Bakhtiyaar walked out with Rs 10 lakh from Bigg Boss house

December 20th, 2009

Bakhtiyaar out of Bigg Boss house!

Smart Ass and greedy Bakhtiyaar got himself evicted, he knew he don’t stand any chance against Vindu and Poonam. I don’t count Pravesh! So he took the offer of Bigg Boss of Rs 10 lakh and walked out. Actually on Sunday to add a twist in the show and to take only 3 contestants to the final, Bigg Boss offered Rs 10 lakh to all 4 contestants on the show and asked who will be the one to take the money and get out from the show, of course Bakhtiyaar took this opportunity. I would say he is smart, at least he got 10 lakh, now see what other 3 will do? One of them will win and get crore which is Poonam and other will get a car which is Vindu. So what common man Pravesh will get?

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  1. Is it true? He’s a fool if he walk out, bcox his wife is trying hard on face book to make him a winner.

  2. I knew he will do something like this, anyways he was not going to win. Atleast he got something. What will Pravesh do now?


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