Bigg Boss 3 – Raju Srivastav out of the house

December 4th, 2009

Raju Srivastav aka Gajodhar bhaiya is voted out of the house…Evicted!

Pravesh and Raju both were confident that this time it’s Vindu who will be eliminated, but janta is very shrewd they want to see some more drama. So they eliminated Raju and now want to see what Pravesh will do, will he keep his words and walk out of the show or will he just ignore Vindu.

With the eviction of Raju Srivastav, Vindu’s confidence will touch sky and he will rule the house now. After all “India” is with him… (Laugh). Other all housemates will be scratching their heads, especially Pravesh Rana.

Hand Grenade – Raju was given two options, he had to choose any one contestant who will stay in the garden for following week or will have to wash clothes of all the other contestants. Raju selected Pravesh who will stay in the garden for whole week. In a way it’s good for Pravesh that he stays in the garden area otherwise inside the house Poonam and Vindu would have made his life miserable to live.

Big B ne Pravesh ka baja diya baja!

Today was not a good day for Pravesh, as Big B showed him his “Aukat” by reminding him that he has gained entry in the Bigg Boss house as a Common Man and that he should respect the Senior “Celebrities” in the house. The way Big B played question and answer game, it was clear that he is supporting Vindu loud and clear. Big B tried his best to make Pravesh look like an idiot and very small in front of Vindu. I think this should be an eye and mind opener for Pravesh to realise that Vindu has a huge support and backing from the industry and his “India”. There’s not much difference between Vindu and last season’s Rahul Mahajan, both are Sheikh Chilli.

Poonam Dhillon also showed her anger for Pravesh when she found out that Pravesh called her “budhiya sathiya gayi hai”. She asked Pravesh, what will you feel if somebody say this about your mother? She also looked very disturbed when she realised that Vindu was discussing her personal life with other house mates, but she couldn’t say anything to Vindu as he is from her circle. That was so hypocrite of her!

If Pravesh is an smart ass he will befriend with Vindu and try to make his position strong in the house or he should voluntarily quit as promised to Vindu and save his reputation. Now that’s a million dollar question will he or will he not quit the show? He called himself a “Mard”, let’s see what this mard is going to do next, what’s cooking in his mind?

This Sunday Vindu, Poonam and Pravesh are up for eviction.

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