit – Riya Sen MMS in demand again!

October 7th, 2010

We all saw how Ashmit Patel shed some crocodile tears and gained sympathy from the rest of the housemates in the Bigg Boss, when he discussed his very infamous sex MMS clip with them. He tried his best to show that he and his than girlfriend Riya Sen were innocent and that the video leaked somehow. But what he didn’t know or well he did but maintained his innocence, that he confessed the authenticity of the video and the people in it. He said he knows what Riya Sen must have gone through, but didn’t he did that again, sharing the things of past in house in front of cameras and on national TV. He had put Riya Sen again on top of the google search. Now once again everybody is looking for the video on net. Video on the YouTube is tampered, the actual video is a complete nude and only can be found on Forums.

2007 MMS scandal clip of 1 minute 32 second-clip has been renewed and right now, it is grabbing more eyeballs than it did when it first surfaced. All thanks to Ashmit! He was a loser and a jerk at that time and he will always be one.

Titled ‘Riya-Ashmit new MMS scandal’ the clip has been re uploaded on YouTube on October 5 and has amassed a huge number of hits.
Apart from the video, two kissing scenes the pair shared in a movie are also being watched. At last count, there were 126,641 views and rising. It’s not just YouTube where Patel’s past is being discussed.

The clip is being viewed and circulated through mobile phones, porn sites and personal blogs. Those who missed or didn’t watch it the first time around are going to watch and download it. The clip was the 27th most popular search on Google on Wednesday and made around 522,542 views on another popular portal It was also the most discussed topic on a TV forum tracking daily shows.

Ashmit-Riya MMS Clip

Ashmit has also put other housemates in awful situation by discussing his MMS. MTV Splitsvilla Season 2 winner Sakshi Pradhan is also famous for her MMS. She was accused of giving sexual favours to the show’s director as well as Nikhil Chinappa.

She also has a new MMS scandal credited to her name. Sakshi is seen flirting and kissing a guy in the 14-second clip. Interestingly, the clip was leaked a day after her entry in the Bigg Boss house. The MMS apparently shows Sakshi auditioning for a role and is heavily searched for on the web.

In yesterday’s Bigg Boss episode we saw Sakshi is thinking of quitting the show, we all saw her sharing this with other girls of the house. She did not give the reason but we know Darling!

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