Male Chauvinist Raja Chaudhary and Rahul Mahajan

November 5th, 2008

Thanks to Sambhavna, she brought out the true colours of Raja and Rahul. Bigg Boss has definitely cashed Sambhavna’s bold and gundi attitude. The only thing I am upset is that big boss didn’t support Sambhavna after the big fight between her and Raja. Bigg boss proved that they don’t want the TRP of the show to go down by upsetting Raja who was on the verge of walking out after Sambhavna stand up to him. Instead of punishing or forcing Raja to say sorry to Sambhavna for his stupid and ill mannered behaviour towards her, bigg boss asked Sambhavna to move back to the girl’s bedroom and clearly told her that Raja will not give any apologies. Poor Sam was left on her own and big boss supported Raja all the way despite of the fact that he did thod-phod in the house. Raja has proved that the title I gave him long back is true and that he is clearly a no ladies man. I have noticed that he always gets violent and physical with women’s during arguments and fights. But with mans he never let the argument go to the height of getting physical or hyper, he always walks out quietly be it with Rahul or Ashutosh. Finally Raja is out of his shell and has shown his true colours.

Thanks to Sambhavna we also saw Rahul in different tone with Monica and Payal. The way he shut-up Monica and Payal was something very unlike of Rahul, who till now was just behaving like a love sick puppy and a two year old kid jumping here and there. Sam’s entry in the show have definitely raised the TRP of the show and the chances of Raja and Rahul’s win must have gone to 0%. I think Ashutosh is only the winner left in the house.

Payal must be really a needy person, otherwise no way anybody in her place would enter the house with the person who has given you left-right and had insulted you from top to bottom. I mean we all saw what happened on Puja Bedi’s show and then on Diwali dhamaka organised by bigg boss. Poor Payal is humiliated again and again by a down market girl like Sambhavna. Payal’s all dirty secrets are out in public and her best friend Rahul is not giving her a helping hand this time, I guess he had enough of Pizza and he’s moved on to burger (Monica) now.

If Raja or Rahul are declared the winner than I would say ADHARM KI JEET HUI, I think I had said too much and am getting little dramatic so let’s just stop here and wait for the final day. But please before you vote keep in mind my “Adharm” thing.

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  1. u r right, they both r pig. they should be kicked out and should be tadipad from mumbai.

  2. please don’t call me pizza, i am very decent girl with big hits coming soon………dil kabaddi! i have got this role without any casting-couch and without delivering any pizza to Rahul.

  3. […] in other words he is not a husband material. He only knows how to use girls and then call them Pizza and needy. Last night’s telecast of late night episode had put me in shock when I heard Raja telling Payal […]

  4. Why the hell sambhavana had to move to guys room is my first question ? have you seen raja telling her atleast 3 times very respectfully that he has a problem. Now you tell me if raja or zulfi or any other guy would go and sleep in girls room would they agree. Girls are wrong too why always males have to be the target if something goes wrong in a relationship. please post unbiased materials on your website.

  5. […] what basis he was declared the “Bade Dilwala”. Shilpa should have explained it to us? How can a male chauvinist, laundiya baaz and very very shrewd person be Dilwala. We all saw how he used Monica for the […]

  6. Man, I just wanna know have you gone through the Whole BiggBoss 2. If you have seen that episode then you would know that it was sambhavna who was responsible for what happened in that episode. He was provoking Raja all the time and he tried his best to keep himself kool.. but there is a patience limit and finally he lost it… So instead of doing sumthing wrong towards her, he showed his anger in a better way and almost all those who were regular viewers supported him. If you don’t believe then go through the community of bigg boss 2 on orkut and read the comments and personal views of members about this incident. He was no doubt the live wire in the house.

    Just because he has no control on his anger you can’t say he is bad at heart. he shows his anger and in true words he is the REAL ANGRY YOUNG MAN


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