Samir Soni did the “Right” thing

November 18th, 2010

I am with Sameer Soni! So what if he’s been evicted for his right behaviour from the house. The show is scripted no-doubt! It’s been proved, all the Ali-Sara marriage drama. Bigg Boss….reality no more!

Whatever happened last night was not good. The way Dolly behaved and instigated the fight, kept testing the patience of all the contestants inside the house was too much. Earlier fights with Ali-Sara, Ashmit and all others involved with Dolly were somewhere fun to watch. But whatever happened yesterday was really pathetic. Dolly crossed all her limits again by picking on Shweta and standing on her face. She even brought her father’s name in the fight – “tere baap ka nahi khati”, when she herself was so hurt when Manoj Tiwari took her father’s name in fight –“Kisike baap ka kitchen nahi hai”. She also called Ashmit 2 lakh, 3 lakh and Sameer a namard. I mean, she don’t have any right to call names to anyone. She wants to rule everyone but cannot see anyone standing against her. Not good, because others all are also humans inside in the house.

We all saw how she would get irritated on small things like – the knife incident and others that I don’t remember now. But yeah she was trying her best to rule the house. No one knows what is between her and Shweta, but insulting Shweta all the time is not justified. She’s a mother of young growing up girl. No doubt Shweta too was abusive and loud, but that’s what happens when you keep pushing a person to the wall. Dolly voted Shweta and made her captain of the house just to have fun on her cost. This shows her mentality and then she blames others for ganging against her. Where as they all were trying their best to stay away from her to keep the house quiet and happy.

The most shocking behaviour yesterday was of Khali, the way he stood up for Dolly and pushed Samir was really shocking. I never expected something like this from him. I thought he is a no-gang member and will try to resolve the matter in a decent manner. And second big shock was when everyone first decided to back Samir and then showed their back to him, blaming him for provoking Dolly. That was shame to blame Samir for standing up for Shweta.

Samir did nothing wrong. He held his head high and walked out of the Bigg Boss house. Any well educated and decent men will do what he did. Samir you have got the backing of all the educated and decent people….so don’t get worried.

Good going Samir….you will be back in the house soon if the show is not scripted!

Video of the big fight between Sameer, Shweta and Dolly

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  2. News is that Samir Soni is going back in the house today. He is a winner! dolly is a bitch…!

  3. I am totally with Samir, he is a gentleman. He should be going back in the house and make them all repent who blame him for the fight.
    Dolly is nobody, just a attention seeker. she can go to any extent for some eyeballs. which she proved during her stay in BB.

  4. Samir is going in house. go samir go and teach all those backstaber and cheaters a lesson. Shweta is not good, teach her a lesson.

  5. Khali’s beaviour was indeed shocking. I do not know what he is doing there? We do not undertsand what he says. He looks like a Dumb Chutiya in the house. He should be chucked out. Samir did everything right and it was a grave mistake on part of BIG BOSS to chuck him out.


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