“Mile sur mera tumhara” song with new generation.

November 16th, 2009

“Mile sur mera tumhara” part 2 is been shot and is ready for release. I remember how much I loved the first version of this song on national integration that used to be aired on television in 1988.

Ad filmmaker Kailash Surendranath and his wife Aarti had produced the video, featuring stalwarts from the world of acting, singing and sports. Now, an updated version of the song with new artistes is being shot by the same producers in different parts of India.

Ranbir Kapoor is chosen to participate in the newly conceived, designed and executed version of the music video as the new youth icon. Where as Amitabh Bachchan is the only artiste from the earlier music video to feature in the new version. He has not only acted but has also sung a part of the original composition, his portion of the song is shot at Taj hotel. Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have also shot for the song.

Shilpa Shetty and Deepika Padukone are the other celebrities from the entertainment sector to be featured. Commenting about the song, Deepika said, “My dad was part of the first one. Now I am in the second.”

Let’s see if the updated version of the song lives to its expectations! I am sure it will…it’s such a beautiful song!

Video of New Version

Part 2 of New Version

Old Version

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  1. I too loved this song…it was very touchy. Don’t know if new generation will bring that feel or not?

  2. i also like this song tooo much, anybody have this song?? if yes then mail me. becose i m just creazy for this song.

  3. It’s a beautiful song,i just love the old version. NEW VERSION???? when?

  4. I dont think if we should also imagine comparin this wid the original one. This is a big let down

  5. this video only promotes bollywood but not indian culture. what was Deepika wearing…shame on her.Video could have done without her.

  6. No sachin tendulkar, No Abdul kalam. if they can take amitabh in it, then why not Lata Mangeshkr? such pity to see that legends were left out and only Bollywood was selling.

  7. what a waste of money and time. and wot a let down on Republic Day. i was looking forward to this video, but its shit. why the video so long…..may be fiting all the craps in it took long.
    They forgot Vivek Oberio? ha ha ha

  8. what a bull shit!!!!!!!!!!!what does the non achievers like deepika and ranbir had to do here?wherz bindra?wherz sachin? wherz abdul kalam? wherz sania mirza?

  9. Sad, we have to look to Bollywood for patriotic feelings and national inspiration! We elect movie actors for chief ministers so why are we complaining!

  10. what the hell Rohit Bal and Shiamak Davar r doing in the video, wot great have they done for the country. R they bigger than Sachin Tendulkar, Ganguly or Mahi? and why such low profie couple for Marathi lines, couldn’t they got someone better and famous from Marathi industry.
    and y the hell we have to see Bachchan family evrywhere, can’t we do anything without them.

  11. Personally, I thought it was very entertaining.

    Rahman’s continuum fingerboard was mind-bogglingly awesome. Then there was Amitabh – everytime I see him these days, I’m possessed by the urge to rip his hairpiece off to see how bald he really is. The Telugu dude who walked in on the extremely wooden uncomfortable family must be a really big star. Zakir Hussain was great as always, no matter how ridiculous his surroundings.

    Who was the dude in the black beret? He is followed by Salman Khan who is surrounded by children – now there’s a good role model.

    Badminton baby is then followed by Priyanka Chopra who, inexplicably, steals a notebook from a child. But this crappy middle is worth it for the segment with AMjad Ali Khan and his kids. Man those guys can play.

    From there, unfortunately, its downhill again with a mammooty sighting followed by some fat guys on keyboards and Closet Davar who, it occurs to me, might actually might be a good role model for gay kids. We get to see a weird mutated clone of Sonu Nigam, some more plastic stars and finally, there’s some patriotic shit that doesn’t quite have the benefit of being able to ride a tidal wave of emotion.

  12. Any how the time has been changed the old song was made 22 years back so as per the time span things will also change.We have to also cope up with the time.As a whole the video was nice the only worst part was that they focused only to bollywood and forgotten our real heros like the sports persons,singers,Dr.Kalam and off course the defence people.

  13. Utter failure of the whole concept to deliver the idea of patriotism. No comparison at all to the original version that represents the cultural heritage of India.The makers truly could have done a lot better, instead of concentrating on bollywood.

  14. No doubt every one did a lot effort had have given their 100% to make this video a success…..but is this enough, is bollywood everything for a democratic and developing nation like India. This is not any other song, its a saga which defines our nation and binds our culture in one thread.It is a live example of a United country, which is a land of people from many religions and mother tongues.This song is all about showing our culture. So where is the ethenic dresses….Why we putting Western culture in our culture by showing Deepika in Western dress (with over acting) and Shahid as a rockstar…Remember Hema Malini, Sharmila Tagore and all in the old songs in saree, how pure their image was which in turn made a pure image of Indian culture.Salmaan had avery influencing video in this song but did really he have to put off his shirts here also….
    As every citizens question, where is Sachin, APJ Abdul Kalam,Sania , Lata Mangeskar still is a question but the first and reallt important question is where are the real heros.Why we didnot got a chance to see the Proud Indian Soldiers of Mumbai Attack.Only shooting in front of Taj Hotel does not mean everything.In a full video of 16.x minutes, we can see sports persons and Defence for only around 1.10 minutes.Rest is all bollywood.Y?Doing miralces in reel life doesnot make sense in Real Life…..What about the Real Life Heros……..It is not the fault of actors who participated, they did it because they are also very keen to get into a project like this….but it is the mind set of the makers which need to be changed……any how for me MY NATION IS MY LIFE……AND I M PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN….JAI HIND

  15. i have no clue what bollywood is upto…the song was good…no doubt…but why deepika and ranbir..they are still fresh of the boat..if they really wanted real talent..then how about real life heroes..and i just dont mean INDIAN SOLDIERS…it also means heroes at all front..INDIA HAS REACHED MOON and we dont give slightest of importance to the contribution of science in such videos..how abt the young talent?the engineers ..doctors..CA..where are the new age industrialist..how about millions of young entrepreneurs..if deepika’s achievement is highlighted ..there are 23 year old females who have achieved a lot in life but because their life is no glam..they are not highlighted…somebody pls ask these guys who directed and produced this video…whether they have any chance of doing such an amazing job without the technicians and without the use of camera’s.PLS pay due importance to science and education system in general. They all contribute towards the economic development of our country.PLs dont convey just the idea that reel life heroes are the only once audience wants to see.the young generation is smart.take their advice..atleast it wont be such a big fiasco.


  17. his is a very bad version of mile sur mera thumhara. some songs are better kept away from remixing. first half is average and last half looks like a bollywood flick, every one wants to show their face. Pathetic representation of india.
    the hole concept of one tune though different languages is lost.

  18. The version or remaking of Mile sur mera tumhara is appreciable but the sweetness and melody of OLD version of Mile sur mera tumhara is missing.

  19. This is definitely the worst ever video I have seen . A definite waste of money and this does’nt stand a chance to the old one. Not patriotic at all. The reason seniors, people who have worked for the upliftment of this country and important sports personalities have not been covered. it is more biased and only the politically powerful ones are there.WHAT THE HELL HAS RANBIR KAPOOR OR SHAID KAPOOR have done to this country.have they atleast 5 big hits together. Have they acheived anything at all.
    It is because there parents are powerful they have come.I accept AR.Rehman, Amitabh, Aishwarya,Shah rukh,Aamir but what have these 2 guys ACHEIVED.iT IS HORRIBLE. There is no Sachin,Kalpana Chawla[as photo],PT Usha,ISRO scientist like Madhavan nair, Annadurai, Sporting personalities like tennis legends paes,car champion narain karthikeyan, industrialist who made India proud like Infosys chairman Naraayan moorthy,HCL chairman Shiv nadar. It doesnt showcase Indias greatest achievements.The previous one is the best and this new one does’nt stand a chance. It doesnt show anything about what this country has acheived in the last 20 yrs.The old one showed the nature,showed important landmarks and important acheivements.but the new one lacks it. To those who oppose pls see the old version and then comment if Iam wrong. horrible waste of time,money and energy.

  20. I love the old one. The new one is only flashy…..
    it will be good if they re-create this music just like old….

  21. Every1 esp from bollywood seem to have volunteered to not let go their 30 secs of fame invain…! To be very honest in the older version, there was an equal emphasis given to each n every aspect and people in general… It actually depicts the indian lifestyle and the song’s end comprising of the “jaya-he” music is fantastic n it actually gives u goose-bumps…tht was the best part in the old video which they seriouly screwed up in the newer 1… fortunately there was a blink-n-you-miss footage given to sports stars who deserve to be there along with few admirables….
    It seemed more like a freakin popularity contest!!! cud have been way-way better…

  22. This song is very lovely song.
    This song is touch my heart very much.

  23. did pt usha act in the old version??

  24. it’s fabulous according 2 me!!
    i like it very much
    wat if the actors are included in it???


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