Shilpa Shetty getting married to Raj Kundra

July 19th, 2007

Rumours are Shilpa Shetty the most wanted (every man’s dream girl) and talked lady of the Universe is getting married to a 30-year-old South London NRI businessman Raj Kundra.

Kavita Kundra says, Shilpa Shetty Responsible for Marriage Split

Kundra was in the diamond and jewellery business and then was associated with UK Tradecorp, exporting electrical goods. He is reportedly into film financing – but Mere Jeevan Saathi (Akshay Kumar-Karisma Kapoor) was much delayed and sank at the box-office.

I wish this is a rumour, cause Kundra is married to Kavita and they recently had a baby girl.

There are no confirmations from Shetty’s spokesperson and publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

I personally want to see Shilpa Shetty getting married to a much bachelor and not to an already married man.

Updates: 25/10/2009

Shilpa Shetty got engaged to Raj Kundra. Wedding is on 22nd November in Mumbai, and a reception in London.

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  1. […] Here we go again, one more marriage and house is been broken by our bollywood lady. Yeah this time the lady is world famous and Doctorate Shilpa Shetty. Earlier this week, rumours were rife that Shilpa is getting married to South London NRI businessman Raj Kundra […]

  2. I don’t understand why do people in this world always want to see the image in one dimension.. theres a lot happening in the world. Whatever we see is not always meant to be right. what i believe is that unless we know the truth we have no right to blame or accuse anyone. When we don’t know the person making accusation in real life..we have no right to be judgemental. Shilpa is a very talented actress and I believe she is a true star in real life as well..good luck!!

  3. this is really really bad. right now , shilpa would not understand but when she gonna have same problem with her marriage than she would understand. Kavita has one little girl, how about her? Shilpa, u can find thousands of men, get others. This is not a drama or your movie. this is some one’s real life with child.Just put your feet in her shoes.

  4. it’s all about respect … today’s world lacks decency and respect … Shilpa is only thinking about herself … If she was a true woman – she would encourage her “friend” Raj Kundra to work things out with his wife – for the sake of his daughter … Shilpa is the typical bollywood woman … wat’s the saying … a woman can make a woman or break a woman … and wat makes her think that she won’t be in Kavita’s shoes one day … after all … anyone with a roving eye doesn’t stop at one …

  5. i think she shoundn’t marry him. because the has a wife already and it dosnt matter if he is divorced. there r loads of other people that will be perfect in her life.

  6. Shilpa Shetty is a successful actress in Bollywood. She has lots of acting potentials. I wish her all the best. May her married life brings new joys and happiness in her life.

  7. If the rumours are true then this is the most disgusting thing that a women can ever do to another . I hope she is not doing what kylie Minogue did. She is loved by the people for the stand she took . but the very other step will leave her to be the hated person by the very people that loved her.

  8. Hey Shilpa Shetty,stop what your doing right now for just one reason.GOD is watching you ,and He will make sure you reap what you sow ,in your very life.You just cannot have it your way .Think of his pretty wife and his little baby girl.Comeone you need to think with your heart and not your head.Your head will say marry him and your heart way say no.Trust me ,if all that matters is money you sure will get a richer one!!Get off him right now.

  9. This guy Raj is a starstuck daddys boy who would go out with the tea lady in an Indian Film, nd Shilpa Shetty is in it for a free ride as Raj is blowing his money on her to try and impress her,works every time.He must be very superficial and desperate to have left the UK just so he can have some exposure in Indian fims by being with Shipa Shety and leaving behind a wife who only gave birth months before he left her.He is one very sad and desperate individual !!!

  10. There are always two sides to every story. Mr Kundra and his ex-wife had a poor relationship to start with. They both have stated that this is true. It is doubtful that their marriage would have survived even if he had not met Ms. Shetty.
    More to the point, it is not Ms. Shetty’s fault if two other adults cannot make a marriage work. If Ms. Shetty were not a figure much in the public eye this rumored affair would not be newsworthy. Mr. Kundra and his wife had actually separated before he and Ms. Shetty were even seen in public together. Per his statement, he and his wife had separated before he had ever actually met Ms. Shetty.
    The only complaint that I see as valid here does not involve Ms. Shetty. Mr Kundra does owe his wife a substantial divorce settlement and has thus far offered her a mere pittance. He should act as an honourable man and treat her and his daughter decently. He should give her the jewelry which he bought her during their marriage. And he owes her a far more substantial settlement than he has thus far offered, including the residence which they had shared. Offering her a house worth 270,000 pounds is a slap in the face. And he is witholding 150,000 pounds in jewelry which were his gifts to her while they were married.
    Aside from the above, whatever the current relationship is between Mr. Kundra and Ms. Shetty is, this is not really a matter for the interest of others. Ms. Shetty is a very charming, beautiful and talented actress who has worked very hard to establish herself. As an actress she should be judged only on these merits. This is the twenty first century. One does not destroy the career of another based upon rumor and innuendo.

  11. I do not understand, that why these actress are wants second hand Husbond only. Why they are not geting marry in correct age. And Shilpa shetty is worst than these all actress. I realy hate her. Earlier no one was taking interest in her now after Big brother she got famous. What she is thinking herself we dont know.

  12. Shilpa please make Raj go back to his wife for their daughter’s sake. If u had not come into his life they might have got together again. What is it with u actresses that u want what rightfully belongs to someone else? If GOD helped u win Big brother the do SOMTHING good other than ruining the chances for a little girl to have a father. Also please try not to flaunt your gifts from Raj and yr liking for children etc in public. In view of Raj having a baby it is obscene the way u talk.

  13. hey shilpa these people are all usless if you want to marry the person its up to you i can understand that raj already has a wife but when you move to diffrent places you get to see other people so dont listen to anyone and do what you like thats what i would say and i cannot believe that my uncle knows you and is mates with you going to be husband raj kundra i have seen his mansion it is so good i have also been to ur show cos raj kundra is good friends with my uncle and raj gave tickets to him as well good luck on your marriage hope it becomes a succes

  14. money money shilpa loves the money
    look at the face honey marry ugly rich Uk poop and live unhappy

  15. i think shilpa is a grown women and can make her own decision if they wana be together then let be.Every one cannot be perfect so what if shes getting married if they are both happy then go for it girl.Ther are so many cases like this just because shes famous shes being hit like a bullet.Good look just hope it works out

  16. she’s a big girl, he’s a big boy, he’s already married with a kid. point taken. if he’s already divorced from his wife then why cant he marry another it be shilpa or some other woman??? shilpa is NOT the one breaking up his marriage coz he’s ALREADY DIVORCED DUHHHHHH and its up to HIM (NOT shilpa) to be with another woman. shilpa is NOT the home-wrecker….how can she be? lol Its HIM whos already divorced and marrying shilpa so i dont understand what all the bullshit is about with ur negative comments lol. GET A LIFE U PPL AND LET THEM LIVE THEIRS!!!!!

  17. shipla plz dont do this its not fair to ruin another woman life if this person is leaving her wife for u whats the gurantee he will be loyal to u always ur going to spoil ur popularity all those who love u admire u will not forgive u if u do so plz dont marry this man

  18. ap bohat achi hai aur ap ko itna acha husband mila hai you lucky woman

  19. Shilpa Shetty getting married to Raj Kundra welcome on

    please attach album picture.


  20. i belive that raj kundra will later realise that what he is doing is not correct .i dont think that shilpa shetty is doing anything wrong the real culprit is raj kundra who can not deside for himself what is right and what is wrong.

  21. same time of marriage as his 1st one. and honeymoon where he made plans with kavita to go. still not over her raj? sending messages? so sad.

  22. this is the best pantomime that one could get at christmas.
    jealous witch, shilpa. lap dog following the witch, raj. UGLY SISTERS, his sisters! both with ugly feet.
    family of judas, the kundras.

  23. so after all the lies, they were dating before he split up with kavita. check out company that started this was headed by raj kundra, supporting shilpa whilst she ws in big brother.



  25. shilpa shetty is my fav

  26. shilpa is verrrrrrry ugly girl yahhhhhh

  27. hi…….. u are fablouse . will u tell how to make a beautiful ????

  28. m from pakistan . we love u soooooooo much


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