Pravesh Rana and Food Drama in Bigg Boss House

December 22nd, 2009

Finally, Pravesh Rana showed his true colours and lost his complete cool, not that he didn’t do this before, but this time he crossed his limits as common man by throwing all the food in the pool. The way he sliced the tomato into halves before throwing it into swimming pool shows how much he is filled with hatred, revenge, and frustration. It also shows that the whole act was pre planned. A common man can never behave like this. He has lost all the support and votes. In my opinion BIGG BOSS should give him the task to clean the swimming pool along with whatever punishment he deserves as per BIGG BOSS. I am following the BIGG BOSS from very first season and I would say that he is worst and cheapest ever contestant I have seen in all the seasons.

Actually I think the frustration which we all witnessed today is of yesterday’s episode where smart ass Bakhtiyaar walked away with 10 lakh cash. Pravesh is  regretting his decision of not taking the money and it has hit him very hard now, after a day! He knows he don’t stand any chance in front of Vindu and that’s why he is trying his level best to pull Vindu down by starting arguments with him. Stupid thing is that he involved Poonam in his dirty tricks and tried to put Poonam down. He should have atleast thought about the food she feed him all this 11 weeks. He behaved like a cheap spoilt brat. No way is he going to get any votes from anybody. In fact he had himself stamped the win for Vindu and car for Poonam or vice-versa, actually vice-versa would be better because I want Poonam to win.

Video of Pravesh Rana throwing food into the swimming pool

Pravesh almost had an argument with all the members of the house, remember in his first few days of entry he insulted Shamita Shetty and then Rohit. Even though Rohit was wrong, but the way he treated Rohit was very cheap and downmarket. Later on, he crossed his limits and insulted Vindu, but Vindu as we all have witnessed a big heart man, forgive him. He almost had a arguement with Aditi and Bakhtiyaar. If he was not insulting the members on their face, then he was doing it behind their backs. I am sure his parents and relatives will also hate him for what he did with the food. He is going to get a nice pitayi from his policiya baap.

Remember during a task he gave the title of “Khisiani billi khamba noche” to Poonam. Now I think the title suits him better. That’s exactly what he is doing now by complaining to Bigg boss like a child and throwing all the food in the pool. As he has realized that he has lost the race to Poonam and Vindu.

Please vote for Poonam and make her win, I don’t want Vindu to get sympathy votes after all this drama. This season let a lady be the winner. Vote for Poonam Dhilion!

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  1. just finished watching today’s episode.

    isse kehte hai “THUK KAR CHATNA”. It happened before as well when Pravesh said that if Vindu doesn’t get evicted then he will walk out of the show..but he didn’t…

    now again yesterday he said that he will make the life hell for Vindu and Poonam.. but cracked under pressure ..and now he regrets his action..

    I completely agree with the punishment of BIGG BOSS. This would definitely have long term effect on Pravesh..

  2. Bigg Boss is so damn biased… when pravesh throws a few grocery items into the pool out of frustration, everyone thinks he’s the bad one. When Vindu threatens pravesh and tells him he only earns peanuts and people like vindu in movies make lots of money, and threatens him that he won’t get a role, no one thinks he’s being bad. When Kamal came to the Bigg Boss house as a guest, he was offered Evian water and imported milk, and not to mentioned all the other imported food. A bottle of Evian costs more than 100 rs, and he used to get five of them in a day, and lets not even talk about the cost of the imported milk and fruits that he used to get everyday. How come no one had any thought about that? If big boss could spend so much money wasting it on KRK, why doesn’t he spend it all on some street kids who don’t get one meal a day? The cost of one bottle of Evain water can feed a poor family an entire day. Doesnt big boss that that’s unfair? Such a biased show, seriously… Pravesh threatened Vindu’s connections, and now Pravesh has to pay the price. I think Akshay kumar and his gang wanted big boss to make life difficult for Pravesh Rana, and make everyone hate him. I’ve really started hating even Akshay kumar now, he’s got such a fake ego, and he’s so fake, just like Vindu. As they say, birds of a feather, flock together. Please vote for Pravesh Rana and help a regular guy like him win the show, and show people like Vindu and Akshay Kumar that money isn’t everything in like. For a guy who was a waiter himself, Akshay Kumar has a lot of ego about his status, even his behaviour at big boss. It’s just shocking. People like Vindu and Akshay Kumar need to learn a few lessons about Humility. And they need to know that they are celebrities only because of the “Aam Janta”. Vote for Pravesh Rana. Show the world that we the people can make a difference. And we, together, are stronger than a few people’s money.

  3. hey all….it is really said to see pravesh losing n a villain like vindu winning.Whatever pravesh did he it in pressure n he should have forgiven for that.If he was not allowed to win sympathies or votes just becz he enetered late into the house or he was boild enough to face ugly faced n stupidly behaving vindu then he should nt have been sent into the house.eho the the vindu thinks he is to threateh pravesh.We started watching it here in pakistan becoz of the spark Pravesh brought to the show n how come the title most bold n stylish went o vindu i mean come on that title was meant for pravesh only …m hating vindu so much duhhh.

  4. pravesh is cheap, what he was doing with claudia every one knows and how a person throws all the food in water which i think he even does not afford to buy,everybody know that how policeman chilldrens are broght up and what envirnment they see since their chilhood
    he even doesn’t deserve to be in the big boss, forget about final


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