Big Brother Chanelle’s raunchy night

June 20th, 2007

Girls in the big brother house UK are getting mad and hot. Last night Posh wannabe Chanelle lure Ziggy to be on his good side when the two lovebirds were canoodling in bed. The 19 year-old Chanelle used her womanly charms to get the couple back on track after Ziggy’s attention seemed to be wavering. She whipped off her top when the two were in bed and got closer. cahrlie

On other hand Charlie ‘accidentally’ showed her boob while in the bathtub on Monday night. And last week she went all the way by going topless in the pool.

So I guess the heat is on and everybody is trying their best to be in the game by hook or by crook. Let’s see who goes this Friday?

This week’s nominations are:

SEANY Seany  

So far:
Lesley Brain walked out off big brother and Shabnam Paryani was the first one to get evicted last friday with 81% of votes.
Emily was removed from the house for being racist.

New addition in the house:

Name: Seany O’Kane 25 is a gay.
Name: Gerry Stergiopoulos 31 is also a gay.
Name: Billi Bhatti 25 is sardar. (my fav)
Name: Brian Belo 19.
Name: Liam McGough 22.
Name: Jonathan Durden 49 is a Founder and president of a media agency, he is a millionaire.

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  1. […] Seany and my favourite Billi are evicted… far, Jonathan left because his grandmother passed away and he opts to walk out. […]


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