Friday night Shilpa Shetty with Jonathan Ross

June 15th, 2007

I know we all are fed up of talking about Shilpa Shetty this and Shilpa that, whereas she is making money and we like stupid people are backing her without charging her a penny. I promise to myself that this is last article that I am gonna write on Shilpa. This is last b’cox I was so excited about this show which is called “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross”. Jonathan is famous for making fun, making his guest nervous to shit and talking dirty.

Before I start about the show let me tell you that no matter how much UK denies being not racists, but they are. I was going through TV guide after the show ended and I was stunned to see this (below in bold) that’s how the show was described.


Friday, 15 Jun 2007
10:35pm – 11:35pm (1 Hour)

BBC1 (London)

Hollywood star Rob Lowe talks about his return to the small screen in new US drama Brothers and Sisters, while musician Alex James discusses his autobiography A Bit of a Blur. Celebrity Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty also drops in for a chat. Music is provided by Brazilian band CSS, who perform their latest single Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above.


Shilpa was the first guest on the show (not just drops in for a chat). She was looking stunning in fully covered kurta and chudidar. Talks were about same boring Big Brother house and what happened in there. Jonathan Ross told her that he have seen many bollywood movies of actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan, but he had not seen her in much movies, to which she replied that she has been working in the industry for last 15 years and that she has now cut down her work, rather be quality than quantity. Jonathan tried her best to wind her up, but our so tough shilpa was bang on.

Most funny and embarrassing thing was when Jonathan showed the clips of her from movie “Darna mana hai” (stupid Ram Gopal Verma) where she is horrified of apples. She was very embarrassed after that stupid clip and she said “all the movies I had done and you have to pick this one to show my acting”.

She also spoke about her perfume S2 (S square). S2 stands for S.S her initials. Jonathan trying to be naughty with her, asked her “do you spray perfume all over your body, every bit of your body”? Shilpa just laughed it off.

Watch the Whole Episode – Part 1

Watch the Whole Episode – Part 2

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  1. you are right, we should stop supporting her unless she don’t pay us…lol

  2. can u tell me where can i find video of this episode?

  3. oh gosh sheetal aunty wat do we do with u? u r making a big deal out of nothing.. typical indian… ok its intresting and funny but nothign 2 do with racism lol

    sheetal says – – – “Before I start about the show let me tell you that no matter how much UK denies being not racists, but they are. I was going through TV guide after the show ended and I was stunned to see this (below in bold) that’s how the show was described” – – – –

    sheetal CALMMM DOWNNNN!

  4. Jyoti: come on man, you know what i mean, u saw the episode what do u think? was she a proper guest or just drop in for a chat? and don’t tell me that BBC by mistake had wrote that.
    Well I am proud to be Indian for sure (typical Indian sometimes).

  5. lol.. sheetal u r crazy woman.. ok i am hungry now love u x

  6. l saw the show,Shilpa did not just drop it,she was in the guess list.She was awesome there and both herself and Jonathan was very funny.She looks sooo beautiful as always. l fell in love with Shilpa after watching her from BB.l just want to corect you, alot of people out there love Shilpa so very much and alot of people in UK is not fed up with her,you might be but that doesn’t means any of her fans are,please be careful with your words,you are upsetting so many of Shilpa’s fans and the people adores her

  7. Andy: You should read all the articles that I have written on Shilpa (especially the IIFA one) and then decide if I can upset Shilpa’s fan or not. In all my articles Shilpa is the best, I have seen Shilpa grow, from her first movie. I know people all over the world love her. As a fan and writer I have all the rights to express my views.

  8. Let’s get one thing straight.. Shilpa is nowhere as big in the world of Bollywood as we might be led to believe. She obviously only did BB in order to raise her profile, but she never admits to it in interviews, but instead comes out with some bull about her reasons for doing it. I think Rossy actually showed those clips just to show everyone what kind of “actress” she is, particularily as she only did the show the hawk her new perfume.

    How old is she – 31/32? That is way past the prime by Bollywood standards. Move over Shilpa, let the new breed shine.

  9. You are stupid lol.. I cannot believe you think that’s racist, you dumbass. LOL Im a British Indian and this episode was brilliant!That my love is not racist lmao actually I don’t know what to say LOL you are ridiculous.

    It is light comedy, our comedy is different to your comedy DUH. that’s common sense. The way you were saying ‘out of all my movies bla bla bla’ she didn’t say it like that, she got the joke MATE! Hollywood/British films completely contradict Bollywood films in all factors. Therefore, the clip from the show was just an example as a joke EVEN SHILPA SHETTY KNEW THAT, SHE WAS BEING INTERVIEWED NOT YOU!.

    Sorry, but even I would be embarrassed of that film. I’m not ashamed of ‘being Indian’ or ‘losing my roots’. Im a professional Bollywood dancer so before you say it (I say that cos obviously your mentality is corrupt and of a typical Indian just rearing to create a scene, which you will do after this comment) Bollywood to me is not reality because it is sheer entertainment. Singers in my country (YES, THE UK WOOOOOOOO) are not just voice overs for the likes of another actress to sing over it, they are their own people. Actors are different people to singers, unlike in India singers are just back-ups for actors. It is all different, that is why we think it’s quite silly. A Western film would be depressing to you darling, as there is no unnecessary dancing however an Indian would be perfect as you have been fed that by the industry all your life whilst we haven’t. When we do watch Indian films, we get happy cos we can CUT AWAY FROM REALITY.

    So yes, back to my point LMFAO. *fucking essay* That clip is pretty silly with all the background music and some dodgy apple storyline LOLOLOLOL. I was born in India, but my father lives here therefore I came at 7months and I will hold up and say you cannot eliminate Racism, it happens but the UK is not Racist. Infact, we need Racism in some cases as it is the only way people will be interested in other cultures.

    Sorry about the essay, a bit silly but whoever you are. Fix up cos you are too too quick to judge, i dont write an essay for no reason. YOU JUST PISSED ME OFF.! :)

    Bye 😛 xxxxxxx

  10. […] profile but I think her priorities were different. It was hard enough persuading her to go on the Jonathan Ross show. I had set up a meeting for her with Simon Cowell, which she didn’t seem interested in […]


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