Nach Baliye 3 – Final 10 jodis

August 23rd, 2007

Alright! The sizzling 10 jodis of this years Nach baliye are finalized and announced and they all are looking gorgeous.

Pooja Bedi and her toy boy Hanif Hilal I guess are just participating for fun, as they should know they don’t stand any chance of surviving in front of Rakhi and Kashmera. I guess the Nach Baliye team couldn’t find a fresh couple for jodi no.10 place, so they picked flop couple of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa.

Nach Baliye 3 Elimination

1st Elimination : Kiran Janjani – Ritu Janjani – [Ritu forgot her steps]
2nd Elimination : Shakti Kapoor – Shivangi Kapoor – [didn’t perform as Shivangi wasn’t well]
3rd Elimination : Vikas Sethi – Amita Sethi -[Inspite of scoring more than Karan Patel in all rounds]
4th Elimination : Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik -[Performance was definitely not upto mark]
5th Elimination : Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal -[would like to see them again through wild card]
6th Elimination : Kashmira Shah and Krishna Abhishek -[inspite of scoring full marks]

Another shock is Shakti Kapoor and his daughter wife Shivangi. I don’t know how she lives with Shakti Kapoor, she is too good for him and also looks too young.

Well! I am only interested in two “Cats” of bollywood and television, Rakhi Sawant and Kashmira Shah. From the look of video of Nach Baliye 3, the show will be rocking and steamy hot this year. Rakhi Sawant has removed her silicon implants for Nach Baliye 3.
She said, “The implants tend to bounce if one dances very hard. Six months after the show, I’ll get them back” (how convenient). This is what called “putting your body and soul in the show”.

Nach Baliye 3 is slated to kick off in September-end on Star One Star Plus. The show is likely to launch on the same day as Sony’s second season of Jhalak Dikhla Ja.

Jodi No. 1
Shweta Keswani and Alex O’ Neil

Choreographer: Padmini has been in the industry for 15 years and has done ad films stage show and films.
Jodi No. 2
Karan Patel and Amita Chandekar

Choreographer: Sanjay is a talented choreographer has handled various stage and TV shows. He had assisted Ganesh Hegde for two years.
Jodi No. 3
Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi

Choreographer: Pratap Shetty is trained in various dance forms, and assisted in films like Devdas and Saawariya.
Jodi No. 4
Shakti Kapoor and Shivangi Kapoor

Choreographer: Sylvester has assisted Ganesh Hegde and Bosco-Caeser. He has choreographed over 100 shows in India and abroad.
Jodi No. 5
Vikas Sethi and Amita Sethi

Choreographer: Khalsa has been in this business for 10 years. He has been a part of Farah Khan’s dance troupe, and has assisted her as well.
Jodi No. 6
Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik

Choregrapher: Rajeev started off as an assistant to Ganesh Acharya and Bhushan for films like Zubeida, Devdas and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.
Jodi No. 7
Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh

Choreographers: Arun and Chetan are trained in various dance forms.
Jodi No. 8
Kashmira Shah and Krishna Abhishek

Choreographers: Raju and Shabana have assisted Saroj Khan, and have worked on many films and music videos.
Jodi No. 9
Kiran Janjani and Ritu Janjani

Choreographer: Sownya is trained in jazz, techno and Punjabi pop.
Jodi No. 10
Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal

Choreographer: Sumit Nagdev is the youngest choregographer, going to be 21 in December

Introduction Video of Nach Baliye 3


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  2. thank you for your harsh comments. it is said what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger…..
    it is also said that opinions are like assholes…. every one has one!!!

    keep watching.
    Pooja Bedi

    P.s. I’ll make it without your votes. watch out!!! :-)

  3. hey people! its merely a competetion between the stars we admire on the screen. Dont you think we should learn to enjoy it in a healthy way rather than criticizing the judges or the participants. Agreed that Every one has got his or her own opinion to share with the world but that doesnt mean you start speaking “just anythig”!!! Please lets just sit back n enjoy their performace(s)

  4. I think Hanif Hilal is a damn good dancer. Pooja Bedi may not be as good but hey in Nach Baliye two even Hussein’s wife was not good but she improved a hell lot and eventually they won so.. I think through this show, Pooja Bedi will definitely come out as a better dancer and hopefully the winner too.

  5. shweta is a damn good dancer and of course a very good actress as well i rather doubt alex but i know shweta shall make it out best of luck to both of you may this jodi no. 1 grab the no.1 position as well

  6. rakhi and abhishek rocks!!!!

  7. Jodi No.1….I think Sweta & Alex are novel Jodi…Alex is American…We must see that it lasts till the last round…American dancing to Bollywood beats…Unheard of realy…Even in Bride & prejudice the Amrican in the movie did not dance to the Aishwarya & Bollywood tunes. It shall be hilarious..unheard of ….strange couple…Sweta is too good a dancer…She shall support Alex..Even the Choreographer is extremely talented..Moneys worth…Even Bush countrymen shall be watching the show with interest..Judges beware

  8. i love nach baliye but i hate rakhi

  9. Rakhi and Abhishek really rocks…. nach baliye 3 HIGH TRP credit goes to both of them…

  10. IM sure that this season of nach baliye…will rock like heaven….Im very very xcited u see….bcoz here comesss RAKHI & ABHISHAKE…..they rock…they are a great dancers…no 1 can beat them….they will surely set the stage on fire….!!!
    i luv u both….will surely support u…my votes are only for uuuuuuuuu……..ALL THE BEST!!!!
    will pray for u….!!!!

  11. Must Watch…….bcoz of RAKHI & ABHISHAKE.!!!!
    u both rock votes are 100% for u..!!

  12. i luv nach rocks….
    really excited 2 watch nach baliye 3…
    well this time the trophy will definately will go to rakhi and abishek…
    wish them all the best!!

  13. Hi,
    I love nach baliye very much.this is my favourvite show.this time finalist are not so gud in the comparison of nach baliye(2).the juries were also very talented of nach baliye(2).at this time Rakhi and Kashmira are the gud contestant.

  14. jodi no. 5 or 6 or 7 should become nach baliye3 jodi

  15. i love nach baliye……….
    n i know that nach baliye 3 will rock………
    i think aamir ali will win because he is sweet,smart n good dancer……

  16. i want to know the 3 judges of nach baliye.

  17. Tina:

    Judges are: Vaibhavi Merchant, David Dhawan and Ishaa Koppikar.

    Host: Hussain and Tina, winner of Nach Baliye 2

  18. we wish sanjeeda sheikh best of luck,2hold d no 1 position!!!!!!!!!!!put all your efforts!……….

  19. well i luv nach baliye n thnx 4 star plus for entertaing n makin us to watch fav program 4 the third time..very happy to see nach baliye wid new..judges,hosts..d only 1 thing i hate is…KASHMIRA N I LUV TOO HATE HER…

  20. well i luv nach baliye n thnx 4 star plus for entertaing n makin us to watch fav program 4 the third time..very happy to see nach baliye wid new..judges,hosts..d only 1 thing i hate is…KASHMIRA N I LUV TOO HATE HER…bas rest everythin perfect…

  21. just watched the Nach Baliye 3

    Rakhi Sawant as usual, won’t change. She is a great entertainer.

    Even though Kashmira and Krishna got the 30 points but I think it is long way for them, I was impressed by Krishna but not Kashmira.

    Shakti Kapoor – He was looking very energetic as compare to his age.

    Pooja Bedi – She was looking good and also have an advantage of experience (Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa). Be ready to prove your point. I don’t think they need choregrapher as Hanif himself is choregrapher.

    Kiran Janjani – Ready to go next week.

    Loved the Zinda dilli of David Dhawan. Vaibhavi Merchant is trying her best to take the position Saroj, we will need to wait and see if she can earn the respect from contestant what Saroj had. Ishaa Koppikar is OK, I won’t throw much comment on her.

  22. […] long way to go, but Hanif was too good. I will wait for your good performance, like you said in the comment left for me. Didn’t like your muhfat attitude, you shouldn’t have criticized your sacked […]

  23. I like Sanjida.She is so sweet but Rakhi & Kashmira disgusting.

  24. […] you want to know more about these couples, then refer to these links (Rediff, Link 2, Wikipedia (full details about all 3 […]


  26. i have to send my dance cd to dance with juhi.plse send the proper address of the post where i have to send my dance cd.
    plse hurry up…………

  27. Can someone please tell me when nach baliye 3 is coming on in the u.k? thanx x

  28. Anurag:

    Here’s the address:

    Garnier Fructis Presents Nach Baliye 3,
    C/o Star India Private Limited,
    PO box 37454,
    J B Nagar Post Office,
    Andheri (E)
    Mumbai – 400059.


  29. i wish,may KARAN-AMITA’s jodi win!

  30. karan-amita ,should win!

  31. HI,
    This is Meera,
    i think Sweta & Alex are the best Jodi among all,eventhough Alex is an American ..he danced well on Bollywood music

  32. hey!! iam kiran and i love nach baliye…i think this time the award goes to amir ali and sanjeeda sheikh coz they are good dancers specially sanjeeda

  33. i think that the winnr of nach baliye three is aamir ali and sanjeeda sheikh i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much both

  34. Rakhi has a nice chance to win only d problem with her care damn attitude n overcofident, if taken care of this . I think Rakhi and Abhisekh got possible chance to win.Pooja n Hanif is good too

  35. karan patel u r so bad gya i dont like u ?

  36. it is good but also hurting the hearts of the participants, all the participants are good and I guess the most over confident jodi-rakhi-abhishek can loose the chance at a very single mistake

  37. all jodis are very bad except amir and sanjeeda

  38. I love all jodies except Kashmera.
    I love Rakhi Becoz she is very good dancer & dashing.
    I also love Sanjeeda.

  39. I love Karan’s jodi & Kiran’s jodi.I like there costumes.I like there facing & I love there dancing.I hate Kashmera.

  40. i bet it will be amir and sanjeeda….awesome performance! hope they make it till end and win this !! others are pretty sad! no one even rakhi doesnt match up with them …

  41. u r next nach baliye ameer and sanjeeda all becoz of ur good perfomence

  42. What’s the name of the song that Pooja and Hanif danced too? Please tell me!

    Oh man that was an awesome dance! And the costumes and song choice went very well with their dance.

  43. Ruby: check this link Week 2 Report of Nach Baliye 3, and you will get all the information.

  44. hi…guys u all rock…d show is gr8…but i want 2 leave my msg especially 4 Karan n Amita….dey rock…i luv dem both…n want 2 c dem till d end of d show…so cum on guys u both can do it…

  45. Sheetal, thanks a lot!



  48. I think best dancer is Sweta Keswani. Just compare Pooja with Sweta! Poojas dance poses were stills not dances. Look at Swetas Dance Mudras they are fast and perfect. Look at her body language and finger movements. pooja is no where near to her. Judges are naive and biased. So please filter out the biased hype. They shall always give the best scores to the vested paties and not the talent. Judges should not be called the judges but hype creator.

  49. hi…i love nach baliye………. karan grover is so cute… and i love him…he is a non-dancer but he will improve it… i love to see them in nach baliye… they r my fav jodi.. all the best to karan and kavita…



  52. It is very sad to see that all the comments from Muslims are for Aamir and Sanjeeda ( some are filtering to Hanif as well but with a note that Pooja Bedi is not good)

    Aamir-Sanjeeda are good dancers but it doesn’t mean other are bad. Check the comments of Faiza, full of hatred. Author should stop further comments from Faiza because she keeps on repeating the same comments.

    Aamir and Sanjeeda lacks X Factor, which other couples like Rakhi Sawant, Kashmira Shah and Pooja Bedi have got.

    I would like Rakhi Sawant and Pooja Bedi to come in the Final

  53. sanjeeda is much better dancer thn pooja bedi..pooja lost in the very early episodes of jhalak dikhla ja on sony last year wid very poor votes..i think shell b goin away again..saaaaaaaad pooja…juss try 2 sit back n take some dancin clases n thn compete..good luck

  54. karan and amita rocks i think they should won.

  55. i think ritu is very cute and hardworking kiran is hot thet both look good together.i hope and pray they win…………

  56. ritu is hot too i hope you win i want to dance with you

  57. ritu is hot too

  58. i think kiran and ritu should be given a chance.they have become our heros want to see them win i will pray for them.ritu show the world

  59. kiran and ritu we know u have it.people please vote for them i love you both when i saw u cry i my mom every one in my house cried.come back with the bang we are with you rock the are the winner of nach baliye 3

  60. karan kavita u r the best ‘hope’.rakhi is good but over confident. which films song is rustak dil ?

  61. which films song is rustak dil ?

  62. karan kavita u r the best

  63. with no surprise rakhi had suceeded in entertaining the people to her best..and this time truely with her talent..rakhi truely love ur performance…..
    sanjeeda…well had never seen a dancer like u…You deserve to be in the show…..
    sweta…sorry but love alex more than u…he is just too cute…lol
    love all the jodis…
    but still emotional fav is jodi no 10…Hanif and Pooja..
    haneef wld give u “muaah” and Pooja dd must say “GOOD CHOICE” no matter u win or loose…u two rock….jus do ur best….God Bless u both…

  64. hi raki n group u guys rock. i enjoy ur dance. u guys r kool. but there r two more jodi, jodi no.7 and 8. sanjeeda m learnin some steps from u. raki ur performance was dhamaal apne to kamaal kar diya. jodi no. 8 awesome. al the jodi ur guys rock. i have to say this that this years it is goin to be a tough challenge. jodi no 10 u r great. all the best to everyone. i cant vote for u guyz coz i live in fiji. wish i was in india

  65. i am fond off jodi no.07 sanjeeda and aamir ali they r fabulous and hav attitude as well as spirit of dance in their performance so i a request u all 2 plz VOTE 4R JODI NO. 07 AND MAKE THEM WINNER AFTER Sachin-supriya,and Hussain-Tina plz plz plz all the members vote 4r them bcoz they r the best WATCH IT!!!BEST OF LUCK AAMIR AND SANJEEDA###

  66. Nach Baliye……..Rocks!!!! But i dont like Jugies!Previous jugies which is saroj Khan, Kunal & Malaeka, we want that type of jugiesss,, please consider!!! My wishes with all of the Joris!

  67. I think Saleem & anarkali did not dance so well, even their song was a old hit. Out of all the Jodis, they appeared Thanda Jodi. but still managed good scores from the judges. Judges think people are fools!They even commented, how people vote? Judges, please do your job well….otherwise we have remote control…when you speak we shall turn off our TV….We want to have our independent views.

  68. you can see my name “AAMIR’S FAN” who else can i speak about besides Aamir himself. I completely adore him, that innocent yet naughty look. He is good dancer and so far he has been consistant with his performance…never thought he could dance so well…haha keep up the good work!!!! cheers!!!

  69. Today Aamir and Sanjeeda were marvellous in touch-baliye round they wre better than the best and their choreographer but i am pissed off with judge David Dhavan why did he cut 1 mark of them he is not a good judge he did not make them highest scorer of the week tooo –sad butPLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR JODI NO-07 TYPE NACH 06 AND SEND IT TO 57827 PLZ PLZ PLZi wana see them as the winner plz friends do the justice to the real deserver and not the artificial one’s………


  71. i realy love nach balye just because of robbie/karan patel.if hell be aliminated i will stop watching nach baliye.i realy love robbie,and i can give any thing to watch him on kasturi and nach baliye.

  72. I am a great fan of Nach Baliye. i like watching the performaces. Quite a few people think Aamir and Sanjeeda are the best. their chreographer has also been praised. But here is the truth.

    I am an NRI and I also watch So u think u can dance season in 2007. It is a show in the US and was impressive as well. Well this couple Amir and Sanjeeda and their chroegraphers are having no originality. They have copied the 2 rounds completely from the US show. the steps with the table and using that effectively was copied from it. At that time Sanjeeda made a comment that they worked together with the chreographers, so they were a part of coping all the steps.
    So there is no originality in their performances. Please do not vote for them. they should be thrown ou tof the competition.


  73. Touch Baliye round….I was not happy to see Pooja Exposing her thighs and Rahi doing a hot number..we see the program with the family…Because of them I am not happy because of my family…Vulgar…Star Plus is sleeping or what!

  74. Sweta danced the best with Alex Week 4…Touch Baliye Round. They entertained us with Sweta costumed like a spanish grape pick up girl..and Alexx like a GI…Both were looking good..Danced well…I wish them well….Rakhi & Pooja should learn a lesson from their costume…Pl. Rakhi & Pooja, do not expose yourself…We like you. We want to see you with our family around.

  75. jodi no 3,5,6,7 or 8 will be the nach baliye i love jodi no 6 and 7

  76. 3 Cheers to Sweta & Alexx for the best performance for the week No.5…Do not worry about the score…We thank you a lot for entertaining us in a sincere and comical way…
    You are the best fusion of East & the west.Our vote for you…to stay till the final..After seeing the performance…God be with you..Losing one of the shoe half way and still continuing speaks volumes about your ability as a Dancer…Show must go on..despite all hardships. It is a lesson for all of us.

  77. Hi..This is my comment to you that rakhi sawant is not good for this show…This show is amazing…Why are you not telling her that get out of this show…This is so right to do for her.Take this comment…Show the public on Aj tak ok…Thank you..I love this show…

  78. Nach baliye is not a bad dance show at all. its only that some of the participant are too pathetic.. one of them is rakhi and kashmera… they have no elegance at all.. i hate when rakhi does her natak after every perfomance of her ” mere chawal chordiya” ” ye step mushkil tha” and the worst ” gesus and ganpati.. haha she is a top clown..

  79. I agree with Rabab. Nach Baliye is a great show because of sophisticated Jodi No. 1. They are polished in behaviour and bubly. The energy level in them is tremendous. They do not indulge in cheap publicity unlike Rakhi & Abhishek. Abhishek looks mascular & style vulgar.

  80. nach baliye is not bad show but you should take stupid people out of that show please because some are sucks…so you do that then it’s bad for you…if you don’t get that then tell me again I will tell you again

  81. I love Rakhi and Abhisekh dance.
    You are winner of Nach Baliye 3

  82. […] I have something very special to share with all my readers. On 16th I received a comment from someone called Ganpat: […]

  83. aamir ali malik rocks so totally i love him. But i can’t watch nach baliye 3 cuz in canada we don’t have nach baliye. I have heard its a really good show. I wanna watch it so badly. Go aamir and sanjeeda wooooo! i luv ya aamir byes

  84. i wish karan patel wins but he will jus lose his goal coz of her dumb partner anyway rakhi and abhishek are also good but i luv watchinh amir and sanjeeda and i think karan and amita are improving day by day as the danced very well in the fifth round i luv karan 4 his dashing personality may my jan wins

  85. i hate kashimra ..i dnt want that she won nach baliye….rakhi -abhishek u both r too gud….best of luck..

  86. Week 5 Elimination Pooja & Hanif were neck to neck for elimination with Sweta & Alexx.

  87. Sorry it is week 6 Pooja & Hanif are eliminated. They were necn to neck with Sweta & Alexx. Ultimately energy level won.

  88. I just want say that Pooja-Hanif should not get that much scores that the judges are giving.

  89. I just want say that Rakhi-Abhishek should not get that much scores that the judges are giving.

  90. Sweta sizzles as per official rating. The following are the sizzle & fizzle ratings of a women on Nach Baliye3

    1- Sweta Keswani..6.21
    3-Ishaa Kopikar…5.33
    4-Vaibhavi Merchant…4.51
    6- Rakhi…3.64
    7- Amita……3.33
    8- Kasmeera…3.18
    David particularly shall note who is fizzling & who is sizzling

  91. I am not at all surprised that sweta tops in popularity. It should be an eye opener for all those who blindly follow Rakhi. This reminds me “onchi dukan phika pakwan” judges can not differentiate good dancing from the acrobatics which Rakhi & Abhishek indulged in.

  92. […] to say I am shocked, yeah of-course I am! Well, I should have listen to my khabru and reader “Ganpat”, he did said Pooja and Hanif are out and that they were neck to neck with Sweta & Alexx. And […]

  93. hi
    i want kiran and ritu to win.guys please vote for them they must come back in wild card.i will pray that you both should win

  94. hi,
    my fav are kiran ritu,u both r v just need lorg ganesha’s blesings we are with you.

  95. khuda kare ki aap jeete.humare duaye apke saath hai.

  96. kiran you are v good looking.and a good whole building loved the way u supported ur wife.god bless u.
    we will vote for u,

  97. hey we are very excited and happy to perform for wild card.Your support and good wishes gives us more energy 2 give you all a good show.Pray for us.
    kiran and Ritu

  98. thanx for saving d most handsome guy alex n d most beautiful girl shweta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Hey guys! please vote for amir and sanjeeda…they are the cutest couple in NB 3…and they r working very hard and please let them win the NB 3…Rakhi and abhishekh are also gud but rakhi really overact and impress judges…the truth is that they copied the skills by NB 1 & 2 and thier choreographer is not good..but Amir and Sanjeeda r so sweet…they always don’t overact or impress judges by something…they are very innocent,faithful,respectful,honest,sweet,well mannered couple and the concept of their song is always sweet or interesting…they r like Hussain & Tina…their choreographers r very good…If you want this sweet JODI#10 to win…you cannot just post topics or polls to make Sanjeeda & Aamir the winners of NB 3…you have to vote them…if you want them to be very happy and give them a reward for their sweetness…you should vote them and by the way rakhi and abhishek r very sly couple but amir & sanjeeda are sweet and have to vote them to give them a reward for their couple and to tell that u all r a big fan of them…you should vote them by:




  100. Hat off to Vaibhavi…. On a simple question, which concerns we the viewers as well as the participants, by a contestant, She went overboard and wished that the contestant took her seat as a judge. Any person shall do a better job then her. First she gives score without any basis. She has not set any norms for giving the scores. When questioned the scores are not consistent with the comments, judges make, instead of replying with honesty and integrity required of a judge, She went overboard and has started maligning a contestant to defend her foul unparliamentary remark as well as her marks and comments.
    Those of us who view the program and the web…there are many letters written about the bias of the judges. The fact is that they neither view the performances with an angle to do constructive criticism, nor are interested in improving the program. They are interested in giving the comments and marks by just their name or seeing their faces. They before hand before performance decide whom to give how many points. Then they defend their actions.
    Why not simply answer the question rather than start mud slinging. Vaibhavi all the contestants have been entertaining us for the last six weeks. You owe the a lot to them. You are there because they are there. If they are not there, you wont be there. You owe an apology to Puja for your outburst.
    Fact of the matter is you asked a question to Puja about the act & she answered it with childlike innocence. When it stood out that you did not understand their act/choreography that any under 12 years would understand that it is about love between two warring nations. I have started doubting that you do not have the IQ equivalent to a child under 12. Do you know the meaning of LOC. If you knew what LOC stands for, the act/choreography would have been crystal clear to you. Who asked you that the act is not clear? It was your guilt, that you did not understand such a beautiful message, that you went overboard, how silly of you to have missed such a simple message. You are the whose performance is under 5 not theirs. Even under 5 is again is much above the the number you deserve
    A well wisher of Nach Baliye 3.

  101. Official Sizzle Ratings of Nach Baliye 3
    Date 26/10/2007
    Time 5.00 PM

    The Ratings are
    Isha Kopikar 4.81
    Vaibhavi 4.11
    Vidya Balan 4.59

    Rakhi Sawant 3.30
    Abhishek Awasthi 3.31

    Sanjida Sheikh 5.27
    Aamir Ali 5.39

    Sweta Keswani 6.66
    Alexx O’Neil 6.23

    Kashmeera Shah 3.00
    Krushna Abhishek 3.38

    Kavita Kaushik 3.82
    Karan Grover 3.85

    Pooja Bhatt 3.31
    Hanif 3.97

    Amita Chandekar 3.04
    Karan Patel 3.89

  102. The Inside Story Of Nach Baliye 3!
    After the Puja – Hanif & Vibhavi Debacle on Star Plus…Where Puja looked so dignified and Vaibhavi a Psycho. Inside stories are petering out. one spy says that first they decide whom to eliminate before the Performances start, & then give the comments or Scores accordingly. They are not based on comments. They not based on scores. They are not according to votes polled. So you guys who are voting, pl. do not vote. It is waste of effort as well as money.

  103. sanjida & aamir danced to lagan song..Radha Kyon Na Jale…A master piece dance created by Aamir Khan & Gracy Singh..In Lagan the team work was perfect like computer..and what a dance….In Nach baliye I saw it a poor copy…No jealousy is felt in Sanjida…Aamir was dull & vying his time…Still got perfect 10 Why?

  104. aamir n sanjida rocks….dey r d cutest couple…plz vote 4 dem…Allex is a cool guy…who is tryng his labour best 2 dance..n ve succeeded too…Rakhi is d perfect entertainer…bt her overactng irritates us…bt c is av gud dancer..Vikash n Amita were really gud n we expect dem through wild card…I think Davidji is a bad judge…

  105. I think David is not only a bad judge…he is a bad person…He never promoted his brothers Anil Dhawan etc. How can he be the mentor of Puja & Hanif. Puja asked his mentor David for help before elimination, & surprisingly he washed his hands off by saying that your future is in the hands of Vaibhavi & Ishha!
    Both are younger than Puja and surely they could not stand tall in front of Puja. Puja is too tall a personality than Ishaa, Vaibhavi or David.That is the story of Pujas elimination. Whole world knew that she shall be eliminated except the judges!

  106. Judges walk out of the show Nach Baliye – 3. Sensational. Davids Mentor Krushna & cashmeera ousted. Again the judges blmed Sweta & Alexx for the ouster. Last week too all the judges intended to oust Sweta & Alexx. Peoples power wins. Vaibhavi should resign now for speaking ill of the surviving Jodi no. 1. Vaibhavi Pagal hai. Public ko bachao us se.

  107. Ishaa Aur vaibhavi Pagala gayin HAI KYA? Nothing gr8, if Cashmeera & Krisna are eliminated. Star Plus have shown to Vaibhavi, Ishaa and David with one master stroke that they are the boss. The judges are mere Kath Baliye. Kath Putlis. Woh bahut udti phir rahin thi. Unke pankh kat diye star Plus ne.

  108. jodi no 7 do u’re best. i wish and pray u’ll win. all the very best

  109. aamir u r the best in the show may u win and even sanjeeda is best dancer amongst all. all the best.aamir if possible camo back 2 woh rehne waali mehlon ki after wining the trophy.god bless u and u’re jodi. 7 is lucky no so u’ll win.all the very best

  110. Is ishaa or for that matter Vaibhavi Gods! They are insulting the celebrities, who have entertained us & entertaining us on small screen for a long long time. The 10 Jodis have more popularity than any of the judges. David Dhawan…makes silly movies(Not funny). Ishaa has done a Khallas item..otherwise she is not in the news…Did you hear Vaibhavi before she came to be judge of Nach Baliye3. She thinks she has a licence to insult the celebs. What is seen on the tv screen is the tip of the iceberg. On the sets and rehearsals she behaves like a pagal…insulting the celebs, Choreographer. How star plus is put up with her is a million dollar question! According to me she is a liability on Nach Baliye 3. Earlier she goes out the performance of all the Jodis shall improve. Who would be able to give her best, when he or she is criticized for no fault. They give perfect 10 to select few like Kashmeera & Krushna so that they are not eliminated even when the public do not vote for them. But in week 7, despite getting perfect 10…they are eliminated…Star plus may be seen the game the judges are playing…Vaibhavi & ishaa should learn that they are nothing & big Zero without their Zodis. So donot create discord among them. Be nice to talk to them. Do not retort or yell at them. It is high time Jodis walk out off the show.

  111. Is ishaa or for that matter Vaibhavi Gods! They are insulting the celebrities, who have entertained us & entertaining us on small screen for a long long time. The 10 Jodis have more popularity than any of the judges. david Dhavan…makes silly movies(Not funny). Ishaa has done a Khallas item..otherwise she is not in the news…Did you hear Vaibhavi before she came to be judge of Nach Baliye3. She thinks she has a licence to insult the ceelebs. What is see on the tv screen is the tip of the iceberg. On the sets and rehearsals she behaves like a pagal…insulting the celebs, Choreographer. How star plus is put up with her is a million dollar question! According to me she is a liability on NB3. earlier she goes out the performance of all the Jodis shall improve. Who would be able to give her best, when he or she is criticized for no fault. They give perfect 10 to select few like Kashmeera & Krushna so that they are not eliminated even when the public do not vote for them. But in week 7, despite getting perfect 10…they are eliminated…Star plus may be seen the game the judges are playing…Vaibhavi & ishaa should learn that they are nothing & big Zero without their Zodis. So donot create discord among them. Be nice to talk to them. Do not retort or yell at them. It is high time Jodis walk out off the show.

  112. […] Ganpat says: […]

  113. Alexx impresses Farah Khan

    Farah Khan and Deepika Padukone will be on Nach Baliye this Friday promoting their Diwali release – On Shanti Om. The jodis were expected to dance on songs originally picturised on Shah Rukh Khan and choreographed by Farah Khan. The choreographer turned director, Farah, had also given each of the jodis a prop to incorporate in their act.

    At the end of jodi no. 1’s act, Farah Khan was completely floored by Alexx and Sweta’s performance. She was especially impressed by Alexx and told him that “if I was still a choreographer I would have you as my next item boy!”

    Alexx says the episode was very emotional for him and is ecstatic with Farah’s comments. “Farah’s comments were amazing. She is someone who is an inspiration for me. After having been a phenomenal choreographer she has now become a director. So for me to hear such nice things from some one like her is a brilliant thing!”

    The dancer says that meeting Farah was something he was looking forward to. “Her first film Main Hoon Na is one of my favourite. I saw it on a plane on my first trip to India and this was the first time I had seen anything remotely connected to Bollywood. And so it was nice to meet her finally!”

    “And then when she spoke to me personally it was awesome. It makes you feel nice that your hard work is paying off. Farah knows what she is talking about and whenever you get personal comments from people that you know professionally it feels good. I really appreciate it coming from her as for someone like me who is coming in as an outsider a compliment from someone so well established is great!” signs off Alexx. Harshita Kohli, Hill Road Media
    Tuesday, October 30, 2007

  114. hi
    i just want kiran ritu jodi no 9 back in the show.there is ni update on them waiting to see there performance in the wild card.will sit with fingers crossed.
    also vote for them,they will add new ness in the show sick of seeing kashmeera,rakhi,sanjeeda,sheweta and her firang,karan and her dummmmmmm partener dont wana see vikas and her artificial wife not to mention shakti kapoor poja bedi no wayyyyyyyy.please guys lets get kiran and ritu back

  115. kiran and ritu just wana say loved both of you please tell when can we see you back when is the wild card show :)

  116. my favourite couple is sweta & alex

  117. Dear Ashu,
    Week 7 you shall see 5 jodis performing & Elimination of one Jodi That is Kashmira & Krusna. Week 8, Friday you shall see 4 jodis performing & no elimination. Week 8 again on Saturday you shall see six eliminated Jodis performing for two wild card entries. Week 9 shall be performed by 4 Jodis + two eliminated Jodis. In all 6 jodis in week 9 with one elimination.

  118. My favourite Jodi is Jodi No.1. I support the underdogs. Chakde Phate Alexx & Oneil. This is your time. We shall all vote for you.

  119. My favourite Jodi is Jodi No.1. I support the underdogs. Chakde Phate Alexx & Oneil. This is your time. We shall all vote for you.

  120. First of all the judges shuld understand that everything is not in their hands.
    Kashmeera and Krushna are out before alexx and swetha. Its really great to hear that. Everybody knows that (except the judges) Alex and Swetha are always underrated. I would sincerely request everyone in the forum to vote for the eligible jodi. Please dont underrate Alex and swetha just becos the stupid judges are not giving marks for them.

    Public dont like Kash/ Krus; that is evident form the elimination. Kashmeera is asking it seems why the public didnt vote for her – no one likes their jodi – she tjhinks that everyone is her fan – nobody voted for them for their performance becos the viewers are not blind thankfully as the judges

  121. i think amir and sanjeda are the best jodi

  122. i think amir and sanjeda are the best jodi

  123. He is Amir Ali & she is Sanjida Sheikh. They are good but still I shall rate Sweta Keswani & Alexx Oneil much above them. People do not like that one of the judges is siding openly with them. People rejected “Chacha Bhatija wad” by ousting Krusna & Kashmira. Now the tide shall turn against Ishaa, sanjida & amir..since they are promoting the same sycophancy..Chamchagiri by Ishaa…By giving Papis & Japis…It seems Ishaa has not seen dances…Best is still to come.

  124. Chak De Alexx & Sweta. We loved your Jogi…Performance on this Friday 2/11/2007. We were delighted to see your powerful, clean, graceful, meticulous dance. God be with you. ‘Tusi te bahut great ho’. I have already voted for you Sweta & Alexx. Thanks for your hardwork. It is for us. We shall rememer all your dances for long long time to com.

  125. Papi & Japhi Ishaa Kopikar did not do papi or Japhi to Sanjida or Aamir on this Friday. Why..the performance was thanda..the choreography…do not know what they were doing with those lovely balloons. The balloons danced better than Sanjida & Aamir. Vaibhavi did not question about the shoreography…unlike at the time of Puja..when she did not understand…the simple message of love across LOC. Vaibhavi & Ishaa are two cunning foxes waiting to pounce on Jodis who try to question their wisdom! Hats off to Star Plus, Poojas really byte for very nice. Star Plus has converted the discussions of wisdom of judges to open war between Puja & Rakhi. Rakhi is a fool. I find Puja not agaist rakhi but against the judgement rather wisdom of the judges. They visibly show jealousy against certain couple like Sweta & Alexx.

  126. sanjeda ur the best .
    i love u name is haary . i m 15 years old .ur so beautiful.and u dance very well.

  127. aamir and sanjeda are best and best nach balye3 should be amir and sanjeda

  128. Rakhi – a simple girl?
    She over reacts. She does not understand the true message in the discussion. Even her name taking by anybody..arises suspicion by her. She is good dancer no doubt. But may be she is a simple girl. Steals the show by her innocence, ignorance, foolishness. In short she is a grown up with the mind of a 12 years old. She is like child labour. Other pairs are class apart from her. Look at how the healthy discussion about the wisdom of judges by Puja is turned as a war between Rakhi & Puja. Puja is a nice woman. She has the heart of Gold. She is not against Rakhi but against the wisdom of judges. But because of the judges, clever foxes Vaibhavi & papi & japhi(always to Sanjida & aamir) Ishha, the healthy & relevent discussion about the wisdom(or foolishness) of judges is turned as a war between Rakhi & Puja. This is all due to childish behaviour of Rakhi. She should have sided with Puja not the judges. Tomorrow even she can be out, since her votes are less than that of other participants. Perfect scores by the patisan judges are no guarantee that they can survive the next elimination round. Look at the Jodi of Sweta & Alexx, their performances are far superior to Sanjida & Amir, but are still hanging on despite open jealousy of Vaibhavi & Ishaa towards them. Rakhi please wake up, we like you. But as you rightly said the people use you. In this case you are used to shield the wisdom of Jealous Ishaa & Cunning Vibhavi.

  129. Ganpat 11/4/2007 7:12:44 PM
    Sweta not only Sizzles but is most popular too. INSIDE STORY….Sweta has the maximum votes this week ahead of Amita-Karan, Ahead of Sanjida-Aamir & Raki Abhishek.

  130. I Love you Alexx and Sweta!


    I don’t know how to vote online! but i still vote for Alexx and Sweta from my mobile. I send them and will always send them as much votes as i can. Please tell me how to vote online! pls pls pls!!!!! Sweta-Alexx, if you are reading this, then let me tell you that You Guys are the BEST! You are awesome! I love you very much! i will do everything i can so that you are in the show. i am planning to go to the temple this week to pray for you! Alexx, if and if you are reading this, then let me tell you that you are the BEST! and Sweta if you too are reading this then let me tell you that You are Beautiful!!!! The most b’ful girl in NB-3 is you Sweta!!! I Love you guys a lot a lot a lot!!!! I will vote for you till my death, i wan you to be in the show.. You are very deserving and most of all the best! i am not just saying this, i mean it as well. Look, Sanjeeda-Amir, i dont care for them cos anyways Sanjeeda is a dancer and thats the only reason they are in the show. The same applies to Rakhi-abhishek, Abhishek is a dancer. Dancers toh kahi bhi dance kar lenge, full-too training jo li hain unhoney! What matters is your performance, and to an extent Karan-Amita’s. Guys like you have hidden talent in you which needs to be taken note of, other guys have anyways trained themselves in dancing so they are not even needed here in NB-3, they deserve to be somewhere else, but since they don’t have any work they have been given an opportunity! But you guys (i mean Alexx-Sweta) have already done a great deal of good work, Alexx is smart and classy and Sweta an amazing actress (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Des Mein Niklaa Hogaa chand, etc.), and now is the time to see how you guys are at dancing as well; and you bet, we have seen it and trust me you guys rock!

    So so so Alexx-Sweta let Sanjeeda-Amir and rakhi-Abhishek get lost cos they are trained dancers who are not getting good work n so want to prove themselves here and anyways they dont deserve to be cos they already have dancing capabilities; what they need to show is their other hidden talent somewhere else! Don’t ever worry Aexx-Sweta.. I want you to be confident, i want you to perform the best without worrying about the jobless-freaks-dancing-to-earn-a-living couples!

    Well, i am not an aged aunt saying this, i am an audience, among the audience and India is a democratic country. So i have the right to say and make you believe that you are everyone’s favorite and are the best! Don’t let anything boggle you down, cos there is nothing that would let you to, cos we, the audience are with you, and most of all, God is with You!!!


  131. i think so rakhi and abhishek are very funtastic and aamir sanjeeda are also very good

  132. The Dances Of Sweta & Alexx are full of Life. While the dances of others are like Toys. Mechanical…no life, no up, no down, predictable, boring. When Sweta comes whole atmosphere is electrified. People expect the something unsual. May be the shoe will come off, may be the clothes will come off, may Sweta will gyrate, may be she will do Bhangra…It short we expect from the pair estraordinary dance & plot. May be they will fail, may they shall not di well. Whole atmosphere charges. Thanks to Alexx & Sweta.

  133. Hey Amir & Sanjeeda,

    You are Best

    Love you

  134. What I can write Sanjeeda.

  135. Rakhi very poor

  136. Why do u die on Sweta-Alexx? they are not superhero.Aamir-Sanjeeda are the best jodi i have had ever seen.Rakhi-Abhishek is not that good and should not be given good marks.That is only my reply.

  137. Arish Fatima…You have a closed mind. See beyond Aamir & Sanjida. There is life. There is electric atmosphere when Sweta dances. You are like the judges. Once they are out, you will miss tmem & all the excitement that Sweta & Alexx bring. It is just beyond imagination. May be it is the cultural difference, between Sanjida & Aamir that they dance well but can not bring the excitement so vital for the feeling to be with them. Sweta is life, while Aamir & Sanjida are Physical bodies..No soul…No Feeling..Hope ther can put some life in to their performance.

  138. rakhi you are too good your dances from the first round till now was fabulous keep dancing like this and plz take my name in the show love you always

  139. Ganpat the khabru has the folowing story for its readers
    “I heard in the film city….I would like my fellow beings to read it.
    There were many goof ups, during Swetas performance. She banged head on with Alexx while passing each other. The set designer did not keep enough space so that both can pass each other. She lost her balance & went blank for a few moments. Then she was to have thrown the knife at Alexx during performance. The knife was missing. It dropped on the floor without Sweta realising. It was supposed to be kept at her back. Again she became nervous. But continued. Then she has to get a chain from the King Khan. As usual King Khan was in a mood to play mischief with little Sweta. He delayed it and the sound track continued. Lastly the co dancer was supposed to give e gun in her hand. But it dropped on the floor. But still her dance commanded a perfect 10 from King Khan. How generous? I am dying to see the act. Must be very taxing for the coule. Until now they have made the dancing look lively”.

  140. A letter from Alexx & Sweta for their fans

    First of all – I cant tell you how encouraging it is to see this forum heading. I’m honored Donna, I mean that – I cant thank you enough.

    Secondly, I want to thank you for including Padmini. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone in these comments include the choreographer, and you couldn’t pick a better choreographer to mention in all of Nach Baliye. Padmini doesn’t have any assistants and no partner (some couples’ choreographers have up to 4 assistants and all other choreographers have partners), everything she does she does personally – and that’s essential for me as a non-dancer and therefore someone who takes a lot of work to get moving. She has virtually put her life on hold to help make this possible for us- 8 hours a day, 6 days a week.

    Regarding your comments, Thank you for your Love, Thank you for your Votes, I am glad you appreciate our Modesty – its not an act, I truly feel that we should always be modest because there is always someone better than you at what whatever your attempting, it may not be in this competition, in this office, in this factory, etc. but somewhere out there, there is always someone stronger, smarter, harder working, etc. Keeping this in mind keeps you from thinking you’re the best, and it gives you room to grow.

    Lip syncing is always a challenge, if you see me on the street these days, say hi, but you may have to yell, I’ve always got my hands-free in my ears. I’ve got a beat up V3i Sweta bought me as a gift when they just came out. As soon as Padmini edits our song I load it on there and start listening to it every chance I get – in rickshaws, walking, eating – seriously, every chance I get! I am really glad you appreciate the lip synch – its something I’m always very nervous about but work really hard at getting right.

    I agree with the sizzle ratings – Sweta sizzles the most compared to all the contestants. She’s beautiful, strong willed, energetic, honest, quick thinking, and phenomenally talented. I cant write enough about her, but I think you get the point .

    I am amazed we’ve gotten this far, 8 episodes!! I think you believed in us more than we believed in ourselves – but now we believe too. We’re dancing as hard as we can, for as long as we can for you and all the people that enjoy our performances and want to see us continue. Your support means the world to us.

    Sheel, Your comments are always amazingly encouraging. Just as you hope to see us on the show, we hope to be there for as long as possible. Thank you!!

    Thank you for your amazing comments! I believe your prayers have really helped us. We have stayed in while stronger dancers have been eliminated even though their scores were much higher – without your support (whether that’s votes, prayers, or just positive thoughts), that simply wouldn’t have been possible. I agree, Sweta is the most beautiful girl in NB and yes, she is an amazingly skilled and talented actor.
    Thank you!!

    Donna, Sheel, and Rinkie, thanks again for your comments – I love hearing positive things from all of you and I hope to see more when I come back. Just finished shooting episode 8, and I cant tell you what happened, but I will tell you that we’re still in!!


    Alexx & Sweta

  141. Dear Rinkie ….For you…How to vote online
    I hope all of you know to vote online

    Now that the competition is getting hotter – I hope that all those net savy guys shuld vote online!!! for their fav jodis.

    1. Click this link:

    2. The voting lines are presently closed but they will be open on Friday.

    3. You will have to register with your email id (it shuld be a valid one ).

    4. After registering, a link will be send to ur email id by automatically.

    5.U have to click the link and activate your email id. Then only u will be able to login and vote online.

    6. The pics of the jodis will appear. Please click the respective ones yu have to vote for. And press the Vote button.

    7. You can give a maximum of 20 votes to a particular jodi. However, you can vote for how many ever jodis you want to.

    For example, I want to vote for Swetha/Alexx and Aamir/ sanjeeda
    I can vote 20 times for each jodi – so totally i can give 40 votes.

    8. There is one more good news. If you are feeling that you could give only limited number of votes for your favorite jodi – then go ahead collect all your email ids (a maximum of five ids from one IP address) and register them with indya.

    For example, I have five email ids, say:

    I can register all these ids (as the process mentioned above) from a single computer (say my home comp or office comp). Then voila !!! – u can vote 20 votes each for each login id. That is, yu can give a total of 100 votes!!!

    Finally!! the most important thing – the email with the activation link for registration may go directly to your bulk folder So, please dont forget to check your bulk or spam folder for the activation email once yu register yur email id in this siteSo Please guys vote for your favorite jodi

    Sheel, rinkie … we have to vote for swetha/alexx -YAY!!!!!

    I hope nothing will stop you from voting now – Rinkiieeee go ahead girl!

    Thanks and Regards

  142. I m very much sad on the elimination of Kashmira and Krishna Abhishek
    They had given an OUTSTANDING n MINDBLOWING performance last time n got FULL n HIGHEST points then WHY WHY WHY they eliminated. PLZ PLZ PLZ bring them back on the show

  143. sorry its Kashmira n Krishna

  144. u ppl r going mad coz u r all making ur fav. jodi by looking their beauty,or ____?. Nach Baliye is a dance show we have to see the dance of the jodis not at all any other thing.
    Alex Shweta doing well but not upto the mark they can still do better but every1 vote 4 them coz of Alex not 4 their performance. Rakhi Abhishek doing very well some of their performances were not so good but they can do nach.ppl give votes to this jodi 4 Rakhi’s innocence,chidish behaviour what ever u say thats not rite when they perform well vote 4 them n when not u should not.
    Amir Sanjeeda there is no need to talk about them coz nothing is going wrong with them.Karan Amita they can never do the Nach coz they r not able for it.n i know they will not eliminate though they always gave WORST performances n got low points. this only coz of the role of Karan in KASTURI.girls r going mad for him.aey! open ur eyes vote for the perfect one. Kashmira n Krishna always perform well.ever week they have given an outstandig n mind blowing performances. ppl do not like Kashmira. i do not why? what she has done to them. the only reason 4 no votes 4 this jodi is that they r rarely seen on the screen except Nach Baliye n ppl vote 4 Karan coz of his appearance on STAR PLUS kasturi WHY WHY thats not right.
    I think there must be no public voting. Public r not making justice with jodis. WHat is the role of the Judges in show they r of no use coz they points r no matter for elimination.they r only for comments? this is not comment show. this is competition. compe tition needs only judges not public.PLz take notice of my points i m telling the truth.
    plz forgive me if u mind 4 what i have written.


  145. I am looking forward to all the excitement built around Sweta & Alexx. I am counting every moment for the clock to strike 8 PM. Wish you all the best. For us Alexx & Sweta you have already won our hearts. Does not matter if you can not get to NO.1 spot. There is life in you. There is chemistry, physics, electricity, biology, history, geography ….in you.

  146. Sonia
    No system is perfect. The judges can be & are biased. Similarly people vote together to their loved ones. May be not based on performance. What is certain is bot are required to make the show great. Considering all this please vote for the best Jodi as per your choice. My choice is Sweta & Alexx. They are lively. Something different. Their performance is exciting, neat & entertaining.

  147. Plz only vote 4 jodis considering their performance

  148. i have lose my fav jodi 08 Krishna Kashmira
    Thats not fair

  149. plz plz bring them back!

  150. will there be a WILD CARD ENTRY?????

  151. Tomorrow It is going to be Wild Card Entry.

  152. Friday 9th performance which shall be repeat telecast on Sunday 11th Nov 2007, Sweta & Alexx were best.Sweta was dancing with heals. It is dangerous to dance in heals. She can break her leg or ankles. Star Plus should stop this. Sweta is not a professional dancer. As vaibhavi put it mildly to Sweta to dance without heals so that the dance is not affected. Any way full credit to Sweta for her daring performance and that too was very good. As usual judges under rated their performance. Alexx with a ton of wig was liiking dangerous and out & out a rogue. Thanks to Pdmini.

  153. It is crystal clear that Sweta & Alexx performance was under rated by the judges. King Khan was gave one mark more to all other Jodis over & above the judges marks. Rakhi was given 11 over 1 to 10 given by the judges. Karan Amita was given 9 over 8 given by the judges. While Sweta was given 10, 2 more than given 8 by the judges. King Khan definitely indirectly gave a message to the judges that they are under rating this Jodi No. 1 despite best effort & performance by this JODI

  154. It is crystal clear that Sweta & Alexx performance was under rated by the judges. King Khan gave one mark more to all other Jodis over & above the judges marks. Rakhi was given 11 over 1 to 10 given by the judges. Karan Amita was given 9 over 8 given by the judges. While Sweta was given 10, 2 more than given 8 by the judges. King Khan definitely indirectly gave a message to the judges that they are under rating this Jodi No. 1 despite best effort & performance by this JODI

  155. Kiran and ritu well done well done great come back you guys should come back in wild card we really wana see you perform like this.kiran and Ritu were treat for the eyes this time what a relief to see them and not the same borring faces.i will pray for both of you

  156. Kiran and ritu well done well done great come back you guys should come back in wild card we really wana see you perform like this.kiran and Ritu were treat for the eyes this time what a relief to see them and not the same borring faces.i will pray for both of you

  157. i agree kiran and ritu waooooooooooooooo lovely act great improvement.keep it up i am sure you both will only come back but what was karan kavita doing he was only standing in the first song.forgot that is was nach baliye…dude
    Kiran and ritu rocks

  158. Ritu and kiran meri aag mai wo aag nahi thi jo tum dono mai thi kya performance thi boss maan gaye.tum wild card vmai ayoge hi mera ahirwad tumhare saat hai.waoooooooo
    Great going

  159. By any account, the performances of all the five eliminated Jodis was superb. Is is not easy to tell who is better or who is the best. Pooja – Hanif, Kashmira – Krusna are tie as far as the most popular Jodi according to the most votes polled. But my vote shall be for Puja – Hanif since they questioned the wisdom of the judges. Kashmira – Krusna Jodi shall promote the Chacha – Bhatija wad. The way the judges cried on TV screen when KK were performing was overacting. If they are in, believe me, the judges comments and marks shall be loaded in fovour of KK. So please be careful while voting.

  160. Visit Sweta keswani’s official web site It is highly impressive. It has loads of information about Sweta Keswani. Incidentaly the web site is designed with the help of her fiance Alexx O’Neil. Pl. do visit to see what I mean.

  161. East or West Aamir and Sanjeeda is the best!

    From Ishmam

  162. Shah Rukh Khan Did not say that!

  163. I m from pakistan . i think guys karan n amita is da best .karan is toooooo gud dancer.

  164. Going Going Going……….Gone
    Sweta & Alexx have finally bowed out of the Nach Baliye. You may have lost out at Nach baliye, but as far as we are concerned, you have won over the hearts & Mind of the people by your gutsy, enegetic,delicate, varied, well postured….You had all the masalas in your dances as well as the shades of classic. We would love to see the repeat of your performances which toch our hearts and shall linger on for long long time.
    Thanks Alexx & Thanks Sweta for entertainig us for more than 8 weeks. It must have taken a toll on you. We know you have put on tremendoes effort. It is a well deserved rest & recreation.

  165. As predicted KK are in as wild card entry.This was a ploy by the organiser to vote Krusna & Kashmeera out and then enter them throgh wild card. There is a big Nautanki going on. Can you imagine KK being in and Puja Hanif out. The performance of Puja Hanif was out of this world and mind blowing. KKs performance was nothing but crocodile tears. Rakhi & Sanjida, beware of the schemers, you are also not safe. Shah Rukh Khan has already prepared you by his speach.
    Love to all
    Ganpat….Soda woda la..Kuchh nasha ho jaye. Good bye to NB 3 & best of luck to all remaining Jodis.

  166. Hey this is Jyoti,

    I felt really bad when puja and hanif were out. I want to see them again. Puja n Hanif..Please come back …..Iam ur fan No.1……..I really like ur Dance

  167. Prescripted Realty Show Nach Baliye 3
    Prescripted Realty Show Nach Baliye 3
    I was watching it on last Friday and enjoying like any other loyal viewer of reality shows. Everyone danced pretty well. The judges gave some funny, stupid, decent, strange and so on comments. The contestants
    also asked for votes in different ways i.e. smiling, begging, crying, politely and so on.

    The episode ended and I was just about to change the channel and suddenly there was a preview glimpse of next day’s episode where one of the so called JODI will be eliminated. Now I had a bomb blast suddenly in my heaad, i.e. if these people already have shot the episode where all that ‘rona dhona and ladai jhagda’ of who will come in danger zone and who will go out and who will shout at judges is already shot, WHY ARE THEY ASKING FOR OUR VOTES?

    Which proves that this is a dance serial (not show) with predefined script, dialogues and everything. All the details have been worked out by the production team and they already have decided who is going to win. All of this few lakh Rs Prize and car and this and that is just nonsense.

    I just checked on this weekend and looks like the voting is actually happening. But we are not sure with these serial producers these days.

    The episodes for Fri and Sat are being shot back to back for sure and the unchanged dresses of all the participants prove it.
    If you rewind the previous episodes and see becomes quite obvious that who shall go out…who shall enter with wild card…It is all scripted and conveyed by Hussain( Voice of Star Plus) & vaibhavi. to prove my point I would say that Sweta Alexx shall go out on Sat Nov. 17 & Karan Amita in the next week. It is all scripted to keep the surprise element. Kashmeera & Krusna would never have gone out but were merely out for a week. Any fool can predict that. Oh ganpat….Table wable saf kar…soda woda la…


  169. logon ko krishna or kashmera pata nahi kion nahi naar atay.wo sub se behter hain.khuda k liay un ki other things na dekho bulke unki performances dekho.
    i think only Veb merchant is the right judge.only she knows the key points to polish the judge. she has done rite with Pooja Hanif . I hate Pooja among all contestants. she is stupid. from where she is big personality. she must know that her status is not at allow in the Nb3 but her performance.
    Isha said right on that day about the X factor which was miising in jodis.

  170. to polish the jodis (SORRY)

  171. Love Always From Sweta and Alexx To Everyone Who Supported Us
    Immediately after our elimination was shot on Monday the 12th of November Sweta, Padmini and I left on a 5 am flight to Goa. A few hours after the telecast on Saturday the 17th we arrived back in Mumbai. We’d planned to rehearse in Goa (Sweta and I were tagging along with Padmini because she’d planned a vacation with her husband and son and had non-refundable bookings). As things turned out there was nothing to rehearse for, and we’d desperately needed a rest, so we relaxed instead.

    Our experience in Goa was incredible. People would stop us on the street, yell from cars, come sit with us at restaurants, even knock on our hotel room door at 9:00am to ask for an autograph. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the support we received, and also overwhelmed by people’s reactions when we explained that we were to be eliminated in the very next episode. Some didn’t believe us, some smiled sympathetically, and some had tears in their eyes after we told them. It was then that I realized how we’d lasted 9 weeks. People really did support us, not just the ones who left comments for us on line, but many many more actually watched and voted for us week after week. Many who we talked with were hurt that we were out, they felt cheated since they’d spent money sms-ing votes for us.

    After returning from Goa and seeing the elimination episode I felt compelled to write this note to all of the people who gave us their messages, votes, prayers, and positive thoughts over these 9 weeks. There was a lot that Sweta and I said after the elimination that wasn’t kept in the episode, in fact, none of what we said was kept – so I’ll use this space to say what we wanted to.

    First of all, thank you to the people who voted, without you we would not have stayed in the competition. So much is written these days about whether or not the votes are even counted, and if counted if they are considered, why the results aren’t audited or made public, etc. etc. etc. I can think of no greater compliment than someone offering their hard earned money for nothing more than a hope that it will help their favorite couple stay in the competition. Thank you for that compliment!

    Secondly we need to thank all the people who left comments for us online, without you we would not have had the energy or the will to keep rehearsing and performing. I began reading the forums and the comments below the news stories in the 3rd or 4th week and began sharing them with Sweta and Padmini after rehearsal. (I even began replying to some from time to time.) I never expected to be able to say this, but to this day I haven’t seen more than two or three negative comments about Sweta, Padmini, and I. People either write positive things, or don’t write anything at all about us. Furthermore I’ve rarely seen comments supporting us but bashing another couple. I think we had the kindest people writing to us and I’m more thankful than I can express for their positivity. When things became unbearably negative during the Krishna/Kashmera elimination, it was this positivity alone that helped us get back on track.

    To all the people who supported us I want to tell you that it was for you, and you alone, that we rehearsed 8 hours a day 6 days a week. It was for you alone that we performed each week.

    Third, I wanted to be clear about our reaction to the elimination, since our reaction was cut entirely from the episode. On the day of our elimination we received higher marks than we’d achieved in the previous 8 weeks, we had, for the first time, been the highest scoring couple for that episode, and lastly, Padmini was honored as ‘Choreographer of the Week’ for the first time. Sweta and I both believed it was best to say “goodbye” at our peak, and though we would have loved to have kept performing, it was our hope that we would eventually be eliminated on the day of our best performance. And so we were. We didnt cry, we didnt create a scene. We thanked the people that we wanted to thank, and said goodbye. I suppose our reaction wasnt dramatic enough to keep in the episode – but we’re real people, and we showed how we felt – happy, relieved, grateful, and, of course, a little sad.

    Was our elimination unfair, perhaps, but are reality shows fair, no. Realizing this early on we didn’t expect to last more than the episode we were performing and, rather than fear the elimination, we celebrated each time we were not eliminated. I can hardly believe that having never danced before I was able to be part of a team that won 8 times! Its not important to us that we lost once (everyone except one of the 10 couples will eventually “lose”, mind you), the important thing is we performed as well as we could for as long as we could. And what fun performances! We did Bhangra as a North Indians, High Speed Classical as a South Indians, Jive as a Couple That Goes From Young to Old, Ballroom and Waltz as a European Soldier and Wife, Bollywood as a Ruffian and Bar Dancer, Modern Dance as a Silver and Blue Clothed Peasant and Goddess, Rajhasthani as a Young Couple in Love, Retro as Competing Thiefs, and finally a Maharastran Woman and Man (wherein I got to be the woman)! It was an amazing experience, but since it had to end, I’m glad it ended on a positive note.

    We have one more performance before our Nach Baliye experience is completely over – the finale episode. Sweta, Padmini and I hope you’ll watch and enjoy. Thank you for everything, we are forever grateful.

    Love Always,

    Alexx & Sweta

    1. special thanks to Donna, Rinkie Singh, Sheel 148, Neetus, ash4u249612, Sabrina, Djkorwani, and Harshada for your emails and posts – I’ll never forget them.

    2. we did not post the following comment. The truth is, Sweta and I have not been offered any movies together… and for who ever did post it, my name is spelled “Alexx” not “Alex”. I had it changed after I was advised to do so by a numerologist:
    “Alex and Sweta 11/18/2007 2:41:50 AM
    Hey guys,thank you for all your support. We never thought we would reach this far. Now we will concentrate on some of the movies offer we have gotten together! Thanks”
    Reply With Quote

  172. Not posting any spy stories on Nach Baliye 3. I am sad that Jodi No. 1 is out. I do not see NB3 is worth watching or voting. It is a hear waste of time, money & energy. Remaining Jodis are trying their best to make it a FLOP show.

  173. thank you Alexx…& more on your performances
    Thank you Alexx for writing yet again to this forum. You sorta make the day for your fans. :-)

    One of your comments said that you are feeling bad that you let ur fans down by getting eliminated from the competition…. come on, it was not in your hands at all! I think we should be feeling that more than you by not urging more people to vote for you guys!
    Sweta and you did full justice to each and every performance, you guys were so so so good! All your performances are so vivid in memory and will always be memorable – for instance, Kabhie main kahun is one of my all time favorite songs and I can never forget the way you performed on it! it was extraordinary. well, come to think of it, all of your performances were outstanding (with the honest exception of one, in my opinion that I thought could have been better) – You guys along with Padmini always brought in so much innovation, new concepts – always having an amazing story line – who would have done what you guys did with the Jharoka prop and no one would have performed with that costume and dance style on “tu yaar tu hi dildaar”. It was soooo different from the actual song – so original and beautiful!
    Since I write now, let me take a few mins to recap my humble opinion on the journey of your performances:

    Miraksam – so colorful and nice, I was standing cllllllose to my tv and watching your lip sync!! :-) found you guys extremely cute!

    Mohabbat hai mirchi – first thought that came to mind was the innovation, you standing apart from the rest by the “new” things, recognized Sweta as a trained dancer..much much better than the first perf.! extremely extremely cute couple!

    Girls are best, boys are best – oh God, this was tooooo good. I think your performance on this day was the best amongst all other performances – you guys danced so awfully good and I was disappointed with the marks you got. You did so well – and looked soooooo lovely together. Twas excellent!

    Kabhie mein kahun – As I said, my all-time fav song, wonderful steps, who would think of dancing such on this song… mindblowing, a treat to the eyes, extraordinarily good. Sweta was sooooo lovely, so graceful! this beat all your previous performances

    Mehbooba Mehbooba – I had just thought that it could not get any better. I was wrong. I think this was my most loved perfs from all your perfs. no words to express how much I loved it. thoroughly disappointed with the marks – but well – what to do. I loved this one so much, I watched it over n over….I can watch it for years to come. Sweta was beautiful and Alexx was sooo good. You both looked so great in that attire. With Sweta – her dancing is always effortless. easily blending in from one step to another…very mesmerizing! Alexx danced sooo well tooo. This was a difficult song, I mean the steps were difficult. you two did full justice to each n every step. cannot say enough about you guys.

    Satrangi Re – extremely cool performance! loved your costumes, loved your dance, its lovely to watch Alexx perform – somehow, the way he presents certain steps makes me feel that those steps suit him, his height, u know – as if made just for him 😉 Nothing to mention about his lip sync effort and learning the words of the songs. there is just one word – wow!!! Again, the steps on this one were difficult. The 3 of you made an excellent team!

    Tu yaar tu hi dildaar – again, excellent. such great use of the prop. lovely costume (all your costumes were excellent by the way), very different dance from what we saw in the original song, unique and the best again!

    Duniya mein – this was a perf. I thought could have been better. loved you guys in it nevertheless. Sweta I thought was outstanding, as always. lovely theme and story line. very entertaining. again – always a privilege to watch you guys!

    Aila Re – :-) now what can I say about this one. everyone including ur marks says it all. Alexx, you looked so nice in the nawari saree. I loved the way you reacted to John’s comment. Sweta – you looked so cute and you act so well always. you danced so well…. loved the concept, introduction of the song, every single thing. you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Performances like yours are one of a kind and they will stay in our hearts for long long years.

    I see that you responding to your fans is on the news now.

    Thanks so much for the website. I visited it just now and was amazed to read about Sweta – things that I did not know at all. To be honest, I got to know Sweta more only thru NB. and now that I know her – know that she is such a versatile and amazing dancer (simply simply superb!) and more than that – such a wonderful person, I am a huge fan of hers! Alexx, I think I am a bigger fan of yours, though. but I am an even bigger fan of you two together
    Stay happy!


  174. I love Karan Patel…………….He’s very cute n rocking
    I really really want dem to win……………..
    He is very handsome n I pray he wins…………..

  175. my favorite jodi is jodi no 07 Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda.i hope they will win the nach baliye.i wish them best of luck & mantain their very very veeeeeery good form

  176. Jodi no.7 or for that matter all the remaining Jodis are FLOP. Together they create a FLOP SHOW. aamir ali is a very stiff. He he is nut as far as dancing is converned. All good dancers are highly agile and flexible. Sanjide is like a cold marble…Totally Thanda…

  177. i love jodi number 7 Amir and Sanjeeda they rocks i love them ihope they would win!!!!!!!

  178. I want RAKhi $ AbHiShEk to win!
    They so rock
    All the others are thanda dancers

  179. Well,i tink sanjeeta n aamir rox!!! they’re da best!

  180. i love RAKHI SAWANT&ABHISHIK AWASTHI bcz they know acctual meaningz of NACH.My best wishes r wd u both lovly peoples.u both r true acchiverz

  181. jodi # 3 is the best.north or south say rakhi every body to get out.

  182. what r silicon implants that rakhi left.plz reply

  183. my no-9343009557 i want 2 vote amir n sangeeta b’coz they r the best jodi in nach baliye they r the best…..from all jodies n they r going to become best dancer sangeeta is very godgius to see.i like ur jodi very much.

  184. Hi I am Mona from Fiji……..n i want to vote for Amir & Sanjida since they are very cute couples. N they dance very well.
    All the best.

  185. Hey! also add my best wishes to other jodies coz all of them rocks…….i really enjoy watching this program..


  186. watching nach baliye since beginning becoz of seeing rakhi abhishek as winner, wishing best of luck

  187. best of luck to rakhi and abhishek

  188. hi m sohini frm vishakhapatnam,…… best wishes to both jodies bcoz both r perfect dancers and they are doing hard work equally
    they both are true achievers

  189. I love aamir-sanjeeda plzzzzzzz do vote 4 them plz plz plz……….

  190. Assalamoalikum Amir $ Sanjeeta wiNs!!

  191. I really like nach baliye and my fevereute jodi is Amir and Sanjeeda and they both danch owsome i really like that jodi and i HATE raki sawant but now raki,abhishek and amir,sanjeeda is in the final 2 so i steel suport amir and yesterday they won nach baliye 3 i was so happy that raki did not won. i really like and sanjeedas jodi masaallah.

  192. was so happy when rakhi lost she is such a sore looser… now thats and understatement… what sheetu…

  193. Sanjeeda and Amir are my favorite jodi and i also lyk Karan and KAvita and i think that both ov these jodis are gonna rock and best of luck for any future competitions!!!!

  194. I think all are good but Aamir and Sanjeeda are the best jodi out of all of them and Alex and Sweta are also really good but the way alex learns the words is superb

  195. well i think amir ail & sanjeeda did deserve to win coz they are so dwn 2 earth gr8 dancers and most of all they rocked the show alway through they luv u cn see wen they are dancing al the best you are a couple made in heaven & i hate raki she is a B**** i am so happy that she lost u deserve it over acting does nt pay off ha ha ha

  196. hey i just love amir ali and sanjeeda sheikh.they are rocking. everyone plzz vote for amir and sanjeeda. i cant stand that bitch rakhi shes a drama cow.

  197. i love jodi no6 in nach baliye 3. because i like karan.he is very cool.and nach baliye rocks.i love naman and megha in nach baliye season4.they are very cute.megha is very cute.and they dance very good.i Liked their desi girl dance. megha looks very good .i also like shaleen and daljeet.shaleen is very cool.i love naman and megha.and shaleen and daljeet.good wishes for all of the contestents from me.

  198. amir and sanjeeda hosting very good.specially season 3 i didnt like rakhis atitude.she behaved very unsocial with nach baliye team.i was a supporter of amir and i am telling you something guys please vote for naman and megha in nach baliye 4.for wining them.

  199. Hi everyone! This is Amir and Sanjeeda. I hope you will enjoy Nach Baliye 4 because we are hosting it!

    Amir: Hey everyone. I just wanted to say that I love all my fans, and if anyone claims to be me or Sanjeeda, they are just fraud people. So watch out!
    Sanjeeda: Hi everyone! I blow kisses to ALL MY FANS! I just wanted to say to all my fans THANK YOU for voting me on Nach Baliye 3! To be honest, remember that Table Dance on Nach Baliye 3? My legs ached so much after that dance! Amir was like “That was the worst dance ever!” and he couldn’t walk for a while! But eventually he was fine. I hope you all like Nach Baliye 4!

    Amir and Sanjeeda!

  200. i think that sanjeeda and her partner did a good job
    they deserved to win

  201. nach baliye is the best

  202. Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh really rock
    and they are the best

  203. aamir sanjeeda roxxx!love sanju!

  204. its really a good show


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