Nach Baliye 3 – Om Shanti Om special

November 6th, 2007

Little late with the updates, but here I am! I had been very busy for last couple of days, with my son, attending my friend’s birthday bash, inviting my gora friends for dinner and my Karva Chauth. Also, I had a very fantastic weekend. I will write about this entire busy schedule of mine in my own blog probably tonight.

Coming back to Nach Baliye, as I already mentioned in my earlier post about what will happen on Friday. To start with, I am shocked with Kash-Krush’s elimination. They were fantastic when they scored 20 last week and they were superb even this Friday when they scored 40, MAX in a row. I really loved the puppet performance, and I think all the credit goes to their recently changed choreographer Nitin, who bagged “Best choreographer of the week” award in a row. He is wonderful and people should have given him some more time to prove himself before voting him out thinking that he is rubbish.

I completely agree with Kashmira’s walkout on Saturday from stage after her elimination. Nach Baliye is no more fun or reality show, its more like a popularity barometer now. More popular you are, the more chances you have to survive in the competition. But now I am worried for my favorite Rakhi Sawant, she is also not very popular among some class of the society. But at the same time I am relaxed with a fact that she had never been to the “Danger Zone”.

Let’s see who goes next week?

Farah was looking good and decent in red. Deepika looked like Esha Deol to me. I don’t know why but whenever I look at her she looks more like Esha Deol to me. Wait and watch to see what she has done in Om Shanti Om, Countdown begins!  Films promotion is really going on with jor-shor se as confessed by Shahrukh Khan during the Nokia event on Wednesday evening in Mumbai’s JW Marriott Hotel.

Shahrukh said,

I am promoting this film so much, Now I feel all that’s left for me to do is write Om Shanti Om on my forehead. People will say ‘itna bol raha hai, dekh hi lete hain.'”

Next week we are going to have Shahrukh Khan on Nach Baliye.

Performances of week 7:

On Friday Jodis had to perform on the songs which were choreographed by Farah Khan during her choreographer career. She had also provided the jodis with props for the songs.

Jodi No 1 Shweta & Alexx had the prop “jharokha” and song was “benke tera jogi”. According to judges they were good, but I didn’t find them very impressive. Yeah, they were looking good but still something was missing. They scored overall 36 from all the four judges, Farah and Deepika were also allowed to give the points.

Jodi No 2 Karan-Amita gave the shitest performance of all. Performance and concept was very bad. Their prop was “Gamcha/Dupatta”, so I think poor souls had to take the naukar and bai concept, but still dance was very bad. They performed very slowly on a fast song like “Bole chudiyan”. They scored overall 29 points.

Then came my evergreen Rakhi-Abhishek. They were fantastic with their prop Diyas” dancing on “Mahi ve, they both looked mind blowing  and gorgeous. The concept was like a film story and no need to say….they both looked very smart. And the way they managed diyas on their head was very impressive. They scored overall 38.

Jodi No 8 Kashmeera and Krushna were fantastic and lovely. Kashmeera was fabulous with her prop “strings”, they performed on “rab rakha beliya”. Kash and Krush were just brilliant. I would say this time they were even better then Rakhi & Abhishek. They scored 40 out of 40.

Jodi No 7 Aamir and Sanjeeda performed on “Koi mil gaya” and they were looking cute. Their prop was “heart shaped balloons”. They did nothing special than jumping around and scored total 37 points for their cuteness.

Choreographer of the week was Pratap Shetty of Rakhi and Abhishek and Nitin of Kash and Krush.

Quotes of the Round:

Vaibhavi to Rakhi – Meri Jaan Fad Diya tune, you are back (since the day I wrote about her cheap comment Raita, she has stopped using it)
Farah to Rakhi – Tum Haste huin acchi dikhti ho
Farah to Nitin – Beta! Mujh se better kiya hai

Waiting impatiently for the wild card entry round!

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  1. I think Brakha and Indernail elimanition is wrong decision .

  2. i think deepika looks more like hema malini….

  3. I think Rakhi dances better than Amir and Sanjeeda


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