Kashmira and Krishna – Nach Baliye 3

September 22nd, 2007

Let me be very true to myself and with all the peoples who were waiting for Nach Baliye 3 to start. The show started yesterday, and the day was like a countdown for me. I was waiting for it from long-long time. I know like me thousands of Indian people across the world were waiting anxiously for the show to start (according to the comments I received). People from US were asking me where they can watch Nach Baliye online, to them my answer is on “Muft.tv”.

The show started with a beautiful couple on the stage – winner of last year Nach Baliye and my favourite Hussain and Tina. Looking lovely and gorgeous, Hussain just couldn’t get enough of Tina’s waist, his hand was on her waist most of the time.

Then, the three judges, Vaibhavi Merchant, David Dhawan and Ishaa Koppikar. Only one judge was impressive – Mr. David Dhawan, he is such a baby at heart. Things started of with Ishaa Koppikar and Vaibhavi Merchant to show us their moves. The two ladies were nowhere near to our Malaika Khan and Saroj Khan. That tikha comments from Saroj Khan is surely been missed.

Salman Khan and Govinda as guest appearance was a beautiful shock. They were so cute and smart.

Yeah, so coming back to being true to myself, the show was not that good, just few couples could manage to entertain us. And they were, starting with most entertainer and best dancers:

Ofcourse Jodi No. 8, Kash and Krush, they really worked hard to get 30 points. Kash and Krush looked like a complete couple and the dance, song, costumes everything was perfect. Most of all the song they got to perform was beautiful. Perfect!!!
The only thing I couldn’t get was why the hell judges were crying. Ok, the performance was good but not worth crying.

And then Jodi No. 3, the Bindaas babe Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek. Everything was good – costumes, song and dance. But somewhere I think they lost the connection between steps and song lines. They were too fast and extra energetic. I think they should remember what happened to Tannaz and Bakhtiyar, Nach Baliye is not just about jumping high and showing extra energy. Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek scored total – 28 points.

Jodi No. 7, Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh were also very good, I must say Aamir was looking hot and his dance, expression was great. Sorry I didn’t look at Sanjeeda, so can’t comment on her. They scored total – 27 points.

Other all Jodis were great too. I mean the gora was superb, he was looking so cute and innocent, didn’t have any clue what judges and host is talking about. And like judges said his lip movement was good, he really worked hard. But their bad luck was their stupid song.

Poor Shakti Kapoor was so good, but his wife was like a lost babe on the stage. She was too slow and did not support Shakti at all, expressionless. But she’s cute.

Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik got my favourite song “You my love” from Partner, but what they did with it, they killed it, no taalmel and no dance.

Others were OK. Yeah, for Pooja Bedi, you still have long way to go, but Hanif was too good. I will wait for your good performance, like you said in the comment left for me. Didn’t like your muhfat attitude, you shouldn’t have criticized your sacked choreographer. Always let bygones be bygones.

Overall the first episode was not that great, but you can feel the heat between Rakhi and Kashmeera. And that’s all I am interested in. I know the show will definitely entertain us, as you never know who will emerge as a winner and best couple.

Everything depends on us, “The Audiences” so vote very sensibly for the right couple. Don’t get emotional like me!!!

All in all the show last night was fun and definitely made me feel that the season ahead was going to be very interesting!

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  1. I have just now voted for Rakhi and Abhishek.
    Guys!! Go with Rakhi! She deserves your vote.

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  3. you are right sheetal, the show was not that good. judges are not very impressive. couples are good but they surely needed judges like Malaika, Saroj and David Dhawan.

    look what Mid-Day had to say when they went to Saroj for her opinion on nach baliye 3:

    Most people we know have found the third season of Nach Baliye 3 totally below standards. Far from actually dancing, the contestants only really pout and shake their bodies in mismatched disharmony.
    The high standards set by Varun-Rajeshwari, Sachin-Supriya, et al have come crashing down.

    When we asked veteran choreographer Saroj Khan (who was a judge in the first two seasons) what she had to say, all she was willing to let on was, “Public sab janti hai. Why should I talk?”

    Now that says it all, doesn’t it? http://www.mid-day.com/hitlist/2007/september/164508.htm

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  5. best dance

  6. I just want to know the song on which Ms.Kashmira and her partner Mr. Krishna danced in their second performance.

  7. Judges are boring..Lol!! nach baliye 3 …hope it gains up some pace..

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  9. Does anybody knows from where all the episodes of NachBaliye 2 and 3 can be downloaded ?


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