Kavita Kundra says "Shilpa Shetty Responbile for Marriage Split"

July 22nd, 2007

Here we go again, one more marriage and house is been broken by our bollywood lady. Yeah this time the lady is world famous and Doctorate Shilpa Shetty. Earlier this week, rumours were rife that Shilpa is getting married to South London NRI businessman Raj Kundra

Update: 25/10/2009
Shilpa Shetty got engaged to Raj Kundra. Wedding will be on 22nd November in Mumbai, and a reception in London.

Her bad-luck, now what about the image she has portrayed of very homely and cultural girl.

I again wish all of this is just a publicity stunt from Kundra’s or everything is just a rumour and Raj-Shilpa are just good friends.

This is what Mrs Kavita Kundra has to say:

Distraught Kavita revealed how 31-year-old entrepreneur Raj broke the bombshell news of his secret relationship with Shilpa, 32, in February after she found fame in the BB house as the victim of bullying and race taunts.

Kavita admitted their three-year marriage had been through a rocky patch, but insisted:  Up until then Raj had been talking about putting it back together, making things work for the sake of our daughter Deleena born in Sep 9 2006.

Kavita’s revelations come after a week of gossip fuelled by snaps of Shilpa and Raj—who helped launch her S2 perfume—shopping together. He also escorted her to a recent ‘Bollywood Oscars’ bash in Yorkshire. Every time I try to find out the depth of their relationship he avoids the question. Or he laughs.

Kavita recalled: Raj and I talked about Shilpa when she was on Big Brother. He’d say that her new high profile made her the hot new actress to have in any movie. But he never mentioned he knew her.

Then on one weekend visit to see Deleena, it came out of the blue. We were having a Sunday roast pub lunch and he announced, ‘Guess what? Shilpa and her mother have been asking personal questions about me—liking me for a potential husband.’ He said it in such a proud, bragging way that I was stunned. I asked if he’d met her and he said yes. I asked him if he liked her and he said, ‘She’s pretty. She’s nice. Yes, I know her.’ 

That was the first time I realised Raj might be serious about Shilpa.

Now I find it really hard and hurtful to even look at pictures of her. That’s the woman who’s got my husband, wrecked my marriage and is now living my life.

Raj Kundra told The Mail,

We are just good friends. My wife has always tried to link me to any woman I have been associated with professionally. She is very insecure. I am divorcing her on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour – that she never supported my interests or wanted to go out with me. He confirmed that he had ended the marriage by text message and sent her clothes to her in black bin-liners.

Well kavita sweetheart after listening to your side of story it seems like your marriage had broken well before Shilpa came into Raj’s life, so please don’t blame my Shilpa for your broken marriage.


TimesofIndia has published the apology of Raj Kundra where he has refuted allegations of his ex-wife Kavita.

In a statement, Raj Kundra said

My wife and I separated nine months ago and filed for divorce four months ago; we had agreed a mutual divorce. The reasons for the divorce are too personal for me to discuss and it would bring down my ex-wife and I do not wish to stoop down to her level as it’s very degrading. At this time I had no association with Shilpa Shetty whatsoever. I regret that my personal situation has led my ex-wife to attempt to damage the reputation of a highly acclaimed celebrity. I would simply like to take this opportunity to apologise to Shilpa Shetty and her family for my ex-wife’s shocking allegations and request the media to not give such claims so much attention without verifying the facts 

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  1. […] Kavita Kundra says, Shilpa Shetty Responsible for Marriage Split […]

  2. Shilpa shitty has shown her true colours again!! This is normal behaviour for her. Anyone who is up to date with bollywood news knows she has been down ‘lets bag a married man’ before.
    The marriage may have been on a rocky patch, like any other marriage..but not in that much trouble..the child is very young. Shilpa shitty may have persuaded him and made him believe its over. Her body clock is ticking away, she is desperate to settle.
    Get that doctorate off her, she doesnt deserve it…
    And playing sita in hanuman….she would sleep with bloody ravan himself, for a little more publicity.

  3. Raj kundra had met shilpa last year. It was he who had brought the big brother offer to her. From the start he has masterminded this.

  4. Pankaj: If Raj kundra introduced Shilpa Shetty to Big Brother than why he was not in the news from the very beginning and why now, only after having an affair with Shilpa Shetty. But trust me Shilpa really have done great job on him, I mean look at him now and look at him when he was married to Kavita.
    I do respect the fact that he has got a baby daughter and he should have made his marriage work, but then we don’t know what went wrong behind the close doors.

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  7. I think its unfair for the wife to say “now she is living my life”……the wife is the one who left the husband, and now she wants to work things out? Did she intent to leave him thinking he wouldnt look elsewhere? The wife seems pretty stupid to me.

  8. Shilpa is home breaker, it is year later and she is going to marry Raj. Kavita Kundra don’t bother you a better without him. Be strong for your little girl.

  9. Shilpa Shetty , just like her mother an sister.. How can a mother tell her own daughter to break a marriage that is in patch-up mode and snatch a husband??? She will face the consequences of her karma.. the little baby girl of Kavita, what about her life? what will kavita tell her daughter about her father, and that a woman came and snatched him away? shame on you Shilpa! that’s why God never gives name and fame to ppl like you..

  10. Dear Ms. Shetty,

    I use to really like you for the fame that you had regained after a long time and also for the way you have maintained yourself.

    If you are really marrying Mr.Kundra then I pity you and also your figure. You would have got somebody better then him and there is always great satisfaction in marrying fresher then the second hand.

    My sincere advise as being a very good fan of yours :- U are our India’s icon and would expect that everybody should respect you and NOT curse you.

  11. Raj Kundra’s an idiot for leaving his beautiful wife and a child for another women and that too an ex Bollywood actress
    and Shilpa Shetty should have had more sense to not get involved with a married women, being that she portrays that shes a simple cultural girl where are her cultural values gone?? down the drain it clearly sounds like, Raj Kundra is talking from his bottom by saying he was having problems in his marriage long before Shilpa made an entry into his life, truth is he saw a new dish and he wants it simple as that some men have a habit of changing their women like their boxers so hes talking nonsense and I wish Kavita gets justice and Shipa gets some sense into her head and leaves this twat and marries a single boy.

    Shilpa go to Mumbai and marry somewhere there, these NRI’s arent your cup of tea, they r stupid and ignorant, he will dump you for someone else.

  12. There is another bollywood actress knocking down smebdy’s life.And I wud say tht kavita shd be happy tht she got rid off from such a man who was never faithful…
    And Shilpa u start counting your happy days now,coz a man who left his wife and child for you will leave you also for smeother hottie in near future.
    But it won’t affect shilpa much coz thez actoresses doesn’t ahv any character..they can go to any limits for money.I really pity shilpa for having such a mother who inculcated soooo bad values in her daughter…
    All the best shilpa for having yet anothet man after raj kundra..

  13. shilpa, you are going to marry somebody’s husband and father. mind it. it is very very shameful for a woman like you.

  14. Shame on u shilp. ur really cheep. more than you your mother is cheep who inculcate such bad charater in you. Akshay kumar has take a good decission marrying with twinkle and diched u. i pray u also get diched by raj one day.

  15. there should be a law for women who daily listens bad words like she is not willing to come out with me she is not matching my interests and there is no fault in meeting any other woman outside if any such small words of irritation cause divorce and insecurities to the children if this is the case min compensation(should be a heavy penalty ) that a woman and the child can seek from her husband should be fixed .This is the only way where a married woman and family will be secured

  16. Shilpa,
    You are such a worst bitch.Why are you dng this??????plz leave him alone.You will never ever be happy.If a man can leave his wife and daughter for you keep this thing in mind he can always throw you out of his window after using.Well u desrve that.U r a second hand piece.U r meant for that use n throw.

  17. Why is everyone here blaming Shilpa? Clearly, Raj wanted to associate himself with a bollywood actress to raise his own status. After all, he is uneducated guy with no background to boast of. He willingly left Kavita for someone who is better, in terms of achievement, beauty and status. He is only human. Kavitha should have bettered herself.. the truth is that she is not of Shilpas level.

  18. Shilpa wants money and Raj wanted status. Even exchange. Both deserve each other.

  19. Shilpa,

    You deserve someone single n most eleigible batchellor than this married Raj, why r u behaving like a fool, believe me u r also gona b on the same stage where Kavita is today, dear dont go on fame……….it doesnt lasts for ever………


    this is really not done bro, atleats you could have thought about ur sweet lil baby girl………dont go on beauty man……..it doesnt lasts for long…..

    Still think over……….


  20. Dear Shilpa,

    You should not get marriage with Raj, bcoz agar ye Raj tumhare liye kavita ko divorce de sakta hai to kisi aur ke liye tumhe kyun nahi? Think 1000 times baby while taking this step. Plssssss.

  21. Marriages are not made in heaven, you have to work at it. Some relationships work and some dont. Hey shit happens and someone else’s loss is anothers gain. Good Luck Shilpa this is your gain and you enjoy and hold onto it tight. There is nothing wrong in what you have done I wish you both all the happiness. In marriages what happens behind the closed doors nobody knows, child or no child. When a marriage breaks and another woman is involved ‘why is it always the woman who gains at fault? What about falling out of love and finding new love, or forced marriages and marriage of inconvenience? Has anyone ever thought of that? Many comments made above are from narrow minded inconsiderate people. People want liberation and equality of opportunity- what about giving this couple a break and let them live their new found life and love and keeping your sarcastic comments to yourselves.

  22. we don’t have any right to interfere in some body’s personal life.

  23. it is their personal matter.

  24. you are real sin for shetty community.

  25. hai shilpa its very bad for us the people of mangalore u hahve spoiled the name of mangalorians.any way all the best .but remember u will also be thrown out from raj if he gets a new one.

  26. its shame on u shilpa… don’t u get other guy to marry…….he is old man…… its looking like father and daugter marring.


    Anybody’s marriage goes though rough bumps. That is natural. And we all come back and stay togther. This might even happen all through the life. 10-15 years is very very common.

    And trust me, quoting the words, of Raj, if she is accusing him regularly with other women, that hints something… Yeah, there won’t be smoke without fire…

    Can people, please email to shilpa at shilpa@shilpashettylive.com

    Many thanks,
    Nitha Jose

  28. Mrs.Kundra said that Raj was having an affair with her. Raj said he wasn’t. Well, now they are getting married, so wouldn’t that prove the fact that they really have been having an affair? This WHOLE thing is stupid.

  29. To quote the above words of Raj:
    “she never supported my interests or wanted to go out with me.”

    The above words of Raj shows that he divorced his wife for silliest reasons.

    “He confirmed that he had ended the marriage by text message and sent her clothes to her in black bin-liners”

    That shows too much disrespect, Raj.
    You don’t treat your child’s mother like that. Sending back her clothes in ‘black bin liners’, the ones in which we dispose day to day waste! You did that, and you don’t have any shame to tell that infront of all…

    Is marriage only that important for you Raj, to end it by a text message? If so, Shilpa will have to be really careful about text messages, from now on!



    where I said,
    ‘there won’t be smoke without fire’,

    because that is something too personal for me to comment on and I am nobody to judge, without proper evidence.


    It could be a verbal ping pong between a husband and wife…and Raj doesn’t look like one !

    But ‘MARRIAGE IS FOR LIFE’ and people should not part for silly reasons, like ‘not coming out with me’, ‘not supporting my interests’.

    Married couples are two different people from two different backgrounds,brought up in different ways. Where any two humanbeings deal with each other, it is common to have problems, clashes, adjustments to be made. We are humans, we are not lifeless objects!

    Wish you good luck Raj, and I hope you will change your mind and will go back to your sweet wife ‘who is missing you so much now’ and your little angel.

    prayers and GOD BLESS,
    Nitha Jose

  31. u guys r onli and onli cribbing bout shilpa wot bout raj even he s involvd he is a bigger criminal of his daughtr den shilpa

  32. well done raj
    you hav taken strong decision, im sure you there must be genuine reasons behind it.

    all the best with shilpa

  33. […] more about raj kundra first wife kavitha in the below link…… http://www.sheetudeep.com/blog/entertainment/kavita-kundra-says-shilpa-shetty-responbile-for-marriag… Leave a Reply | Tags: Bollywood Hot Actresses, Hot Videos, Indian cricketers, Indian Premier […]

  34. Again it prooved that another bollywood actres married to a second hand culprit who cheated “A masoom Kid”. shame to u shilpa and to all Banta comunity? then what right u have marry him in banta culture? anyway enjoy till he searches another bitch.

  35. She had already divorced and she is saying she wanted to patch up, if she wanted to patch up why did she divorce. This marriage was broken not because of extramarital affairs, so there was some irreconcilable differences in opinion between them, Raj’s reasons may sound silly but there is much more implicated between the lines. What he said about his wife clearly shows the attitude of that woman. Instead of being supportive she clearly was playing the usual blame game, look at the neighborhood man how he treats his wife, etc, she’s never content, whatever men does some woman never feel content why the problem is with themselves, they dont care about their body and they demand the same kind of intensity in love, to care about her own physical appearance means she cares about her marriage. Sex has a big part to play in marriage. I dont think they had that intimate a relationship lately and she divorced him and said that she was trying to patch up but by then he learned himself to patch it up.

  36. See Raj Kundra before he met Shilpa and after, you can see the difference, a woman molds a man, more than vice versa, clearly he lacked support and confidence which he found in Shilpa, who in turn found the security and care in Raj. The approach of Raj’s former wife shows her character, even after divorce she’s the same, it better to live alone in a desert than to live with a nagging wife.

  37. Hi

    I have found some photos here

    According to the media they sold the photo right to a UK magazine for about 50 Lakh indian Rupees


  38. Like her costars in bollywood,another Marriage breaker.
    All husband and wife do have problems.it will be sorted in course of time,unless another women enters the story.

  39. This is very bad to think that people who wants to start in new way be always wrong. Someone told the truth that in closedroom what happens whoes knows so there must be some thing wrong with this two dudes so according to me there is nothing wrong with shilp and raj. At least shilpa ll die a married life.

  40. wel, I dnt blame silpa. Its all the fault of Raj. yes Silpa sud have thought hundreds of time b4 attatching herself wid
    Raj. Bt I think its better to be parted wid Raj instead of staying wid that sort of blady hoar.
    It iz better u start ur new life.

  41. at this age and her failing career she wanted to secure herself //for these kind of selfish people they dont care they have no sypathy for anyone ..
    i hate her to me she is not even pretty .after having so many nose jobs she stil looks ordinary
    kavita is much prettier and a mother of his child …
    ughhhhhhhhh ….what a ruthless person shilpa shitty is
    i dont think this married going to work
    this raj kundra can leave his wife for shilpo who is not even young can dump shilpa for some else …shilpa mother i have a question for you if some one do this to ur daughter how will u feel
    thsi is the irony people dont think that way

  42. the bollywood actress love to break someone’s family as long as they have their sexy appeal…and that is what shilpa has done. karma will get back to her for sure…soon she will know what will happen to her on breaking ppl’s family and breaking a little child’s heart. she jus married him for money…very clear…these woman will go to anyone who have money..even he looks like a shit!!!

  43. Ok guys,

    Every marriage has ups and downs. It doesn’t mean one have to re-marry again. Look around when ever there is a problem in marriage 99% spilt happens because someone else is benefiting and coaching one spouse to end the marriage. If one has to sacrificing to keep the marriage, think million times because it’ll never be the end of their sacrificing.

    Trust, Love, understanding and respecting each other for who they are keeps both happy!

    Marriage may be over but the fact Raj is still little girl’s father and i hope he always remembers that, for Shilpa please do not try to create boundaries in there relationship and do what you would do for your child.

  44. I think it’s everyone’s personal choice what they want to do in life as they are all grown ups and know very well that what is good and bad for them in life. We should leave them alone and it’s purely their business that what they would like to do in their life…

  45. i can’t blame any1 as a don’t really know wat happened.am just a stranger…n i don’t wana even know who is to blame….i just feel sorry 4 the little girl…..
    just wana request shilpa, Raj and his ex- wife to give the little angel all the luv and care dat the girl deserves….1 thing is 4 sure, the little angel is not to be blamed and not to even suffer….

  46. Raj,i will not congrants you for ur happy married life.You had broken some one’s home and constructs other.God is there if your really at fault you will be certainly punished.At least for sake of your blood i.e ur daughter you shouldn’t have do this

  47. Hi Shilpa Shetty

    U broke the home and life of Kavitha. U exhibited ur very cheap and indecent behavior. I AM SURE EVEN THIS MARRIAGE WILL NOT LOST LONG. BECAUSE U ARE BORN BITCH.

  48. why we all want to discuss about the others life….?
    phle apne ander jhanko……

  49. U have destroyed one’s family and also have destroyed a little child’s future alongwith image of indian women in the society.

  50. why bother and break yr head. no use crying over split milk. karma theory is v. scientific and who ever does wrong whether we/they think like that or not will surely get their dues. but who knows what the reality was so let God decide all 4’s future but unknowingly u r all creating yr karmas by speaking harsh words as we know nothing about their pvt. life.

  51. Idon’t like this kind of peaple how cheat with ther wife but shilpa and raj bout r the same the bout cheat it but y every 1 is bleming shilpa for if shalpa say yes raj shouldnt that is all

  52. leave him kavita, just spit on them and live ur life

  53. Very Rich man!! gets so cheap, marriage didn’t work out, could have worked out. Mr Raj should have thought about his baby first more then anything. And Mrs Shilpa shetty Kundra, would you love to have a stepmother for youself THINK!!! you wound’t like it would you? I used to like you but now you are just a cheap woman and you would have got a nice RICH man maybe even richer if u hunted harder, say u got a baby and then Mr Raj decides to marry Aishwarya Rai that would be fun woun’t it

  54. What a cheap whore Shilpa Shitty is? And I believe she is in her 40’s, so why is it splashed all over the media that she is only 34? She had a sinking career in bollywood, can’t act and made it big in that BB show only because she was bullied (and rightly so) Actually, she couldn’t understand the inmated “english” and was defensive from the get-go and of course later they did bully her!! Shitty has broken someone’s home for her cheap interests and that idiot Raj – what a buffoon he looks like!

  55. Comments its all abouth the money man Raj looks tooo old hes got the money but no looks n seems like no personality.. its sad that he divorced his wife so soon after having a child does he have no shame or brains he can never be a good husband to any women. an if shilpa is in the wrong then what goes around comes around.

  56. shilpa is home breaker……………..

  57. he will realize when shilpa breaks up with him and divorces him for another high profile person .. Then I think he will run back to Kavitha.. Poor thing Kavitha.. May go dgive her the energy to withstand this trauma… I hate Shilpa Shetty.. God is there and he is looking upon .. Be careful


  59. Raj forget Kavita at least once u should have thnk about ur daughter.Be brave Kavita for Deleena’s sake. Poor Deleena ‘inn sab me uska kya dosh hai’.

  60. boo hooo what a slut of a husband, he is such a coward to break a relation on a text…..let him go honey he is too cheap and insecure

  61. Kavita kundra was saving her marriage for the sake of her daughter but little ms Shitty came along and ruined the little girls home

  62. Obviously, this is just a case of the grass was greener on the other side. What a dumbass of a man! I am so not Shilpa’s fan anymore. Obviously, she is a gold digger even though she has her own goldmine,so to speak, and we all know it is not for her acting skills or film career. Truly, tragic!

  63. shilpa shetty ko to jitni galli do km hai. bt usae punish god krega

  64. Shilpa u r bitch …u dont have any heart…u never think of that little girl from his first wife.What is there fault.God wil never forgv u,,,…


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