Rahul Mahajan and Monica Bedi getting married

November 4th, 2008

Last night when Sambhavna was playing the role of a match-maker for Monica and Rahul, Monica finally agreed on national TV that she is fallen for Rahul and wants to get married to him. Also she has proved that Rahul calling her dumb is 100% right. She is getting into her life’s second big mistake. Rahul is a very smart man, he knows Monica is demaag se padal, he has also confessed so many times on Monica’s face and on national TV that he only loves her body. Monica should know once a wife beater is always a beater. It’s not very difficult to understand that Rahul is an “aiyash” man, he can never be a Mr. Right for any girl, in other words he is not a husband material. He only knows how to use girls and then call them Pizza and needy. Last night’s telecast of late night episode had put me in shock when I heard Raja telling Payal how Rahul called Payal and his relationship a “give and take relation.” And also that how he had helped Payal and in return she has offered him Pizza. Now don’t we all know what does pizza means in this conversation.

From the day one Rahul is playing a game in the house. He is portraying himself as a very innocent and stupid kid which he is not. He is very smart ass and a “laundiya baaz”. He should never win this show and should be thrown out whenever nominated next. Monica should learn her lessons from Payal and Shweta’s (Rahul’s ex wife) mistake. Monica should know that a man who calls you dumb and admit on your face that he only loves your body is a very cheap and sick man.

Rest all depends on Monica’s parents and well-wishers, let’s see if they can save Monica from getting into another hell.

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  1. To DIANA with Love :

    For Monica Bedi,

    I’ve never seen anyone like you. You are the most idiot, selfish & above all laziest housemate.

    Never cook food for yourself (Except once when you & Mr. Rahul Mahajan Start eating without calling anyone), House mates, Never seen you doing any kind of dusting, cleaning etc. (Except washing your own clothes with VANISH)

    Sorry for my HARSH Comments but since you just came out of JAIL, and as far as my knowledge one has to do his/her own work inside, you should be much stronger, hardworking then other housemates or you found someone like Rahul Mahajan, Diana Hayden inside who does all work on your behalf.

    You are totally FAKE….are you sure you where in Oxford university?

    Learn something from Diana Hayden…She and Ashutosh make food and serve to you but you don’t even have manners to wait for them, you start eating without concerning others….. & then you blame them that they don’t eat with you!

    Have little respect for yourself and others; otherwise you’ll be nothing more then a mistress of an Underworld Don or a Minister’s son.


  2. seriouslyyyyy ur rite….monica is totally fake….rahul is also……both r fake

  3. hey VIB ,
    whts wrong wid u.I like Monica after all tht she went through she is doin damage control.who gave u right to comment abt her personal life.Get some life.Atleast she isnt like diana who was mis universe n then…..movies..AB BAS yakkks…and landed in BB2 4 carrier?????
    Diana is LA slut?I heard tht.

  4. vry true…dat girl monica z d dumbest person i hv ever seen…till now she z not able to understand ppl….nd soon she will b n hell agn if she goes for rahul who z nothng more dan a @##**##@@
    god save dat dumb chick!!!

  5. u r agoodgirlbut should learn freom ur past u lez maryrahul

  6. rocksolid lemme know what kind of comment of mine makes u so angry…?

    Pls. see the comment of all to see the VALUE of yrs. Dear Monica Bedi…!

    I live in a democratic country & have full rights to say, think & talk what ever I feel….same way you think/said abt. DIANA…

    I never says words like SLUT…etc. all I said is 100% true…which I know and rest of the world too….I can bet ….MONICA is going to be nowhere after 1-2 yrs.

    My dear the results are out & see the person who is true from heart, soul always win….

    Let’s see where yours MONICA BEDI gonna be in near future…



  7. i like monica bedi and have great respect for her in my heart i know from the bottom of my heart that she is a very nice girl and she will never ever marry rahul mahajan or date her because somewhere even she knows that rahul mahajan does not deserve a good wife atleast not in this birth please monica concentrate on your career and within 2-3 yrs find a good man and marry and settle down with him
    with best regards
    your well wisher pratibha tiwari

  8. This woman is a gold digger she will run after men who have money. such people never learn

  9. Really, he’s such an assohole, he should be just banned to be in public. Always cashing on his dad’s tragic death. he is 1 good for nothing and a wife beater. I don’t know how these girls parents have allowed thier daughters to participater in this show.
    He looks like a Pimp.

  10. […] Rahul had enough of Bengali sweet and wants to go back to his Mumbai Pizza. Remember during his stay in Bigg Boss House he had explained his relationship with Payal Rohatgi giving example of a Pizza delivery, a give and take relation. […]


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