Week 6 of Nach Baliye 3 – Pooja and Hanif are voted out

October 26th, 2007

Week 6 of Nach Baliye 3 – Pooja and Hanif are voted out. Do I have to say I am shocked, of-course I am! Well, I should have listen to my khabru and reader Ganpat”, he did said Pooja and Hanif are out and that they were neck to neck with Sweta & Alexx. And he did give me this information even before Mid-Day had published it.

So next time Mr. Ganpat, whoever you are I will trust you.

Sad to see Pooja-Hanif leave, I thought they will give a tough competition to Rakhi-Abhishek and Aamir-Sanjeeda.
Now let’s wait for the wild card entry and see who gets lucky?

Appreciate Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal

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  1. Hi.. Thanks for your comments. much appreciated…!!
    as for the elimination,well.. i look at it this ways.. each of the 10 jodi’s has 1 celebrity[if not both] and someone has to go each week. these shows are not just about dance but popularity and audience votes too. our journey so far has been exciting and If we come back it will be with something new and nice.
    Best regards,

    P.S : and this time u guys better vote :-)

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  3. I am completely against the elimination of Kashmeera-Krishna. They were damn good, man. Real competition. They were the ones who kept the spirit of the show alive. Every week their performance was new, refreshing and brilliant. I am not against any other couples, but elimination of good competition has made the show loose it’s X-Factor. It’s just glitz and glamour now. Kashmeera may be a good person or bad one (I personally love her coz of her honesty and humble nature, hard-work and energy), the point is that she is a better performer than Karan-Amita. I don’t think they deserved to be voted out. If stuff like this continues, True Talent will have no value. It will just be the amount of nakhra or natak you can do that will value………………….


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  5. I have been watching Nache Baliye 3 here in the UK and we are a few months behind but I was shocked to read on the web that Hanif & Pooja are out – I thought they were great, strong performers and dancers who stood out as being one of the best couples in the competition. I was sure they were going to reach the final – such a shame. If we could have voted from the UK then I would have.


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