Nach Baliye 3 – Loved Karan and Amita

October 8th, 2007

Week 3, and Rakhi babe is still on top with 30 points. It looks like Nach Baliye is hell-bent to make Rakhi win. The way judges and host promotes Rakhi is just impeccable.

This year Nach Baliye is been jinxed I think, first it was unwanted elimination of Jodi No. 9 Kiran-Ritu Janjani and then Shakti has to leave because his wife Shivangi is not in good health to perform with him. Anyway like they say “the show must go on” it is going on with no dhamakas.

It was a Ched-Chad round for the couples on Friday night. There was no elimination as Shakti chose to quit.

As usual hosts were looking good and performance from last years couples, Narayani and Gaurav was good.

My favourites:

“Yellow yellow dirty fellows” Karan & Amita jodi no. 2 were my favourites of the night. They looked so-so cute in yellow dresses and also their performance was the best of all. Perfect ched-chad and perfect song “Jumma Chumma De de“. Imitating Shahrukh Khan, Jeetendra, Dev Anand, Amitabh and Shatrughan Sinha they scored 22 points.

Then it was Rakhi and Abhishek, dressed up perfectly according to the song they opt “Are Ja Re Hat Natkhat”. Their dance was good but  there was no ched-chad act in it, it was just pure dance. They scored 30 points and best comments from the judges.

And then it has to be my all time favourites Jodi No. 1 & 10. Both of them performed very-very cute and pure ched-chad dance. Jodi no. 1 Shweta & Alex dance on “I am the best”, Shweta was looking cute in short skirt and Alex as usual is very cute. They scored 23 points, but the comments they received from Vaibhavi was very cheap “phad dala” and it also sounded cheap coming from her mouth. Try to be more subtle next time, Vaibhavi!

I have to take my words back for Pooja and Hanif, they have come out as a surprise package. Both are doing very good, they both have very good chemistry and looks completely in Love. They performed on “khud ko kya samajhatii hai kitanaa”. Hanif and pooja were looking cute with hockey and bat. And they did justice to the song and theme of the night. They scored 27 points.

The worst couple of the night – in looks, dressing sense, in song and performance was Kash and Krush. Yeah according to me they looked  stupid in green outfits and their song “mere sapno ka wo raja” was rubbish. Don’t know why Kash had those dirty looking trainers on, they didn’t even matched her outfit. But they still scored 27 points. Something fishy there!!!

Jodi no.5 Vikas and Amita Sethi were good too, with song “Chod Do Aanchal”.

Let’s see who goes this week? I think it’s gonna be Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh.

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  2. […] bookku wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptBoth are doing very good, they both have very good chemistry and looks completely in Love. They performed on “khud ko kya samajhatii hai kitanaa”. Hanif and pooja were looking cute with hockey and bat. And they did justice to the song … […]

  3. hi karan n amita r d best,….dats it

  4. Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh
    rocks………………………………………they r the cutest couple i love

  5. Nach baliye 3 is a wonderful Talent Hunt Programme and I think Rakhi and Abishekh are the best of all the rest and chemistry between these two is just great, and only they deserve this title.

  6. hi r u.u r the best best best.if i were the judge i would give u 30 out of 30 or above.i just die on u.can u plz give me your e.mail or ID so i can contact u.i looveeeeeeeeee very of luck

  7. Aamir and Sanjeeda are the most rocking couple

  8. hi r is going.i am ur biggest fan in this whole world.loooooooooveeeee uuuuu.tuo hai mera kaarann

  9. hi how r u.must be fine

  10. jodi no 2 karan and kavita your the best i lke jodi no 2 because of karan patel he is so cute and dreamy
    LOVE you KARAN

  11. jodi no 7 amir and sanjeeda your the best youre one of my favorite 3 jodis you both are awesome dancers and your so cute and and when ever i look at you guys dancing my dil goes zoom you both are made for each other there is a similarty with us that i dont know if sanjeeda is muslim but i know amair is so AMIR YOU AND I ARE MUSLIMS

  12. Karan and amita you are the best i like the jodi because n first amita wasnt a good dancer but karan is the king of dancing and karan you are so sweet
    i love you karan patal

  13. rakhi and abhishek you are the best.MAY GOD BLEES YOU BOTH.INSHALLAH YOU WILL WIN IN NACH BALIYE

  14. plz rakhi give me your call no plz

  15. karan patel plz plz give your email address amita plz dont be mad i am only 13 yrs old

  16. amir and sanjeeda can i plz have your email adress i am your biggest fan i live in pakistan i cant vote but my wishes are with you MAY ALLAH FULLFILL ALL YOUR DREAMS .INSHALLAH YOU WILL BECOME NACH BALIYE 3

  17. sorry that was me i wrote my sister name amir and sanjeeda you will become the nach balye 3 may allah fullfill your dreams
    from a 13 year old muslim girl ramsha

  18. Sanjida and AAAmir what are you doing folks !! break the Dance floor of Nach Baliye, you are rocking !!!!!


    Munaf Sultan,
    Toronto, Canada

  19. east or west jodi no 7 is the best north or south everybody else is out GO AMIR and SANJEEDA you always rock the floor

  20. wonderful….
    aamir and sanjida you
    both are rocking the
    stage man……….

  21. i really enjoy watching this show i wish karan and amita win but also sanjeeda and aamir cos there so good

  22. hi are the best in the world. i am your biggest one can take my place.and you dance so well .i have no words for you.congrats for your upcoming film.we are waiting for your film.please reply me.i am waiting.

  23. shaleen and daljeet you guys rock i wish you both a very good life and hope you both will present nach baliy 5 all th best

  24. how are you krishma arjun and fara

  25. to all the jodies that have been and will be in nach baliy i will be you biggest fan(including the judges)


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