Max Clifford dumped Shilpa Shetty

July 27th, 2007

Shilpa sweetheart, don’t let fame rule your head. You are already in deep shit with all these rumours of you and Raj Kundra. And now this, that Max Clifford, UK’s biggest and best known publicist, the veteran PR who represents Gerald Ratner, Gillian Mc Keith, Peter Jones and Simon Cowell has “dump” you.

I reckon you are on wrong track now, don’t act like Jade Goody. Nobody likes her, remember!

What went wrong…?

1) An extremely affable Clifford confirmed, “It was becoming impossible! We had a six month contract and it came to an end.
“But I will say that it was a waste of our time. We had the opportunity to do a lot. I was hoping to make her the first real international Bollywood celebrity. There was a serious breakdown of communication. Considering we were her official representatives, we found it incredibly difficult to get in touch with her! When we did, the response time was as long as a week.”

Clifford narrated, “She had a bunch of three or four people around her (Is Raj Kundra one of them) who invariably came back with conflicting answers.

“We tried hard to build her profile but I think her priorities were different. It was hard enough persuading her to go on the Jonathan Ross show. I had set up a meeting for her with Simon Cowell, which she didn’t seem interested in either. And yet she had the time to make routine appearances in a Leicester, Uxbridge and Southall. It was a real pity. Anyway, she is a nice girl and I wish her the best.”

2) A security company called CTR services is sueing Shilpa on non-payment of bill £3000 as they had provided security services to Shilpa in the UK sometime back.

3) London law firm Carter Ruck — which gave her legal guidance is sueing her management company Cine Entertainment for about £10,000.

4) Interference of her agent Farhat Hussain.

5) Sterling Media, Shilpa’s new PR company recently did the national PR campaign for the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards in Yorkshire this year (Shilpa your new PR company don’t even have a proper website).
Managing director Natasha Mudhar said: “We are delighted to have won the account, and look forward to propelling Shilpa across an international and mainstream platform. Shilpa has some very interesting projects lined up which we are sure will generate extensive talkability.”
The company will be handling publicity for Ms Shetty’s newly launched S2 perfume, her forthcoming Bollywood musical and other projects in the pipeline.

Shilpa Shetty dismissed the various claims:

“As far as my agent Farhat Hussain is concerned and the report of him not paying up his bills, I am led to believe there were some discrepancies which are being sorted out,” she said.

She also insisted that Mr Kundra had split from his wife months before meeting Shetty (so you “are” dating Raj Kundra)

She said: “As for the reports about me being ‘dumped’ by Max Clifford, I just want to say I have respect for Max and all he has achieved and while we worked together recently, it was good while we were together and as Max himself has stated our 6 month term was over and we parted ways mutually so there is no question of being dumped! When a contract ends, it ends, it’s not one party disowning the other.”

She added: “As a result of all these recent pot-shots at me and attempted maligning of my image, it is very evident there is some vested interest from people who are seriously trying to damage my image (made by Max Clifford) but my conscience is clear and those who have taken this very hectic journey with me recently know how hard I have worked.”

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  1. your story on shilpa is not true, where mr hussain states he had intensions to pay the bills. the fact is that they had no intention to pay the law firm or security company these bill’s.

    The fact is they are broke!

    There is no theatre play (Miss Bollywood) happening in the UK thats her spoke’s person and agent keep going on about the restaurants (shilpa’s Dinners) have been scarped coz they got no money, the perfume is ok and not really no 3 ( you think its going to be higher in charts then armani, versaci, etc etc.

    UK public is feed up with there lies, even more shilpa states that Raj Kundra is just a good friend then why did her mum announce that Raj Kundra is going to be the husband on 4th July in The Daily Mail in UK, you can google it to get confirmation, also on 4th July Raj and shilpa were in Paris alone for a fashion show without her mum, now i guess that was business also was it? fashion was 1 night they stayed there over 4?? hmmmm pls get some facts right, also when shilpa is in London Raj happens to be checked into the room next door? everynight?? shetty and her team are giving so much rubbish now that no one believes them in UK. if money was due to so many people why was it not paid and had to wait for court notices? lawyer’s in UK don’t lie or can not lie or they be sued, it states in press that shilpa mum appointed the lawyers firm then shilpa press realise says we have nothing to do with it? hmmm come on are we fools!! everyone that is around shilpa knows inc Max clifford knows what was going on between them both, and all of a sudden they are just friends, sound like true pack of lies from the shetty household!! one minute her mum is so happy her girl found her lover next thing nothing is happening, watever!! shilpa was alone with raj kundra in paris for 3 nights romancing! with mum NOT being around! some business trip !! hey? max clifford dumped her due to her mum and mr hussain ,both off them did not know how to manage the women, this is common knowlegde in UK. the statements made by shilpa and mr hussain in the indian press can not be published here because they are all lies, and the press in UK would not print any lies in case they get sued! the storyies printed in the UK are confirmed true story as nothing else can be printed here, thats why shilpa only made that fake statement in india, call the courthouse hotel in london and ask then if shilpa and raj were checked in at same time, all the time while shilpa is in uk raj would be staying at the hotel, so much more to the truth then shilpa makes out, the UK public has seen her true colours and she has lost her career here as people are calling her a home breaker! second home she has broken now so a good track record! keep it up miss shetty but not wanted in the uk anymore by any of us!!

  2. It would be easier to understand the point (?) of the above comment if the grammar used were not so shockingly bad.
    This is the twenty first century and we simply do not destroy one’s career based on half truths and innuendos. Ms. Shetty is a lovely and talented actress who has worked very hard to establish herself. Her success as an actress and model should not be based on her personal relationships alleged or otherwise.

  3. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo


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