Kashmira Shah and Krishna Abhishek voted out!

October 30th, 2007

Here we go again, one more victim of unpopularity. Just because Kash-Krush don’t belong to TV world and are not famous stars, they are voted out of Nach Baliye 3, which will air this weekend?

Ganpat says:

Judges walk out of the show Nach Baliye – 3. Sensational. Davids Mentor Krushna & cashmeera ousted. Again the judges blmed Sweta & Alexx for the ouster. Last week too all the judges intended to oust Sweta & Alexx. Peoples power wins. Vaibhavi should resign now for speaking ill of the surviving Jodi no. 1. Vaibhavi Pagal hai. Public ko bachao us se.

Well judges have all the rights to get upset, they can see that the jodis with good potentials are been voted out and that their marks don’t make any difference. I think next elimination will be Rakhi, as she also doesn’t belong to TV world. Aamir-Sanjeeda has the chances of winning, they are very famous and all my Nach Baliye articles are full of praises and supportive comments for them. But then it’s not fair on Rakhi, Kashmira and Pooja, who are far better dancers then Aamir and Sanjeeda.

I am sad, I don’t want Rakhi to leave.

Thanks to Ganpat, for sharing the information on Kash-Krush.

Is this elimination fair?

We will also see Farah Khan and Deepika Padukone on Friday promoting their film Om shanti Om, releasing on Diwali November 9th. I don’t know if there is any truth in this, but it is said that all the jodis are expected to dance on the songs which are in the film “Om Shanti Om”. Farah Khan also gave props to all the jodis to use it in their act on Friday.

Let’s see what exactly happens on Friday in Nach Baliye.

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  1. Do not even think of Voting Out Jodi No.7 Aamir Sanjeeda because they are far better than all the Jodis i know how the Elimination will be :
    1:Karan Amita
    2:Sweta Alexx
    and the final will be between Aamir Sanjeeda and rakhi abhishek and jodino.7 will win it and it is not sanjeeda’s or Aamir’s fault that rakhi or abhishek are not in TV world

  2. Well, in a dance show its not just the dance but also how the jodi has the X FACTOR. Well Kashmera-Rakhi have got too infamous after there constant fights. Rakhi Sawant does not deserve to go out, neither does Sanjeeda. Sanjeeda is the best dancer of the show. They should win

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  4. I think Karan Patel is a great dancer.He always looks gorgeus.He is a loverboy.I think all girls will vote for this handsome.I am sure Karan-Amita will be the winner of Nach Baliye 3.Good luck Karan-Amita.

  5. i love amir sanjeeda.they rocks

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