Bigg Boss 3 Winner : Vindu Dara Singh
December 26th, 2009
  Vindu Dara Singh is the winner of Bigg Boss 3!! Vindu was awarded with prize money of Rs 1 Crore and also the Chevrolet Cruze car. He relied on Desh Ka Aadesh everytime and he got Desh Ka Aadesh declaring him as a Winner Poonam Dhillon was the first to leave the house as 2nd runner-up, and then Pravesh and Vindu waiting for the final verdict. Vindu cried buckets, of course “Khushi ke aansoo”.


Pravesh Rana and Food Drama in Bigg Boss House
December 22nd, 2009
Finally, Pravesh Rana showed his true colours and lost his complete cool, not that he didn’t do this before, but this time he crossed his limits as common man by throwing all the food in the pool. The way he sliced the tomato into halves before throwing it into swimming pool shows how much he is filled with hatred, revenge, and frustration. It also shows that the whole act was pre planned. A common man can never behave like this. He has lost all the support and votes. In my opinion BIGG BOSS should give him the task to clean the swimming pool along with whatever punishment he deserves as per BIGG BOSS. I am following the BIGG BOSS from very ...


Bakhtiyaar walked out with Rs 10 lakh from Bigg Boss house
December 20th, 2009
Bakhtiyaar out of Bigg Boss house! Smart Ass and greedy Bakhtiyaar got himself evicted, he knew he don’t stand any chance against Vindu and Poonam. I don’t count Pravesh! So he took the offer of Bigg Boss of Rs 10 lakh and walked out. Actually on Sunday to add a twist in the show and to take only 3 contestants to the final, Bigg Boss offered Rs 10 lakh to all 4 contestants on the show and asked who will be the one to take the money and get out from the show, of course Bakhtiyaar took this opportunity. I would say he is smart, at least he got 10 lakh, now see what other 3 will do? One of ...


Aditi Govitrikar out of Bigg Boss 3 house
December 18th, 2009
Aditi is been evicted today, so that means we have Poonam, Vindu, Pravesh and Bakhtiyaar entering the final week. Meanwhile the buzz is that there would be a surprise mid-week eviction just before the finale on December 26. I want Poonam to win the show, this time it should be the lady of the house and not the fool males of the house. Hand Grenade: Aditi had to pick a housemate who would serve food and wash clothes of all the members in the house for the next whole week, and she chooses her best lazy friend Bakhtiyaar. Vote for deserving, dignified and dynamic lady Poonam Dhillon to win. SMS POD to 56882.


Bigg Boss 3 – Who’ll be in final week?
December 14th, 2009
Week 11, day 71 count down for the Bigg Boss 3 finalist begins! Thanks to Claudia’s Hand Grenade, Pravesh enter the Bigg Boss final week, now let’s see on Friday who else joins him. Vindu, Aditi, Poonam and Bakhtiyaar are up for eviction this week. Bakhtiyaar was already nominated thanks to Vindu’s Hand Grenade. Nominations: Aditi: Vindu & Poonam Poonam: Vindu & Aditi Vindu: Aditi & Poonam Pravesh: Vindu & Poonam Bakhtiyaar: Poonam & Vindu


Claudia out of Bigg Boss house and Vindu in Secret room
December 11th, 2009
This is something very sensational, Claudia and Vindu is evicted today, but Vindu is secretly whisked into a secret room where he will stay for next 2 days. He’ll be able to see and hear everybody in the Bigg Boss house. Pravesh’s timepass Claudia was bound to leave as she was too fake. Bhaktiyaar is saved again, but not for long as he is getting too Pakau with his bible reading and diplomatic talking's. He is showing off too much and his me-me is giving headache now. He projects himself as a very sensible man with saying sorry to Vindu, where was his intelligence when his wife Tanaaz was with him and he was always trying his best to ...


Bigg Boss 3 – Raju Srivastav out of the house
December 4th, 2009
Raju Srivastav aka Gajodhar bhaiya is voted out of the house…Evicted! Pravesh and Raju both were confident that this time it’s Vindu who will be eliminated, but janta is very shrewd they want to see some more drama. So they eliminated Raju and now want to see what Pravesh will do, will he keep his words and walk out of the show or will he just ignore Vindu. With the eviction of Raju Srivastav, Vindu’s confidence will touch sky and he will rule the house now. After all “India” is with him... (Laugh). Other all housemates will be scratching their heads, especially Pravesh Rana. Hand Grenade – Raju was given two options, he had to ...


Vindu, Raju and Pravesh are up for eviction
November 30th, 2009
Week 9 Nominations: Bakhtiyaar was safe from nomination due to his name in last week’s surakshit nomination. Kamal being a guest does not have the right to nominate or to get nominated by anyone, but Bigg Boss made a announcement that it is because of his good performance in last task. Bakhtiyaar – Vindu and Raju Poonam – Pravesh and Claudia Aditi – Raju and Vindu Claudia – Vindu and Raju Raju – Pravesh and Aditi Pravesh – Vindu and Raju Vindu – Pravesh and Claudia It’s time for Raju Srivastav to say good bye to the house. After ...


Rohit Verma evicted against Vindu Dara Singh
November 27th, 2009
As expected and as per Vindu’s prediction that no one would stand a chance in front of him, that’s why or due to his own kukaram Rohit popat is voted out of the Bigg Boss house. Nothing, not even his rona dhona saved him. Actually he should have been out last week but thanks to his lucky and Vinod Kambli’s unlucky stars that he was shown the doors by us audience. Vinod Kambli’s exit was a big shock and than his Aakhri Salaam was very emotional. Begging to work with Sachin Tendulkar infront of Amitabh was very touchy, poor guy was in tears. Sachin are you listening give him a chance to play IPL with you, remember a friend in need ...


“Mile sur mera tumhara” song with new generation.
November 16th, 2009
“Mile sur mera tumhara” part 2 is been shot and is ready for release. I remember how much I loved the first version of this song on national integration that used to be aired on television in 1988. Ad filmmaker Kailash Surendranath and his wife Aarti had produced the video, featuring stalwarts from the world of acting, singing and sports. Now, an updated version of the song with new artistes is being shot by the same producers in different parts of India. Ranbir Kapoor is chosen to participate in the newly conceived, designed and executed version of the music video as the new youth icon. Where as Amitabh Bachchan is the only artiste from the earlier music video to feature in the new ...


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