Nach Baliye week 5 – Rakhi still Rocking!

October 20th, 2007

Nach Baliye should be called “Nach Rakhi” now! Both Rakhi and Abhishek are just uncontrollable. Getting better and better every week. David Dhawan is right, where do they get so much energy from? Looking hot and sexy, full of energy for judge’s energy meter, they both performed fantastic. Dancing on “woh ajnabee Jo dekhe door se” they set the stage on fire. I don’t have words to praise them anymore, they are just best. They scored, yeah! You all know that – 30 points.
Rakhi and Abhishek’s Choreographer Pratap Shetty was awarded this weeks best Choreographer.

Club mix was Friday night’s theme on Nach Baliye. But I think it should be called “Raita phela diya” theme. Vaibhavi’s raita comment is really disgusting, it sounds so cheap coming from her mouth.

And yeah, I have come-up with an award called “Best Human Being” and I give it to, none other than – David Dhawan. He is really a baby at heart, the way he had teary eyes for Abhishek after listening about how his mother is keeping Manats and all. I couldn’t believe that such a big director, who gives us films full of comedy, is actually a very emotional man. God bless him!

Ok coming back to the performances of the night. Aamir and Sanjeeda were the best!
According to me Aamir and Sanjeeda should have got 30 points. They were looking good, beautiful dance and had perfect moves. I don’t know what Vaibhavi was on about, “Aamir you still doesn’t have the energy and you have to still work hard”. Infact I think Aamir was the best, better than Sanjeeda as well. They performed on “dil ko chura ke le gaya’’, scoring total 24 points only.

Jodi no.1 Shweta and Alex looked very good in red, dancing on Urmila’s “Mehbooba” they scored total 24 points.

I have something very special to share with all my readers. On 16th I received a comment from someone called Ganpat:

3 Cheers to Sweta & Alexx for the best performance for the week No.5…Do not worry about the score…We thank you a lot for entertaining us in a sincere and comical way…You are the best fusion of East & the west.Our vote for you…to stay till the final..After seeing the performance…God be with you..Losing one of the shoe half way and still continuing speaks volumes about your ability as a Dancer…Show must go on..despite all hardships. It is a lesson for all of us.

I think this comment no.76 is made by the couple (Shweta & Alex) themselves or by someone who was there during the shoot of this performance. I know the name Ganpat is actually anonymous but I still have my reasons to believe that it’s Shweta and Alexx. I am sure this Ganpat will definitely come back to read about himself. So for Mr. Ganpat – please have courage to leave your real identity next time when you comment, like Pooja Bedi, when she left the comment no. 2 for me. And I absolutely love her for doing that.

Pooja Bedi and Hanif were good last night, I liked their flashback concept, which was totally different. Pooja was looking fat, may be because of her dress and she also sounded bit over-confident. Dancing on song “fanaa” from Yuva, they managed to score 22 points.

Kash-Krush danced on “signal pyaar ka signal” and they did manage to phelao raita for Vaibhavi. They got 27 points.

Jodi No. 6 Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik danced on “it’s the time to disco” and they were rubbish with senseless costumes and concept. Scoring total 15 points.

Jodi No. 2 Karan Patel and Amita Chandekar danced on “where’s the party tonight”. They were looking very good. I have always liked Amita. She dresses and dances very well. They scored 24 points.

Let’s see who goes tonight and how Shahid-Kareena gets along.

Elimination day:

Jodi No.6 Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik are eliminated. Actually some how I knew they will go, their performance was nothing on Friday.

The fun part of elimination episode was Kareena and Shahid pulling each others leg. I think tonight was the first public appearance of Kareena and Shahid together after their break-up and most probably the last. But today was a complete entertainment episode, thanks to Kareena and Shahid!

The way Kareena gave a standing ovation to Rakhi Sawant and Shahid called her Ma’m, I reckon Rakhi is getting enough footage to be the winner – Thanks to Nach Baliye and Star Plus.

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  3. i am voting to kashmira krisna

  4. I vote for Krishna Abhishek & Kashmira. SHIMLA lad looks such a cutie n his mudras r the best.The couple looks smashingly gorgeous . Hill men see in him natural flare for a meaningful performance.Kashmira supplements.Krishna Abhishek is undisputedly & undoubtedly the best.Being Padma & A.P.sharma`s son & Sh. B.N. Sharma`s grandson & Govinda`s nephew , Pradeep`s cousion.

  5. jodi no.03 RAKHI&ABHISHAIKH

  6. hi!!!!!!i am big fan of aamir&sanjeed di i am flat on aamir and sanjeed di just like a doll
    thank u
    i love u jodi no 7…………….

  7. i would vote for aamir and sanjeeda they are better than all of them and now nach baliye has finished and aamir and sanjeeda are the best


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